The codemii.com website hosts the Homebrew Browser’s updates. This will be my blog where I try to give an status updates on the development progress of the Homebrew Browser and mention any interesting news in relation to other homebrew applications or Wii developments. Feel free to comment on posts.

Who are you?
The name’s teknecal and I’ve recently started developing things on the Wii. I’ve made a Simon and Matching Cards game along with a basic Wii HTTP Server. A major project of mine for the Wii has been the Homebrew Browser which is constantly updated with homebrew applications that Wii developers make.

You can either contact me via this blog or teknecal@gmail.com or teknecal on Skype.
I’m always in irc.efnet.org #wiidev or #wiihelp. PM me if you like and I’ll respond if I’m around.

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