HBB updated to v0.3.7

10 January 2010 (v0.3.7)

  • Compiled with DevKitPPC r19, libogc 1.8.1 and libfat 1.0.6
  • Allowed ratings and download count in repos
  • Expanded the size of the HBB updated applications display when starting up
  • Added homebrew sorter support (HBB will check for boot.dol.bak and boot.elf.bak files)
  • Disabled write test as some cards failed it
  • Fixed bug that crashed HBB at startup when settings had Use SD but no SD was inserted
  • Fixed bug that would freeze or crash HBB when accessing a repo
  • Fixed bug when GC controller was plugged in, it might go straight into the menu and then exit

The Homebrew Browser has been upgraded to v0.3.7 to mainly fix a couple of small bugs as well as finally compiling with the latest DevKitPPC, libogc and libfat, and adding homebrew sorter support.

Download HBB v0.3.7 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

70 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.7”

  1. Kees says:

    You don’t mention it in the changelog, but downloading of large games seems much faster now.. or is that just me?
    Thnx again for this great application!

  2. pishta says:

    Mine didn’t automatically update to 0.3.7 from 0.3.6. Is there something I need to do? I just found the .7 when I was looking for a fix to a download problem in 0.3.6. Whenever I tried to download something, My WII would lock up, freeze…nothing but a hard reset (power button for 7 seconds) would clear. I have a good card as I can read all the apps off it (4GB micro SDHC in an adapter, works great, but the 4GB in SD size didnt (?)) So Ill try the new .7 version, hoping the download will not lock it up again. Was trying to download HELICOPTER and/or Helium Boy. I did have the lock button in the unlock position and tried 2 different SD adapters.

    • teknecal says:

      When loading HBB after it processes the list and finishes with the repo list, it should then tell you about the update and will prompt you to install or skip.

      When does it freeze, right after you press the Download button or later?

      • pishta says:

        It froze the instance I pressed the download button. No progress indicator. I did get 0.3.7 and now I am able to download again. Although my downloaded Doom always gives me the BSOD (black screen of death) as soon as I initiate it. Not the Browsers fault I know. Ill try my USB.

  3. Libby says:

    OK, so when I updated, this is what happened… I run HBB. It updates. If I remember correctly, I think it then went straight into HBB instead of HBC. So then I update one game (yahtzee). After that, I was unable to download anything else… HBB still running… Go to HBC, no apps showing… I go to check my SD card on my laptop, and all apps are gone!! Not sure if it was the HBB update or Yahtzee update, but be careful. Fortunately, I back everything up on my laptop. :) Any solutions or insight as to why my apps folder went missing?

    • teknecal says:

      Very strange, when you have successfully updated it will bring you back to HBC and then you reload HBB. I think it might not have correctly updated?

      No idea why the apps folder went missing, do you remember when Yahtzee finished updated if it had a green tick? HBB checks right at the end of a download/update of the boot file size, so if it was a green tick then that’s more odd, maybe SD card was corrupted?

      Do you think if you try it all again that it might happen again?

      • Libby says:

        I fixed it up. Here’s what I experimented/my conclusions…
        So after I lost the apps folder, I downloaded the new HBB from WiiBrew.org and used that instead of doing the update from previous version’s startup screen.
        (aside: I first changed the name of the folder to have both versions available to test, but they both wanted to update and failed somehow or something cause of the folder name-change, so keep it at homebrew_browser everyone else. lol)

        It very well could be a slightly corrupt SD card or just too many unnecessary files on it, who knows? I do sometimes get that “code dump” error (i.e. Right after YahtzWii finished correctly, I scrolled down the “apps I have” list then got it. Other times too).

        And by green tick, I’m assuming you mean check mark, cause I got that (otherwise idk what you’re talking about).

        All in all, thanks for the great program teknecal.
        It would be nice (not necessary) if someone could give me a brief bare essentials list of folders/files for my SD card (i.e. Do I need the “00000001″ folder?).

  4. IZON says:

    Wii remote stops to work in the ne 0.7.3 if there is a usb hdd plugged in port 0 :|

  5. dcnigma says:

    Thx for adding my wii pong game to the list :-)
    will create a website soon…..

  6. lorvar says:

    I’ve tried loading this through HC and it always stops at “attempting to mount usb device.” The only thing found was the sd card. I have 4.2U with original wii from day one. Thanks.

    • lorvar says:

      ok there WAS a usb device plugged in, my wife’s “Your Shape” usb camera,lol. Sorry about that. I am getting stack dumps though.

