HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • bibleQuiz v0.31
  • blastguy v1.0
  • CosmoRaketti v1.0
  • Dungeons updated to v0.85
  • libwiigameload v0.1
  • Matches v1.0
  • Portii v1.0
  • Rokoban v0.8
  • Smashing v1.1
  • Uschtris v1.0
  • Visual Boy Advance updated to v1.0.4
  • Wiibreaker updated to v0.2
  • Wiicalc v0.1
  • wiireader updated to v1.1
  • YOG v0.1

9 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. Hi

    In regards to Smashing 1.1 I’ve tried downloading it but it appears 2 of the folders that are required are missing. Without these the game is unable to run.

    The full download is available from:



  2. Just checked the download again, it seems to be working fine, not sure what the problem was. cheers anyway 🙂


  3. hotzenplotz says:

    Thanks for the update!

    By the way, libwiigameload is not 8.2 mb big… it’s more like 8.2 kb 😉

  4. metawii says:

    thanks for all your work

    since you started the hbb, i’ve only downloaded through your channel, as it is far more comfortable than copying it a bit sooner to an sd card myself

    in my opinion, you upload it astonishingly fast, considering that you do it all by yourselves in your spare time, instead of letting hb devs upload it directly

    especially because it’s actually you selecting the uploads, i prefer to wait for your releases, as at least one of you or your friend has actually tried it out whether it is pretty safe to run (of course no guarantee NOT to brick the wii, but safer than trying blind handed)

    i also love that you post the hb release date instead of the date it was available at the hbb, as this helps a lot in version tracking

    also i didn’t expect that, after the last hbc b9 update, anyone would be willing to take the time to convert existing elf’s of other devs into dol’s, instead of waiting for the devs to do it themselves and simply removing them from the hbb … but never the less you did it

    keep up the work, it makes a hell of a lot people have little happy smiles on their faces while using it 😉

  5. lnuxguy says:

    Please add WiiDoom 0.4 to the HBB (it’s now compatible with HBC).


  6. Dr.Mario says:

    yep doom and now, FCEU 2.07, SNES9x GX 007, and VBA 1.05

  7. metawii says:

    maybe i encountered a little double posted “wii-breaker” bug problem in the current hb list:

    i noticed that after deleting the “temp” directory, hbb reloads all hb icons, but in the game section, between “wii-fortune” v0.1 (2008.10.04) and “gravity” v1.1 (2008.09.21) it tries to reload the bmp for “wii-breaker” v0.1 (right where it was on 2008.09.26)

    the bmp is reloaded everytime you skip to this older game page, maybe because the same bmp name already exists because of the 2008.11.18 v0.2 update, it displays the date “2 nov 2008” instead of the old date

    can anyone verify this by deleting the existing temp folder on the sd (on the pc, not via ftpii)

    greetings metawii

  8. teknecal says:

    Thanks for bringing that up metawii. It looks like I had two wiibreakers in the games list which now has been corrected.

  9. metawii says:

    thanks for the fast fix, teknecal
    (9 minutes to fix+reply is really cool 😉 )

    greetings metawii

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