Working on small update v0.2.1

I’ll be working on a small update to the Homebrew Browser which will increase the buffer size even more so that GeeXbox can be put on the homebrew list. Other things which I might do once I have some example source, is make the cursor rotate and disappear when the wiimote is not pointed to the IR sensor. Another small thing to do is change the IP address in the HBB from to

Yet another small little thing to put in is the ability to delete old files that certain applications used. An example is with genplus, I went and chose the boot.elf file but now with the new build they only have the boot.dol file (same thing happened with sd explorer, except in that case there wasn’t any reason to update it yet as a user is reporting that the delete function doesn’t work?)

I might also think about putting up the help and controls icons as found in the LowLines working demo.

I’d like to put in the background music but am not great with threads. I’ve tried but can’t get the mp3 to keep playing in the HBB. If anyone has a threading example which can loop an mp3 and do other things like draw graphics/display pictures, etc, please post a link to it here or in the HBB page on Wiibrew.

Edit: Mouse rotation and mouse disappearing when not on screen has been done. It was just a few simple code line changes, thanks to ebool for helping me out. I think I’ll just use mod files instead of mp3s to play the background music. As I remember mod files keep looping until you stop them. Hmm, I’m having a bit of a problem when playing the mod file created from the mp3. It seems to play a little and cut out and then play the same little bit, etc.

Edit 2: If I’ve got enough time on the weekend, I might integrate statistics in HBB. The stats would just be displayed on a web page for now and not actually shown in HBB. This is so developers can easily see if users are downloading their applications.

Edit 3: Unfortunately GeexBox won’t be added into this version. The buffer size can’t be extended that much, so it will have to wait for the version of HBB that has zip functionality if that ever happens.

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  1. dsadsadsa says:

    Got a fixed buffer-size? Allocate the memory dynamically instead.

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