  7. Wiiholio says:

    The other day I pressed ‘A’ to update it on the startup screen, it went through everything, updated to 0.3.7 – and I tested it out and it works just fine. My only issue is that now instead of HBB being listed in HBC along with the other titles starting with ‘H’, it’s at the end of the title listings. The reason for it being at the end is that the title info for some reason is missing, and it’s using the /app/ path for HBB instead of “Homebrew Browser”. The description info is also missing.

    Any idea why this happened?
    The same thing happened with the HBC game “Red Square” a month or so back. I was able to delete that one in HBB and then reinstall it. Of course can’t do that for HBB in HBB!

    I’ll wait for your reply, but I guess what I’ll end up doing is delete HBB from the APP directory, reinstall v0.3.6 – and try updating to 0.3.7 to see if it’s repeatable. If it is, I’ll just delete and install 0.3.7 by itself.

    • teknecal says:

      Hi there, I think it’s due to the way HBB handles updating XML files. In recent versions it’s tried to find the name listed in meta.xml, update the meta.xml and then replace the name in it thereby keeping the name the user had set (this is so people who name there apps something different like “1. SnesGx” “2. VBAWii”, etc can keep those names.

      At the present, HBB does this in it’s own way (not using standard XML functions), so the solution will be to use those XML functions. I’ve looked into it a bit when doing another application and I think I will be able to use these functions in the next version of HBB.

      So the solution for you is just to delete your current meta.xml file in the HBB directory, load up HBB and it should automatically download one for you. Next time you go to HBC you should see it under “H”. Let me know how it goes.

      • Wiiholio says:

        Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. I tried that today and got it working, though after deleting the meta.xml file in WiiXplorer, I had to exit HBC and I believe go back into HBB and possibly go back to System Menu as well in order for it to update the metadata.

        While I was testing that HBB still worked, I updated Red Square, and when I went back to HBC, Red Square was at the end again with metadata messed up. “Aha, I know how to fix that now”, and so did the same, though a few minutes of experimenting to find the right sequence to get it to update.

  8. JC says:

    I’ve never been able to automatically update HBB on the wii. after it downloads the update, always says that the checksum of the dol file is incorrect. I’ve been having to manually update with the PC.

    Only kinda annoying on my part. And I figured to let you guys know.

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for letting me know, could you let me know what the size of the dol file it reports it was if you recall?

      Also do you have any issues when downloading apps in HBB?

      • JC says:

        Unfortunately, I cannot remember. but I think it was a by just a couple.

        And no, I’ve had no issues with the homebrew downloading once I got in.

  9. Sam says:

    Hi guys.
    Im a total noob. I just got a wii and id never even heard about homebrew untill now!
    Im just wondering if ive done it correctly. Heres what ive done….

    1. Downloaded bannanabomb and extracted abd6a_v200 to my sd card.

    2. Downloaded hackmii installer and extracted boot.elf to the sd card.

    3. Downloaded Homebrew Browser v0.37.

    Do I drag the entire folder into the sd card or just the contents?

    Thanks if you can help.

    • teknecal says:

      I’m assuming you’ve read http://bannerbomb.qoid.us/index.new.php

      Once you do everything in that, you’ll load the HackMii Installer and you can then in the homebrew channel. Once that’s finished. you copy over the “homebrew_browser” folder to the “apps” directory on your SD card. (If you don’t have “apps” then please create this folder.

  10. Bob/Paul says:

    After auto-updating from 0.3.6, I get a code dump and it doesn’t launch. The crash happens just after the line below “Requesting IP address of codemii.com” Here’s what I can confidently make out off my CRT television from across the room. If you need more, e-mail me and I’ll carefully record everything else.

    Exception (DSI) occured

    800422f4 –> 800422e4 –> 8004e868 –> 800043cc –> 8008e0fc –> 8008e09c

    For the time being, I’ll keep using 0.3.6

    • teknecal says:

      Hi there, can you try and load up this version and let me know how far it gets? It will pause after completing each section for 3 seconds.


      • Bob/Paul says:

        It did “Finished repo check”, waited, and then code dumped.

        • teknecal says:

          Hmm looks like it’s failing on requesting the homebrew list which is strange as I didn’t make any changes to that code.

          Can you try checking if /apps/homebrew_browser/listv036.txt is present, if so can you try to remove it?
          Also does HBB mount your devices properly, which devices do you have?
          Does HBB say anything when loading settings? “Settings loaded from SD card” or “Settings say to load from SD, no SD found. Using USB instead”, etc?
          Can you paste your settings.xml file as I think that might be the issue.

