HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

19 April 2009

  • GeckoOS updated to v1.8.02
  • Kidspaint updated to v1.1
  • ScummVM updated to v0.14.0 r39954
  • Wii Update File Extractor v0.1

8 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. dlf says:

    Either i’m really blind or something but I can’t find any of those programs on the browser. I know it’s late to be requesting more but could there be a new tab or some thing the browser tells you or lets you know what has been added/updated? & or something with the rest of the application (emu, demo, game, whatever) info that says when it was uploaded/updated?

  2. teknecal says:

    Can you try and see if GeeXbox or a large application will download? Can you try setting check SD card to X?

    • dlf says:

      It’s not that, it’s setting “offline mode” to on. Hm.

      Then when I seem to try to download anything (through the q or not) it “downloads & extracts” in less than 1 second but doesn’t download the actual program(s).

      • teknecal says:

        Ah I see. I’ve had the download & extracting in less than 1 second myself just once. If you try HBB again, I think it shouldn’t happen, it’s a rare bug I believe.

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