HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

24 April 2009

  • Cubiic updated to v0.1a2
  • FCEU updated to v3.0.1
  • GeeXboX updated to v0.1alpha7
  • MPlayer Christmas Edition updated to v0.5
  • Q1Rev r1
  • Snes9xGX updated to v4.0.3
  • Wiituka v0.98.0
  • Wolfenstein 3D – Wii v1.00a

2 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. Bong says:

    Just got v0.3, great work!

    The programm just didn’t recognize all my installed stuff and the music is discussable 😉

  2. OuahOuah says:

    FTPii updated to 0.019 + Frodo v10 + Wolfenstein 3D Wii v1.1a
    Keep on good work 🙂

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