          • Bob/Paul says:

            I have a PNY P-SD2GB-EF.. an Optima SD Premium 2GB, where I suppose “Premium” is defined as “Cheapest at Walmart”. Occasionally Homebrew channel fails to load applications from it and I get a black screen and a frozen system. My old SD didn’t have that problem. Since HBB 0.3.6 works fine and you didn’t make any changes to that code, I would suspect the library change. You switched to a newer libogc and libfat, right? Maybe the upgraded libraries don’t like my SD card. :-/ Maybe not. It does the same thing on my Canon 32MB card. Definitely works in 0.3.6, though.

            “Attemping to mount SD card… SD card mounted
            Attempting to mount USB device… Unable to mount
            Settings loaded from SD”

            listv036.txt is present and looks like a valid text file by WiiXplorer. Same for listv030.txt.
            I renamed both and it still code dumps on both SD cards.

            • Bob/Paul says:

              Oh, it stripped out my settings xml.

              [?xml version="1.0"?][settings
              setting_check_size="1" setting_sd_card="1" setting_hide_installed="0"
              setting_get_rating="1" setting_music="0" setting_online="1"
              setting_rumble="1" setting_update_icon="0" setting_tool_tip="1"
              setting_prompt_cancel="1" setting_power_off="0"
              setting_last_boot="1263711940" setting_show_updated="1"
              setting_use_sd="0" setting_repo="0" setting_sort="1" setting_category="2" /]

              • teknecal says:

                Thanks for that. Yep using latest libogc and libfat however I found the bug. I had the usb mount variable as true all the time.

                Could you try out: http://www.sendspace.com/file/67qas4

                • Onilton says:

                  I had the same problem. Using that version (svn) solved the issue. Perfect!

                  At least I don’t get the problem anymore in the steps I usually got it.

                  Now I still get the core dumps but more rarely and this time i think is more related to network losting connection or other connection problems.

                  As these connection problems do not occur frequently, i don’t get the erros very often.

                  • teknecal says:

                    Great, thanks for testing :)

                    • Onilton says:

                      By the way, thanks for the amazing work!

                    • David says:

                      I’m having the same stack error with the 0.3.7 and the 4.2U firmware.
                      I don’t quite understand what to do with the hbb.svn.dol file, do I replace the boot.dol file with it?

                      I have wiped out the homebrew_browser folder that was inside of the “apps” folder, and replaced it with a freshly unzipped one, and I’m getting the unable to load SD device, and unable to load USB device. I’m running a Patriot 8GB micro SD that I have in a SD adapter card.

                      I read earlier in some posts somewhere that one of the softwares can have difficulties with SD cards over 4GB? and that there is some setting somewhere to shut off the “verify free space” on the card, but I could not find that setting anywhere.

                      I’m all over the place here trying to fix these issues.

                    • teknecal says:

                      David, with that hbb.svn.dol file you rename the existing boot.dol file in homebrew_browser to say boot.dol.bak and then rename hbb.svn.dol to boot.dol.

                      The verify free space setting is worded differently, it’s in settings and is called “Check free space”.

                • Scott says:

                  I had exactly the same issue, no dumps so far with with that new dol file. FYI..However every time I reenter the browser it gives me a nasty looking striped screen with different colors just before the browser opens.

                  • teknecal says:

                    That’s normal, it just happens because it’s re-initialising the video.

                    • David says:

                      Ok, cool. I’m still getting the “unable to mount device” next to the SD card…could I be having these troubles because I’m using a Patriot 8GB SD card? or because I didn’t load the hackmii IOS? (if it’s the latter, do I need to remove the hackmii, then reinstall it? if so, is there a guide somewhere on how to do that?)

                      Sorry for asking so many questions at once, I’m just wanting to get it working. I have a friend who said it works great, and is quite excited about what it can do (the wireless media management and such from his PC)

                    • teknecal says:

                      Hmm that I’m not too sure, I think maybe you SD card just isn’t compatible. Can you try applications like SnesGX, etc, and see if they detect your SD card?

                • Bob/Paul says:

                  This worked. Sorry, I replied to Pishta’s comment up above after testing it by mistake. Definitely solved the issue.

  11. wiicurious says:

    I just put homebrew on my wii the other day, and i got 3.7, but when i try to run it, it freezes at “finding updates for apps” or something like that.

