HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • FCEU updated to v2.0.6
  • ftpii updated to v0.0.15
  • PONG2 v0.6

26 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. yossi says:

    i can haz dopewars?
    or do we wait until owner changes it to elf?

  2. lampadablu says:

    teknecal, a suggestion for the UI, why don’t change the blue tick to a red tick?
    I think it’s more simple to distinguish red and green instead of blue and green.

  3. Dr.Mario says:

    the blue tick/red tick thing was discussed on the wiki, the red tick was voted against since red typically means something is wrong so they made a different icon that could be used instead.

  4. Dottor_male says:

    A note: on http://wiird.l0nk.org/forum/index.php there is an updated version of GeckoOS compatible with the new HBC.
    The version on HBB doesn’t work.

  5. craig says:

    it says on http://wiird.l0nk.org/wp/ that the ocarina cheating app is no longer being updated and that its functionality is included with gecko os, so i doubt the developer will port it over to a .dol. maybe it would be best to just remove it from the hbb

  6. yossi says:

    if you have an .elf you can make a .dol out of it, even if you dont have the source code.
    see the green bit here: http://hackmii.com/2008/10/the-homebrew-channel-beta9/

    i already converted all the .elfs on my sd card to .dols.

    teknecal, you could do it for every one and put it on your server (big piece of work though 🙁 ). maybe you could write a script to do it for you.

  7. teknecal says:

    yossi: Yes, it will take a long time to do, have to convert the elfs, update the image files and update the text file. That script should be handy.

  8. yossi says:

    what is wrong with the images that they need to be updated?

  9. OuahOuah says:

    There are several version of Snes9X GX still referenced, but only the 006 is the last, the others (older) should be removed, no ?

  10. Dr.Mario says:

    Thanks for the Script Yossi!
    I used it on my card just now, Have you made a page for it on the wiibrew wiki yet? you should probably make one under PC utilities in the applications section so people can find it.

  11. Dr.Mario says:

    I used the script with everything and so far it all works except kobo dl and wii-tac-toe (already a .dol but doesn’t work, possibly a .ef renamed as a .dol)

  12. bezem says:

    for those of us who have used yossi’s script (thankx yossi!), the HBB no longer reflects accurately what has already been downloaded. Will this be fixed?

  13. Dr.Mario says:

    that’s just because the hbb looks for the boot.elf or boot.dol file that you downloaded in it’s corresponding folder, if the file name doesn’t match the one on the server, it doesn’t think it is there so once they are all updated to dols on the server, they will show up as downloaded in the hbb again.

  14. yossi says:

    Dr.Mario: I made the page now

    I don’t know what to tell you about kobo, but wii-tac-toe works fine for me.
    don’t try to rename kobo as boot.elf, it will just fail the conversion AND THE FIRST VERSION OF THE SCRIPT WILL STILL ERASE IT. the new one sort of checks for that, but i still recommend backing up first

  15. yossi says:

    the kobo dl .elf works. if you convert it to dol, it breaks.

    redownload the .elf from hbb or sourceforge.

  16. teknecal says:

    bezem: Eventually yes, it will take some time but should be done by the weekend.

  17. Dr.Mario says:

    thanks yossi!
    I guess everything should work fine now with hbc beta 9 and anything that doesn’t would need to be fixed by the apps creator.

  18. Matt says:

    Teknecal, any idea why it takes HBB is so laggy on my Wii? It can take an upwards of 30 seconds to even flip through pages, let alone download an application. It just looks like it’s freezing up.. I’m assuming it shouldn’t be like that, since the video on YouTube looks pretty smooth.

  19. Dottor_male says:

    to craig: as I said they recompiled GeckoOS as a .dol.
    Now it works with HBC beta9.

  20. Dottor_male says:

    to craig: sorry I’ve read you’re post and misunderstood it!

  21. teknecal says:

    Matt: It shouldn’t be laggy at all. If you are changing pages it should take less than 2 seconds to change if all the images are already downloaded or about 10 to 20 seconds to change if none of the images are already downloaded.

  22. mr_jrt says:

    Hey. Any chance of pulling in the HBC’s SDHC code for the HBB? – I’m getting errors about initialising the FAT subsystem and I’m guessing the fact the cards a SHDC is the reason 🙂

  23. green skull 13 says:

    dude this thing Fd up my SD card big time. i like the program and i used it for awhile now but the other day i tried to get a program and now I’m reformatting my SD. whats the deal?

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