HBB updated to v0.3.8

21 February 2010 (v0.3.8)

  • Speed improvement when parsing homebrew list
  • Added .ogg music support
  • Added ability to disable mounting USB devices
  • Added timeout for Homebrew List download
  • Fixed bug when updating apps or HBB the meta.xml file was corrupted
  • Fixed bug when reverting to HBB repo it would sometimes fails
  • Fixed bug when updating installed apps didn’t work when installed apps are hidden

The Homebrew Browser has been upgraded to v0.3.8. This version includes a few bug fixes, with the ability to play OGG files. Also you should notice some improvement when HBB starts up and it parses the homebrew list. Another very small improvement too (not listed) is when changing categories it should be a little quicker when all the icons are loaded.

Another thing to mention is that the Homebrew Browser Guide, which has been updated showing things more clearly and it has some common problems answered. It will be included with the HBB download from now on.

Download HBB v0.3.8 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

77 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.8”

  1. Gumby says:

    I tried updating through HBB itself. I got a code dump. Restarted the wii, retried HBB. Problems writing…SD card is definitely unlocked. Pressed B to cancel. Code dump again. Will now try installing directly from zip file.

  2. Gumby says:

    The downloaded program did not work either. When trying to get the graphics file I am getting the following

    debug fwrite error [1] not owner

  3. pezhead says:

    yeah mine took a dump too

  4. Thorb says:

    I’m glad that you fixed the issue with reverting to the HBB repo. I had some trouble trying to get the browser to load up properly until I eventually needed to manually set the repo back to default.

    The .ogg support is what I was most excited for but I never got a chance to try out my own music because somehow a loop.mod kept on getting created every time I loaded the browser. The loop.mod had higher priority than the .ogg so I couldn’t use my own music.

    Maybe you can make a hierarchy of audio filetypes so that a .mod will be the last on the list to have its chance to play since you did do this with the .mp3.

    • teknecal says:

      Hi, that’s odd, HBB tries to load the MP3 first, then the OGG and then the MOD file. Can you confirm that you do have an ogg file named “loop.ogg”?

      • Thorb says:

        AH! How silly of me. I forgot to call it “loop.ogg” so it would be recognized by the browser.

        I just tried it out and the looping works flawlessly. I don’t hear any sort of pause or distortion before it repeats. Excellent work!

  5. oscar says:

    HBB works fine (always updated), only i have issues, not downloading an app, the problem is when extract data….

    When i have an older SD 128mb card extract very, very fast!! but when i change with an SDHC 4gb Kingston, the extract time takes AGES!!!

    Is there a problem with the velocity write of SDHC????
    Or HBB don´t feel good with this confuse generation of SD´s ???

    In theory SDHC read/write faster….


  6. Mitsuko says:

    I downloaded HBB 0.3.8 on PC, and installed it to SD.
    The HBB can initialize network but it has always “read error”.
    I looked into the cause by using “nslookup”, “whois” and so on.

    C:>nslookup codemii.com
    Server: local.gateway
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: codemii.com

    Server: local.gateway
    Name: poo.tatis.nu

    On the other hand, I tried “who is codemii.com” on http://www.internic.net, the result was

    Domain Name: CODEMII.COM
    Whois Server: whois.dreamhost.com
    Referral URL: http://www.dreamhost.com

    Secondly, I tried “whois poo.tatis.nu” on http://www.ripe.net,

    inetnum: –
    netname: RID-0000068693
    descr: RID-0000068693
    country: SE
    admin-c: BD856-RIPE
    tech-c: BD856-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: BAHNHOF-NCC
    source: RIPE # Filtered
    role: Bahnhof DBM
    address: Box 6220
    address: 10234 Stockholm
    e-mail: ripe@bahnhof.se
    admin-c: BD856-RIPE
    tech-c: BD856-RIPE
    nic-hdl: BD856-RIPE
    mnt-by: BAHNHOF-NCC
    source: RIPE # Filtered

    The IP address is used by 2sites.
    What does it mean?
    Probably, my wii is going to access to “poo.tatis.nu”
    How can I resolve the name?

  7. colets90 says:

    error code -116…. dunno what to do… i m running a pal version v4.2E with the latest version of the browser… same error found in version 0.3.6…

    it says:

    “read error -116 occurred. retrying….” and it continues… plz let me know

  8. Cantaro says:

    Hi, i tried to install offline, because i have no internet. I got this message:

    HomeBrew list file can’t be found.

    Ok ;( Where i get the list file? And where i get the loop.ogg file.

    I have Homebrew ver. 1.0.6, IOS36.v12.18.

    Can somebody help me?


    • teknecal says:

      Hi, the only way around that will be to download this file: http://www.codemii.com/hbb/homebrew_browser/listv036.txt
      and place it in /apps/homebrew_browser/

      You don’t need the loop.ogg, you only need that if you want your own background music.

