HBB updated to v0.3.9b

31 October 2010 (v0.3.9b)

  • Added secondary CodeMii server
  • Added a connection test so HBB doesn’t look frozen if it can’t connect to the server

The Homebrew Browser has been upgraded to v0.3.9b. As you may have noticed the CodeMii server has been down for a few days, so I’ve now added a secondary backup server to the Homebrew Browser in case this happens again, downloads and ratings won’t work on the secondary backup server. Also a connection test has been added so you don’t have to wait for the read error -116 to happen and it will retry 3 times for 3 seconds before trying the backup server.

Download HBB v0.3.9b or run HBB on your Wii to update.

Also the secondary CodeMii server can be reached at http://www2.codemii.com

56 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.9b”

  1. Bob says:

    Great work! This is fantastic!

  2. Rayquaza64 says:

    It keeps saying error -116 long moments after it connects. Why wont it work?

  3. Vinstigator says:

    it will not connect it was working fine a couple of days ago.I downloaded the latest ver STILL not Going to HBB. :(

    • teknecal says:

      Could you advise what it says? “Failed to connect”? Does it try the backup server?

      • Vinstigator says:

        Yes it is doing that today. It’s working fine now after a few Tries and I let it sit for a while and it finally connected does this everytime now maybe it’s just a overload. Thanks so much for the update and the back up server! omfg! teknecal Answered me I am so lucky!!

  4. rick says:

    Keep getting Read Error -116 Retrying…
    has been this way for days, even tried a diff SD card, and im updated to 0.3.9b..

  5. MWisBest says:

    I tried to access ’settings’ with this version by hitting ‘home’ and it ended up sending me back to the HBC.

  6. brian0424 says:

    just installed HBB with newest version and all i see is ” read error 116 occurrred. retrying….”
    its been running for 10 minutes error showed 4 times. im new. what do i do or what did i do wrong?

    • rick says:

      @ brian0424, one of the servers or a file it is looking for appears to be down? I get the same error on dash 3.2u and HBB 0.3.9b… never had this problem untill I upgraded, someone on #wiihelp suggested removing the temp folder on sd:/apps/homebrew_broswer/ .. I tried that but it did´t help me, might you try and respond back? good luck!

      I left my Wii on trying for over 30mins and I kept getting error 116 .. it was on the screen over 6x

      • teknecal says:

        If you ever receive that error 116, please restart right away, waiting won’t help it out.

        Could you let me know when exactly it says this error 116?
        Does it say “Attempting to connect to server… Read Error 116″?
        Also when it says “Requesting IP address of http://www.codemii.com...”, does it find it?

        • brian0424 says:

          removed the old file completly from cd card,downladed fresh from here. rebooted wii and it works perfect. thanks for support.

        • RyanMZ says:

          Hello, here’s exactly what’s happening to me;

          Requesting IP address of http://www.codemii.com
          IP address of http://www.codemii.com successfully retrieved
          (after a long pause)
          Read error -116 occurred. Retrying…

          It continuously repeats the read error message after that point.

          I’m still using v0.3.9, since I don’t have an sd card reader at the moment to just download the update manually. Suggestions?

          • teknecal says:

            I’ve just tried v0.3.9 and I can confirm the issue, it seems like when I was doing the final test of it I left the code to use the IP received from the DNS instead of the IP address stored commented out.

            If you have a file editing program like WiiExplorer and you have updated HBB in the past, there should be a boot.bak file. If you rename the boot.dol to boot039.bak and then the boot.bak to boot.dol and it should let you update.

  7. Yossi says:

    hbb 0.3.9 and no letters. tried to get it to update itself to 0.3.9b. gets stuck after “successfully retrieved ip for http://www.codemii.com“. eventually puts up read error -116. pressing reset on the wii at anytime exits gracefully.

  8. Moggle says:

    Had same error as Yossi, downloaded the updated 0.3.9b and copied it to SD Card via pc and now working fine

  9. mossywell says:

    Do you have any plans to get HBB working when 4k sector USB drives are attached? (It generates an exception currently.) Here’s oggzee doing it for cfg usb loader. http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=207768&st=15&start=15

  10. Y WONT THIS WORK says:

    Any more suggestions 4 fixing read error -116

  11. Phlebas says:

    I was having the same problem as RyanMZ, but instead of having Read Error -116 I was getting -104. I followed the instructions you gave to him and it fixed it. i was on v0.3.8 btw.

    Thanks for the fix and the great homebrew!

  12. Flash says:

    I’ve tried running HBB 3.9b but when it laods it stops after “Homebrew list received”. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the zip file and retried several times with then same result. Can anybody offer a suggestion?

  13. Flash says:

    The apps/homebrew_browser/listv036.txt does not exist. In apps/homebrew_browser I have Boot.dol, icon.png, loop.mod, meta.xml, and settings.xml. It doesn’t get to “Parsing Homebrew List”, just stops at “Homebrew List received”.

    • Flash says:

      Sorry I wasted your time, I’m using a microSD card with adapter and the lock was moved due to my repeated inserting and excerting the adapter. All works well now that I found this small problem. Any suggestions on a DVD player application?

