HBB updated to v0.2.1b

3 August 2008 (v0.2.1b)

  • Added the ability to cancel downloads at any time by pressing B
  • Added a slight rumble when moving over any button
  • Moved help and controls icon to left of banner

Just some small additions to the Homebrew Browser.

You’re now able to cancel downloads by pressing B. After pressing B it will stop the download and then delete all the files that have been downloaded. I’ve put in a slight rumble when hovering over buttons with the cursor. I didn’t want to it rumble too much as the buttons are quite small. The help and controls icons have been moved to the left of the banner so that users with 16:9 TVs should now hopefully be able to see them.

I was going to add some controller images to the HBB so that for each application it would tell you which controller is required but there was too many controllers to fit on the “channel” so I’ve left this for when I remove the about text and replace it with an about window.

11 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.2.1b”

  1. Adr990 says:

    Bug report:
    Update via HBC does give me a code dump 0_o
    Never did before…

  2. teknecal says:

    When does it code dump? When you press A or B to update or cancel? It’s strange as I didn’t change anything relating to the update process.

  3. vicnat says:

    I have the same problem if my sd memory is locked, only reading mode.

  4. teknecal says:

    Only reading mode? Is that when you change the little dip switch on the SD card itself? If so, you need to set it back to normal so HBB can write the new version to the SD card.

  5. Kon says:

    Have you resolved this problem? It’s very strange. When I switch it on with the HBC and it asks me if I want to update, give me the code dump too. I have tried to update the version of the HBB, but it’s the same …

  6. teknecal says:

    This problem hasn’t been resolved, no one has given me any detailed information about it. Can you try the debug version of HBB? http://www.codemii.com/homebrew_browser.elf

  7. HaohmaruHL says:

    When i installed it-it always died while downloading new images, as if i was disconnected after every 4-5 dots appeared. I had to go back to homebrew channel and start everything again. After so many reboots i managed to see the main window with apps..but i can’t download any-everything i try to download-stops after a short period of time…only reboot helps. So far this cool soft is useless to me bcause of this 🙁

  8. Simple says:

    This is my first time trying HBB. I used HBC to run this app and it give a code dump every time. All other app i use work fine. Version of HBB I tryed is 0.2.1b. I have to pull the power plug to get out of the code dump.

  9. teknecal says:

    @Simple: When you get the code dump, restart your Wii and try loading HBB again. I also get this code dump when I format my SD card and run HBB for the first time.

    I’m working on fixing this and possibly not having the loading screen at all but rather getting into the application, downloading 6 images files and displaying them. If you move pages then it would download the 6 new image files, etc.

  10. Sonicdude987 says:

    when i open hbb i get a code dump error page after connecting to wifi
    i am running 3.2u and hbc v9 and hbb 2.4 or 2.5b (tried both) with no modchip

  11. teknecal says:

    Please check your SD card to make sure that the little switch on it isn’t set to the lock position. Also try formatting your SD card.

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