HBB Updated Applications – Week 53

The following applications have been added/updated:

3 January 2010

  • 3D Maze updated to v1.0
  • Schism Tracker v20100101
  • ThreePointO v1.0
  • TowerDefense updated to v0.9
  • WiiX-Ball v1.0

29 December 2009

  • 3D Maze updated to v0.3
  • GeeXboX updated to v0.1beta2
  • Homebrew Sorter updated to v0.2
  • TowerDefense updated to v0.7
  • Yabause Wii updated to r2411 beta1

7 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 53”

  1. Grizzly says:

    hi folks thanks again for all your hard work Happy New Year to you all

  2. stk says:

    hi great app btw i have a problem tho i start up the browser and say 2 mins in it will crash with a black screen with alot of writing i have a nice new formated sd card with nothing else on it please help is my wii buggerd?.

  3. snouki says:

    A new version of I/S Wad is upload.
    This version (1.7) have:
    -Use wiilight-lib (if it shuts the light comes from a device error ^ ^)
    -Start-default on the IOS36
    -Correction code dump if the choice of the ios not fast enough
    -Using last-libogc
    The latest version is http://iswad.googlecode.com/files/is%20wad%201.7.7z

  4. cesar says:

    Dont know where to send this, but the homebrew sorter 0.2 just display sd usb and loading or wait. anyway dont seem to do anything else…
    maybe it is just really long but anyway if it could display what it found 1 by 1 or show life signs while you wait. can’t wait to get my homebrew sorter without cut/copy pasting folders one by one in wiiXplorer to be able to sort in categorii.

    • teknecal says:

      Can you try this version of it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sz063s

      It will print to the screen each directory it reads, if it gets stuck on one then you might try removing that folder and see if it fixes it.

      Let me know how it goes.

      • cesar says:

        to make a long story short i found out that the culprit was a corrupted or empty meta.xml file. If i remove it, Homebrew sorter load up normally.
        I noticed when doing my tests that after updating 1 app in HBB(that was his meta.xml file that the culprit), it shows up in an category not selected. putting and removing check mark the category dont change anything. i removed the boot.dol and left the bak file and now it work great for me.

        I hope my info will help you as much as your debug version helped me to be able to use a simpler sorting prog. Anyway thanks for your works.

        For future info (if needed) you can contact me by email if you wish

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