  14. chief1 says:

    i have 0.3.9b and it keeps locking up when ever i select a tab or setting any idea

  15. HEEEELLLLP!! says:

    I am having the same problem my wii hbb wont load and I dont have a boot.bak file…what do I do???

  16. RodSilver says:

    I have just installed 0.3.9b and it freezes when Parsing Homebrew List
    What can I do?

  17. madmike says:

    Hi my wii wont load 0.3.9b when i try 3.9a or 3.9 the same thing happens i click on homebrew browser and it dont load. i get a message at the end that says stack dump i tried both the hbb update and update thru sd card. ive tried formatting sd card what else should I do?

  18. ParkourOwnsU says:

    I tried to download the HBB to my SD card to hack Mariokart Wii… but I don’t know how to do it. :( Can you try to help me?

  19. Jeremytodd says:

    I’m trying to install the browser for the first time. I did everything as instructed, but i keep getting the -116 error. Can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong?

  20. Andy says:

    Hi hey umm where do u download it i see the download but it just show me dumb stuff!!!

  21. Steve says:

    Since this is the place to post comments, I thought i’d share something odd.
    I have a 4.0E Wii, with HomeBrew Channel 0.8 (latest) and a few IOS’s and cIOS’s. I use USB Loader GX and a 500Gb WD Passport for my games rather than dig through piles of CD’s.
    My SD is 64Mb, FAT32
    My HDD is 500Gb, FAT32

    I launched the HBB app for the first time, and it asked me if I wanted to update to the latest version. I said yes, it started downloading and I walked away. When I came back, there was an error (memory dump) on the screen and it went back to the HBC when I pressed a button on the controller.
    I relaunched, and it appeared to be working. I could browse around with no problems. I did not download anything at this point.

    I fired up USB Loader GX to play a game, and it was blank. No games.
    After a while of resetting I took my drive to my PC, and it was scrambled.
    The directories had parts of sentences (from the error HBB put on the screen eariler) and all the folders errored when I tried to open them.
    I also noted that I had a new folder on this disk called “apps”… and inside that was the HomeBrew Browser application.
    For some reason it tried to update to my HDD, when it was running from the SD card.
    I tried a windows scandisk, partition table doctor and a bunch of other partition recovery utilities, but these all didn’t help. Even recovery apps couldn’t see any of my wbfs files.
    In the end, I had to reformat and start restoring all my wbfs files from my CD’s (very tedious!).
    My HDD only contains:
    The whole disk is totally fine with no bad sectors and works flawlessly.

    What went wrong? Was I supposed to unplug the HDD before doing the online update? I don’t think I was warned about this?

    This is a warning to all, and a question to the author(s). I do appreciate software like this and I understand that things can happen and I agree to those terms before I begin. I just thought this would be helpful and informative to anyone else. =-]

  22. Fazder says:

    When trying to start Homebrew receive the following: “Requesting homebrew list…Can’t use Homebrew list on file.”

    Removed the list file listv036.txt and still the same.

    Any fixes?

  23. wildboyzac says:

    just started hacking and i put the homebrew channel on fine but then i tryed adding HBB and it gave me a system dump!!! i’ve tryed everthing!(reformating the sd card,changing the root of the sd card) i don’t know what causing it, i tryed the older version of HBB and it freezes at the parsing homebrew list, need help!!!

    • teknecal says:

      Can you remove all devices like gamecube controllers, etc. Also check your SD card lock switch isn’t been switched on when removing or inserting the SD card as this sometimes happens. Also check how large the size is of the listv036.txt file in /apps/homebrew_browser/

  24. Wendylondon says:

    Hi, I’ve just uploaded and now started the install for HBB 0.3.9c

    It seems just come to a standstill with a screen showing three sections:

    Exception (DSI) occurred!
    Lots of numbers and letters here with codes for GPR00 to GPR31

    80075f0c —- 80075eee —- 8009df4c —- 8009deee

    3 rows of 5 column numbers appear here

    Any suggestions on what I should do to help the system progress?

    Thanks, Wendy

  25. Kymcofan93 says:

    I downloaded the Homebrew Channel to my Wii yesterday by going to Letterbomb, typing in my Mac address, downloading etc. It downloaded the Homebrew Channel but no apps along with it. I am trying to get the Gecko OS app for it through the Homebrew Browser which I have been trying to download.

    The first time I downloaded the HB browser from wiibrew.org and put the necessary files on a 2GB Kingston SD card. I then inserted it into the Wii and launched the HB Channel. When I clicked on the HB browser it started to load up and then said something about “IP Address for codemii not found” and then “Read Error -116″ repeatedly. Never loaded HB Browser.

    I then tried downloading the version of v0.3.9b HBB from this site and went through the same process. When I went to the HB Channel and tried loading the HBB, it continued popping up a message that read “Failed to initialise” and never loaded the HB Browser.

    I am using the 4.3U version of Wii Menu. If anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate the help. One more thing, my Wii is not connected to my computer and therefore is not recieving an internet connection. I did not know if that was the problem or not?


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