HBB Updated Applications – Week 7

The following applications have been added/updated:

18 February 2011

  • Astronomy v1.0
  • Bolt Thrower v0.34 -> v0.35
  • CorsixTH Beta
  • GB4GB v0.1
  • NewoShooter v1.2 -> v1.45a
  • SaveGame Manager GX r97 -> r98

23 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 7”

  1. Titmouse says:

    Hi all.
    I’m trying to work out the correct way of changing the status of a existing demo into a game, so it’s placed into the game section?
    But each time I submit a new version of ‘BoltThrower’ labled as ‘game’ it get placed in the demo section.


  2. donnie darko says:

    teknecal is it possible if you guys make an app for the homebrew browser that lets you download roms?? if yes, i wouldn’t mind donating money to u guys to make this app.

  3. donnie darko says:

    @teknecal ..just saw the new HBB update, i tried to update but when i did it gave me a code dump and now the hbb disappear its not on the HB channel menu, any ideas? tanx :)

    • n2kra says:

      After my update(c), it said boot.dol does not match. reverting to previous version (b)…

      …I assumed that all the update files were not right yet on the server.

    • n2kra says:

      donnie darko> If you don’t have wiiload, WiiXplore or gc-linux – On an SD-card
      using computer, download HBB from http://wiibrew.org/ and extract
      ? you might only need the boot.dol ?

      - my update attempt, reverted with,, boot.dol does not match, reverting to previous…

      • donnie darko says:

        THANKS, i already fixed the problem, yeah i have wiixplorer btw, i heard u can download files there to right? if so how???

        • n2kra says:

          Start -> Settings -> Network -> SMB / FTP
          Start -> FTP Server -> (Network Init / WiFi Icon) -> either:
          Go Back -> SMB / FTP client
          Startup FTP (server)

  4. Falso says:

    Hey teknecal, why do you don’t upload any “dangerous” apps onto the codemii server?

    this will be very cool for me and other advanced homebrew users. A repository for dangerous apps doesn’t exist at the moment…


    btw: I come from Germany. I hope you can understand me :-)

    • teknecal says:

      Hi Falso,

      The main reason is that if an inexperienced user installs them and doesn’t know what they are doing they could easily damage/brick their Wii.

      There was a repository that did have some but the site hosting it went down so it was removed.

      I do have a guide on how to make a repository, you just need a web hosting provider: http://www.codemii.com/hbb-repositories/

  5. Noren says:

    Why is it that the homebrew browser keeps telling me update to v0.3.9c even when I am using v0.3.9c? Every time I load the browser, it tells me about the update. Sure, I can skip it with the B button but I don’t like always being asked. Will you fix this glitch in the next version?

    • teknecal says:

      Hi there,

      I’ve tested the primary server which passed but the secondary server had the issue, this has been corrected. Let me know if it persists?

      You can turn off receiving updates in the HBB Settings.

  6. Pedro says:

    Can anyone help me…

    I have Homebrew Browser v0.3.9c and it fails to get IP from http://www.codemii.com and uses stored IP. Then it keeps saying Read error -126. Why is this happening? It worked perfectly before… :(

  7. Pedro says:

    By the way I tried changing DNS and Wireless settings, but it didn’t help. Still can’t get IP folllowed by Read error -126.

    I wasn’t convinced it was DNS or Wireless at fault anyway, since I never changed those and Homebrew Browser worked in the past…

  8. Pedro says:

    Can’t you upload homebrew browser with correct stored IPs or a way for me to add it manually somehow? Thanks

    • teknecal says:

      Just for testing, could you change the Setting to turn use the secondary server? The stored IPs in HBB are indeed up to date.

      • Pedro says:

        I just tried it again today and worked! ^^

        However on a 2nd try right after it failed to retrieve again and -126.

        Sometimes it fails and sometimes it succeeds and maybe depends on time of day. Same thing with secondary server.

        Maybe make it so it retries to retrieve IP a few times before using stored IPs? I get -126 when it’s trying to get the stored IPs right? Wonder why… but as long as it succeeds in getting them from the site I don’t have to see -126.

  9. Noren says:

    I’m no longer having the update issue. Now the HBB finds which version I’m on (v0.3.9c) and doesn’t tell me about downloading the latest update.

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