Progress on HBB v0.2.2

I haven’t really had much time to work on updating the Homebrew Browser, but am hoping to perform the following changes to it:

1. When deleting applications, delete all files in the directory being deleted: Right now only the files that are downloaded are deleted which sometimes leads to some applications been unable to be deleted. This is because some applications have a configuration file or a save file. In this version of the HBB, the HBB will do a directory listing on the folders and remove each file listed. [Completed]

2. Fix or change the way the IR cursor works. I believe that there is some code from Wil’s Solitare game that should be able to help me to fix the IR correction issue. If that code doesn’t help then I’ll put the IR correction option elsewhere. [Completed]

3. The D-pad left and right will control the categories. [Completed]

4. Put some information about this website and the Wii message notifications that you can sign up for. [Completed]

5. Make loading HBB even faster by downloading images in real time. This means at the start you will still see the black screen, but only until it downloads the homebrew list. It will then load the graphical interface and proceed to download the first 6 images. If you decide to change categories or change pages, it will download the new 6 images which will be displayed. Images will still be cached as usual. [Completed]

There is a bug in v0.2.1b which either gives you a code dump or corrupted images when loading HBB for the very first time. I haven’t been able to find the reason of this bug, but it does seem to happen when you download a certain number of images. This bug is currently present in this v0.2.2 development version and only will occur if you view all the games, emulators and media categories and then try to view the utilities category it kicks you back to the HBC.

7 Responses to “Progress on HBB v0.2.2”

  1. Speggy says:

    Sounds good, but i’ll love the HBB no matter what bugs are in it.
    the only problem i have is the large files take an age to download (like quake and doom)

  2. Jake says:

    I think this is cool, but if you have a settings file or a configurations file maybe you could move it to like a hidden folder on your SD card and if you want to install that application again your settings come back. And maybe when you press delete it shows a dialog asking you to delete settings.

  3. Somebody2D says:

    any news on adding music?

  4. Peter Hoeg says:

    The homebrew browser is an excellent piece of software – thanks a million.

    Couple of comments:

    a) How about a new category named ‘Installed’ which shows all the applications you have installed? That way it’s easy to see in one go all the software which needs updating.

    b) How about a new channel named ‘New’ which shows all new software across all categories?

    c) How about an ‘update all’ button to allow with one click to update all installed software?

    Once again, thank you for a great piece of software.

    PS. I experienced the same ‘crash on first run’ problem but everything’s been smooth since then.

    PPS. I have not experienced particularly slow downloads either – I think the Wi-fi connection on the Wii is generally slow (ftp only gives med 120kb/s) but HBB network speed isn’t slower than other apps.

  5. Snomi says:

    Hi, i tried downloading this just now, but it seems im having the same problem as is mention at the bottom of the page, just a code dump. Any help? Atm, nothing is starting 🙁

  6. nameless says:

    i also get a code dump. running it through the homebrew channel. 3.2e wiikey 1.9s/x

  7. teknecal says:

    Have both of you tried to run it a second time? It should only code dump once which has something to do with downloading a lot of images at once. If it still doesn’t work the second time, when does it code dump?

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