      • Matt says:

        Hey, I have the same error “homebrew list file can’t be found”, but I am connected to the internet. Wierd thing is, I was using HBB just fine last night. I DL’d a couple apps. Now I want to get back on and DL some more, but it’s not working. I tried re-writing my HBB with the default one (original) but the Wii could tell that it was a different size than the one I was using before (it contains the thumbs of all repository apps) and won’t open/delete. So I am stumped – I don’t know how to fix my current setup, and I can’t replace it with the original one I DL’d from the internet. any ideas?

  9. blasphemous24 says:

    i am on hbb 3.8 and how come recently whenever i try to download an app, it just freezes on me there? it hasnt happened to me when since i updated it, but yesterday and today, it started to act up on me. whats going on?

  10. Travis says:

    Hi, I’m sort of new at this whole homebrew business, and I’m trying to load the newest version of the HBB, for a first time… Install, I guess you could call it. When I press load, it runs all of the steps correctly, and it says that it has done everything correctly, but then it stops at “Parsing Homebrew List”. I’ve pressed the 2 button, which should revert it to the CodeMii.com repository, but it still freezes… Yes, I have internet, and everything. What should I do/what’s wrong?

    • teknecal says:

      Hi, could you check the file of this following file on your SD card: /apps/homebrew_browser/listv036.txt

      The server was down yesterday so that could have had something to do with it however you shouldn’t have got past “Requesting Homebrew List” if that was the case.

      Please try re-loading HBB too once you let me know the file size.

      • Travis says:

        Ok, so, I found out that the issue was that my SD card had the write lock on. Now, I installed it, it parsed the homebrew list, etc; but now it says “Exception (DSI) occurred!” and has a bunch of numbers, and letters and stuff. It also says “STACK DUMP:
        80070310 –> 800702f0 –> 8009d954 –> 8009dBf4″
        And then a code dump… Help?

        • teknecal says:

          Hmm, strange. Please try removing the HBB directory and re-installing. Make sure you don’t have any USB devices plugged in and see how it goes.

          • chaitan says:

            I have same issue. when I try to lead the homebrowser it goes fine until the last where it ask not to press B. after that the error shows that it cant open the zipped files and then stack dump 80060ab8–>80060a98–>8008e0fc–>8008e09c

        • Andrew says:

          Ahghhhhh!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! YOUR MY HERO!!!! I kept getting the can’t find homebrew list file error, then I read where you said that you had your write lock on. So I checked mine, and what do you know, it was on. So I turned it off and now it’s fixed. Thanks!!!

  11. Paul O'Rorke says:

    I also get the dump. I tried using boot.dol 3.7, replacing the whole homebrew_browser folder with 3.7, as well as adding listv036.txt in /apps/homebrew_browser/.

    One thing I don’t understand is my SD card isn’t mounted even though it works to load the apps in Homebrew and mplayer can play files from it.

    My network id working in WiiEarth so I don’t think that is it.

    Any suggestions?

    • teknecal says:

      Can you let me know the brand and space of the SD card?
      Do other homebrew applications work like SnesGX?
      Do you have a USB device plugged in?

      • Bobby says:

        i also have the same problem. my SD card is a Lexar. and my space is 2GB. please, i really want this channel

  12. M.A Software says:

    Can any body please explain me how to publish games within HBB, because I have develop several remakes how Spirits & Abusimbel Profanation, and I have put them into wiibrew.org, but I can’t find any reference about how to publish this games in the HBB repository to be accesible for all interested users.

    Tanks so much, I’ll be pleased if any can response me to my email: masoftware@terra.es

  13. Ronny says:

    basically when i load my homebrew browser it says parsing list ive been told to change repo but my homebrew channel doesn’t have any bit where i can click settings it just says shut down exit homebrew about and summit else what do i do?

    • teknecal says:

      Can you check to make sure your SD card little lock tab isn’t on? Can you try another SD card too?
      Also try going to /apps/homebrew_browser/ and checking if there is a listv036.txt file there?

      • Ronny says:

        nope there is no listv036.txt file how do i get it there thanks in advance

        • teknecal says:

          Did you check your SD cards lock switch? Do you have another SD card you can try? Do other homebrew applications work? Do you have a USB drive you can plug in to try with?

          • papa says:

            I kept getting that same error while running off sd or usb.

            Launch homebrew browser and as it leaves homebrew channel press the 2 to change the server, it will change to codemii default server as the program is loading up and works.

            Pressing 2 after it does the first check seems to fail and it keeps failing and falls back to hbc if not done at that particular time

  14. Ronny says:

    nope there is no listv36.txt what do i do thanks in advance

  15. dana says:

    I tried to download the homebrew browser. I downloaded 3 versions from the newest update down, and all of them got error codes. Each installation worked fine until the very end when it says zipping the images or something? When it gets to that part, even if I try to skip it, all these lines appear on the screen and then it goes to the dump message. Any idea how to fix this?

    • teknecal says:

      The lines that appear are normal, can you try removing your /apps/homebrew_browser/temp folder? Also try unplugging all controllers/devices that might be connected.