  12. zrowny says:

    If I open up HBB, on the black screen with the white text it will make it up to where it extracts the images from the .zip file, and then after a while then it crashes and gives me a code dump with ‘exception occured! (dsi)’ or whatever and then all the meaningless numbers. after hard reseting the wii, i tried it again, and then it will randomly show (a picture of?) the pause screen (i think thats what it is) and then exit to the HBC. ill try reformating my 2g sd(not sdhc) card reinstalling it, but i doubt that would help. its seems to me that i always have some weird error or bug in games (or whatever it is) that no1 else ever has. i think i may have a rare disease, hopefully it isnt contaigeous. lol

    • zrowny says:

      weird, i just looked in the HBB folder in the apps folder on my sd card, and i saw a ‘temp’ folder, so i deleted it. i tried opening HBB again, i gave me the same initial code dump thing, but i open it again and it loads like (from ur videos, never got it to work before) normal. weird

  13. Tj says:

    The great news is, HBB starts successfully again from my USB HD (used to just scroll by forever with an error about finding the SD card). Thanks!!

    The issue(s) I’m having now are: trying to download gives me a space error, and extracting downloads fail.

    I unchecked the “check disk space” setting, so I was able to get it to download at least.

    However, when downloading updates to apps it goes through the progress, seems to get to the end, and then gives a “failed to extract zip” error message.

    • Tj says:

      On an unrelated note… how on earth did this blog get my profile pic from various social media sites with just my initials and email address? :)

    • Tj says:

      Hmm… I noticed that the icon check was chugging along, so I waited once for that to finish. Then I tried again, and was getting “download failed”. I thought perhaps the Wii had gone into a sleep mode or something (it was sitting for several hours) so I went back to HBC and back in to HBB.

      Now, downloading and extracting are working! Very odd. Scrolling through some of the groups is extremely slow (goes a half a list item or so at times, then locks). I let it sit for a second and can scroll a little further.

      Perhaps this will be alleviated once icon check completes? Will it occur every time I load HBB (or just do it once after an update)?

      • teknecal says:

        Strange, I’ve never tried HBB out on a hard drive so haven’t had much experience in that part.

        If it happens again, can you try and download a really small demo or utility? I think it might just be random :\

        For the scrolling of lists, if it still has that icon checking then scrolling will be a bit slow as it’s trying to load icons in the background whilst you are scrolling, so yep it’s ok for it to pause for a second or so.

        When you select download, it pauses the check icon. The checking of icons does occur every time you load HBB because it needs to load hundreds of icons to memory (if we don’t do this then scrolling the lists will be even slower).

  14. Keith_Loving says:


    I hope you can help me with a problem I am having. My HBB always worked perfectly until last weekend I decided to do a soft mod in order for me to get the USB Loader GX installed. I have done all that successfully.

    I am using a new 500GB Western Digital external HDD via USB 2.0

    Here is the problem:
    I never had a USB mounted up until now. So now when I start Homebrew Browser I get a a message that says something like “USB drive could not be mounted”…and then my wii just freezes…causing me to do a hard reboot by holding down the power button for several seconds.

    I do not know what “USB drive could not be mounted” means…..but could it have anything to do with the fact that my external HDD is formated for WBFS….the entire drive is in one partition with the WBFS format so that I can backup my wii games and play them back…

    any thoughts or suggestions on on what “USB drive could not be mounted” means?


    • teknecal says:

      Hi there, from past posts of other users you will need to partition your hard drive to include a FAT32 partition (so it could be 100GB WBFS and then 4GB FAT32 partition).

      • Keith_Loving says:

        Is there any way you can bypass the check about USB drive being mounted? I use my SDHC card for all the apps from HBC, including the HBB.

        I currently have over 30 wii games ripped to my USB external hard drive. I would hate to have to re-rip all of those games. Not two mantion to have to go thru the hassel of creating two partitions…one being 496 GB for WBFS….and the other being 4GB for FAT 32.

        I think I just won’t bother with HBB anymore :-(

        • teknecal says:

          Sure I can add an option to bypass the USB in the next version.

          Here is the new dol for now: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lbzkgu
          (HBB won’t ask you to update ever again with this version so you need to check for updates yourself)

          • Keith_Loving says:

            sweet, I’ll download the file now and see if it will work.
            I’ll post back here later today after I give it a try. :-)

            • Keith_Loving says:

              awesome, i just gave it a spin….i added the file to the apps -> homebrew browser folder and it worked like a charm.

              thanks so much, where is the supposrt link? I’d like to donate some $$ for doing that for me :-)

              • teknecal says:

                There isn’t a support link (there should be but I don’t like asking for donations), we just have ads. The top ad supports mha for hosting the website and the on the side (on the home page) supports me.

