HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • Mii Extractor v1
  • Mii Installer v1
  • Save Extractor v2
  • Save Installer v2
  • Uno updated to v11
  • WiiMPC v0.1
  • Wiiship v0.5
  • Wiitube v0.01

7 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. Dr.Mario says:

    Thanks for adding the mii/savegame, I actually decided to test them a couple days ago and they successfully backed up my brawl and mario kart saves without any problems. Backing up the saves is a must for anyone who plans on using ocarina because a bad cheat code could ruin your save file (ex the music modifier code for brawl is permanent) Also, the mii extractor and installer are at v1.1

  2. teknecal says:

    Thank you for keeping me up to date with applications. Changed to v1.1.

  3. Pvt_Ryan says:

    Where can I get the source for the HB Browser? As I would like to see how you have done the UI.

  4. teknecal says:

    The source for HBB is not available. The graphics was done by LowLines. Basically all the channel images are loaded in HBB and then displayed. The are separate buttons such as About, Download, etc which are shown by default and others which are blanked out if certain conditions are met.

    Is there anything specific that you’re looking to find out?

  5. drmario says:

    Quake has been updated to 0.3 and Majong Wii has been updated to 0.3
    BTW I use the update scanner add on for Firefox which automatically tells me when stuff gets updated.

  6. Pvt_Ryan says:

    I am quite new to gfx/wii programming and just not sure on how to do a UI in general.

    So am I right in saying you basically load a BG image and then overlay the other images defining them (as applicable) as buttons?

    Sadly there are no tutorials out there on how to draw UIs (for the wii) so I was hoping to look at the code for HBB and hack it about a bit until I work out how it all interacts.

  7. Arikado says:

    How about adding my app version 1.1 just out: Wii Shooting Gallery

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