HBB Updated Applications – Week 51

The following applications have been added/updated:

17 December 2012

  • 1bitInvaders v2.1 -> v2.2
  • Avoidance v1.1 -> v1.3
  • Bolt Thrower v0.7 -> 0.71
  • Cherophobe v0.9 -> v1.2
  • Cubicle Shooter City v0.1
  • Elongated Reptile v0.1 -> v0.2
  • FBZX Wii v5.0 -> v6.0
  • GCMM v1.3 -> v1.4
  • Genesis Plus v1.7 -> v1.7.3
  • Goodbye World v1.1 -> v1.3
  • Gravity Glide v1.2 -> 1.4
  • Harmony’s Nightmare v1.1 -> v1.2
  • Hero City 2 v1.2 -> v1.4
  • Hypno Blast v0.2 -> v0.3
  • Maze Generator v1.1 -> v1.5
  • Music Painter v0.1
  • Newo Asteroids v1.5
  • OpenTTD v1.1.3 -> v1.2.3
  • Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1 -> v1.3
  • Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 -> v1.3
  • Sketch Fight v0.2 -> v0.4
  • Texttris v1.2
  • The Unmapped Forest v0.2 -> v0.3
  • The Video Game v0.2 -> v0.3
  • Three Point O v1.1 -> v1.3
  • Toddtris v1.0 -> v1.2
  • Tong v1.2
  • Transitory Vectors v1.0 -> v1.1
  • Two Point Five v1.1 -> v1.2
  • UFO Racer v0.3 -> v3.5
  • We Are Nowhere v0.2 -> v0.4
  • Wii Chatter v0.2
  • Wii Exhibit v0.1 -> v0.4
  • Winters End v1.0 -> v1.2

15 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 51”

  1. Thanks for the update!.

    Now that vWii on WiiU loads homebrew, homebrew browser is getting a second youth.

  2. bezem says:

    Is anyone else having an issue on the Wii U with the Homebrew Browser? I have no music and cannot use the download queue without it crashing.

  3. Mr. Reaper says:

    I had not updated HBB in a while, but the Emulator tab stopped working, so I ran the HBB automatic update today and went from version 0.3.9c (I think) to 0.3.9e

    Now the background music doesn’t play (minor issue, but I liked that music ;) .

    Also, is it just me, or does everyone get “Image not found” for Harmony’s Nightmare in the HBB? (i.e., the icon is missing — I even tried updating the icons, but that didn’t change it).

    • bezem says:

      I also get no image for Harmony’s Nightmare. I also have had better luck with the HBB on Wii U this weekend. Without using the download queue I was able to successfully download many games without a crash.

  4. Paul Berthiaud says:


    some applications are outdated and can not work with the new wiimotes; I compiled supertux with the new library to get it working again.I would like to give you the zip archive, so anyone can enjoy this game again. How can I send you it?

  5. coner2 says:


  6. BPzeBanshee says:

    Hey teknecal,

    WiiXplorer has been finally updated after some time along with FBZX Wii, and I believe a few emulators with autoupdate functions (VisualBoyAdvance GX, etc) updated on their own but their newer versions didn’t register on Homebrew Browser?

  7. Alienundies says:

    Is anyone else getting error -116 on their wii? using 0.3.9e and I can’t connect. Everything else works. Just not this app….

  8. Adrian says:

    When I goto the homebrew browser the backaround music won’t play

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