  16. baker says:

    hi i need help everytime i load hombrew browser. iget a read error 104 retrying. a several times.

    any help wud me appreciated

    • BOb says:

      Yes i’m getting the same problem, then it redirects me to the hombrew channel. Please help.

      • Demonveggie says:

        I get this problem too but is doesn’t redirect me it just says “read error -81 occurred. retrying…”
        Over and over until the screen is full with it.

  17. Donna says:

    I keep getting the same message exception DSI occurred how do i fix this can anybody please help. This is the first time i have used wii

  18. mikester says:

    tried loading up homebrew browser last night but keep getting a Exception (DSI) occurred! and then a stack dump followed by a code dump. I tried butting the 3.7 boot.dol in but then it just freezes. when i restart the wii and run the browser it seems to get to the menu with games and apps but the remote wont work and the logos don’t show.. btw im on 4.2u.. any help out there?

  19. chaitan says:

    Hi there, i was able to fix the “stack dump issue” and load the homebrew browser after deleting the temp folder. can you please point to me where is the backup loader. i want that app.

    • teknecal says:

      Good to hear, unfortunately that’s classified as an illegal application and can’t be put on the homebrew browser.

      • chaitan says:

        thanks for the quick feedback, teknecal!!

        now the browser gets stuck when I am browsing games or playing any home brew games. should I go to 3.8 version and then remove temp folder there?

        one time the wii remotes got stuck also…is this normal?

        • teknecal says:

          Yes, please try v0.3.8. On the bottom, does it say “Checking icon xxx/xxx”? Does that every finish? What’s the size of your SD card, is it slow?

          The wii remotes sometimes gets stuck when changing categories or when it’s loading the icons but only for a second or two. If it’s stuck for 10-20 seconds or more then something is wrong.

  20. Tiamo says:

    Hi, i can install the HBB browser and everything but when the images are unpacked i get a error:

    Exception (DSI) occured!

    [Random text]

    Stack dump: [Random text]

    What do i have to do? :(

  21. Tiamo says:

    Oh Btw, i Have v4.2E

  22. teknecal says:


    Some things to try include the below:
    Do you have free space left on your SD/USB device?
    Can you try to re-formatting the SD/USB device?
    Can you check your sd/usb device and see if there is an /apps/homebrew_browser/temp directory, then remove it and skip the images unpacking?
    Is there a /apps/homebrew_browser/listv036.txt file?
    Can you try unplugging all other controls/devices except the wiimote (e.g. gamecube controllers, USB fans, etc)?
    Do you know the last thing it says when getting the exception screen?
    Where did you download the homebrew browser? Is it v0.3.8?
    Is there a /apps/homebrew_browser/loop.mod file or is it just named “loop”?

  23. Tiamo says:

    Allright named loop to loop.mod and it fixed, many thanks my friend. ;)

    • teknecal says:

      Hmm, where did you download the homebrew browser from or did you do an update via homebrew browser?

      • Tiamo says:

        Downloaded on this page, guess the file was broken because the app made a new file.

        Think the file was named loop.mod and I called it loop.mod.mod so the browser didnt recognize it and then he made a new file.

        • Tiamo says:

          Now it doesnt work anymore but well I dont care think its just my Hard Disk on my SD it worked.

          So next time ill load from my SD.

  24. Phillip says:

    Would you need the Homebrew Channel app itself? Or can you install it with the whole Homebrew Channel app from this file?

    If not, please provide me with a download for the Homebrew Installation, and a guide for me to follow with.

  25. Tobi says:

    Hi HBB family one quick question everytime I start the homebrew channel it loads fine then when I go to click on anything it freezes and the icons stops loading at 7 (sometimes 6) I have tried to reinstall HBB even HBC and nothing has helped.

  26. raf says:


    Using SD(4gb) card & its unlocked ,
    Using the version v0.3.9c gives me Exceptions & dumps…is there any fix
    when using v0.3.9 gives me “Read error – 126 occurred. Retrying”. Also i added the “listv036.txt” file…Pls need help

    i want to know which version i should go for & any fixes for the above issues

    • raf says:

      Also i re-formatted the SD(SDHC card) no of times..only with current version(3.9c)..it give exceptions & short dumps…Appreciate

  27. teddyg007 says:

    I popped myy sdhc card out and found it had added the listv036.txt file under my pc. When I right clicked, somehow it was set to read only. I unchecked that and home brew loaded right up.

  28. Andrew says:

    I had the HBB on v 0.3.4 and when I used the Savegame Extractor,it faield…

  29. Fennyariel says:

    You guys are going to LOVE this! I’ve got my write protect turned off, my list file text in the right folder, and it STILL can’t find it when I go to run the browser! ;v) Could somebody please straighten out poor little screwed up me?

  30. Beerad says:

    well i installed my homebrew channel it loads up and i was trying to in stall the browser and when its almost done load a bunch of lines come up and it says file dump i am not sure what to do i tryed 4 or 5 time i reinstaled homebrew

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