          • Keith_Loving says:

            Hi again,

            I just manually upgraded to version 0.3.8

            It works great, I put my SDHC card in the PC, and manually replaced 0.3.7 with 0.3.8

            I put the SDHC card back in my wii, and presto, it works like a charm. Nice work for your continued effort on keeping HBB up to date.

            Many many thanks to you on behalf of the homebrew community.


  15. Keith_Loving says:

    I seen this post above:

    these issues.

    teknecal says:
    January 26, 2010 at 9:44 am
    David, with that hbb.svn.dol file you rename the existing boot.dol file in homebrew_browser to say boot.dol.bak and then rename hbb.svn.dol to boot.dol.

    The verify free space setting is worded differently, it’s in settings and is called “Check free space”.

    I didn’t do any of the re-naming the files stuff….All I did was placed the file that I downloaded from the link you provided above…and placed hbb.svn.dol on the apps -> homebrew browser folder..is that correct? because it seems to work and that was all I did. THanks

    • teknecal says:

      Hi Keith,

      You do need to rename hbb.svn.dol to boot.dol however as you say it appears to work, maybe it was just a random once off error and you just needed to retry loading HBB?

      • Keith_Loving says:

        I never had the code dump error that was described above.

        I was referring to the “USB could not be mounted” message that I would get due to my 500GB external HDD being formated to WBFS.

        I put the file from this link


        in the apps -> homebrew browser folder without doing anything else…and it worked, didn’t need to rename anything…

        Should I re-name the two files and see what happens?

  16. shadetree says:

    I have HBB .0.3.7 that will freeze with a loud tone displaying the output,
    Exception (DSI) occurred!
    then a bunch of 10101001 #’s
    Stack Dump:00100011011 #’s
    Code Dump: 0000001 100001 #’s

    This occurs while adding apps to my download list or when I start the downloads frequently, with a few times just browsing the lists.

    .0.3.6 was stable for me. Is their a link to the older version?

    I updated and the issues started, deleted file and downloaded fresh .0.3.7 from here with same results.

    Your browser is great, just a new growing bug to deal with.

    • teknecal says:

      Hi there,

      The bug when it crashes when starting or when running the list is known but it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot, one day I will get around to it.

      The one I’m more interested in is when you are adding apps to the download queue, I haven’t heard of any reports like this.

      Do you have the background music on, if so try turning it off. Are there any particular applications you add or after say 5 it crashes or is it just a random amount? When you a re browsing the list, does it happen on the same spot? Is there anything else that happens?

      The link to the old version is: http://www.codemii.com/wiihomebrew/homebrew_browser_v0.3.6.zip

  17. shadetree says:

    Hi, This is a new (my first) Wii, learning.

    Yes, I tried to narrow down things by just adding apps and track the names untill it froze, but nothing was repetable just random. It freezes from just adding one, to not freezing with a large list and downloads fine. It will freeze just brousing around, but no freeze yet at boot load from SD.

    I will make two files 0.3.6 and 0.3.7 and try to build apps on the later to see if there were any issues with it at all before the upgrade to .7.

    I will drop the music loop and try it out.

  18. shadetree says:

    I loaded 0.3.6 in a different name folder and started adding apps, got to 5 and froze. I will try the audio (off) on both versions.

    Strange, .6 was rock solid but I had the apps I needed already on SD and only downloaded 1 game at a time to test and keep. Hadn’t used the download manager.

    Could you add links for earlier versions you want to test and we can perhaps see when the code bug was introduced? Oh I am using SDHC if it matters.

  19. shadetree says:

    Both v.0.3.6/.7 have the same freeze issue.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll try them out.

  20. HollowRider says:

    Updating Apps trough HBB adds strange content to my meta.xml Files, so they are unreadable by HBC. Between <app> and <name> there are strange characters inserted (see sample Image linked below with my freshly updated Yabause).
    This “trash” is different for each updated App.

    • teknecal says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the report, there is a bug in HBB when it’s updating the name element in the meta.xml file. I’m now going to be using the XML library instead of my own kind of way which I believe should fix this up.

      The v0.3.8 version of HBB should be out in a day or two.

  21. shadetree says:


    I had the freeze dump issue when testing all the previous versions of HBB. So I decided to replace my new SDHC with another, and have yet to experience this with v0.3.7 yet.

    So I will continue to test, but I believe it was on my end.

    Thanks for the links.

  22. Jam says:

    Hi – I’ve updated my HBB to v0.3.7 and wondered if there is a forwarder available for this – or any other way to have a channel on my system menu?

    Thanks in advance


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