HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • BuscaWiinas v0.1
  • Hugo-wii updated to v2008.08.27
  • Jumpnbump v0.2
  • SpaceShooter updated to v0.3

7 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. drmario says:

    Fceu Tantric (which I think replaced the official one) was updated to 2.1 adding zapper support.
    Also great job on the .22 update!

  2. acquariusoft says:

    Hy,good work
    is possible to add geexbox, a linux mediacenter in the application?

  3. NeoIce says:

    I woul like to have a flash aplication, so i can play all flash games that exist en the intenet like Vector TDX 🙂

  4. drmario says:

    if the game only requires mouse clicks then you can play it over the opera browser, a homebrew web browser/flash player would be way too much work with very little benefit. If the game requires minimal key presses, then you can get someone to decompile the flash and replace the keypresses with buttons you can click.

  5. Sebovich says:

    This software seems like a splendid idea!
    I have one problem though, and don´t know where to ask..
    When I try to install the Browser, on the loading screen it is stuck on 0% and doesn´t move, and the only thing that I can do is to reset my Wii. Any tips on what I am doing wrong? :S

  6. Sebovich says:

    Fixed it! NGC-memory card problem-thingy
    I really liked the browser, good work! 🙂

  7. harry says:

    JumpnBump freezes my Wii, but I guess that’s not your fault.

    Had a weird bug: When navigating with the D-pad-right to “Media”, the screen was empty, no applications. Klicking on Media and changing back and forth didn’t help. Had to restart the HBB.

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