HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • FCEU (tantric) updated to v2.0.2
  • ftpii updated to v0.0.14
  • GeckoOS updated to v1.07a
  • Gnuboy GX updated to v2008.09.17
  • Gravity updated to v1.1
  • Map Maker v1.0
  • Pacman (emulator) v1.0
  • Visual Boy Advance updated to v1.0.1

13 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. Dr.Mario says:

    Wiidoom updated to v0.3, support for the freedoom wad included was dropped as of 0.2 so you don’t need to include it anymore with the HBB, it looks like they will have to get their own wads now and the HBB is only useful for updates to it.

    Also, FCEU Tantric is the “official version” now.

  2. Arikado says:

    See Wiibreaker.

  3. Arikado says:

    <a href=”http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Wiibreaker”

  4. Deozaan says:

    Now that FTPii has the new libfat to fix the error with not freeing up memory when something is deleted, will you updated the HBB with the new libfat as well? It’s about the only thing keeping HBB from perfection!

  5. teknecal says:

    Yep I will be updating it on the weekend and hopefully put in a Popular applications category, installed applications section and possibly an update all applications button.

  6. harry says:

    wooho, great news 🙂

  7. I am a contributor to the WiiDoom project. We dropped FreeDoom support so please remove that from the Homebrew Browser download. Instead please add the Doom 1 Shareware level file (http://wiidoom.googlecode.com/files/doom1-shareware.zip). It can be freely distributed.

    Thanks. BTW, great work with the Homebrew Browser! I use it for all my apps.

  8. OkinKun says:

    Hope you add the new Snes9x GX 005 version in the next update.

  9. Dr.Mario says:

    I think it will be better to just just leave out the wad all together for doom for faster updates and less load on your sever for something you don’t need or only download the wad if the user selects download but for an update, the wad file is left out like you do with the icon when the user only updates (maybe you already do this but i still get it since i don’t use the free version and have the full version on my old pc).

  10. teknecal says:

    WiiDoom has been updated in the HBB and now downloads the doom1.wad file.

    Snes9x GX 005 has been added.

  11. Spark says:

    I cant save/load any gameboy games with Visual Boy Advance (latest version).
    Let say I play Mario&Luigi Superstar Saga (gotta wait for the 6min intro that cant be skipped) then when I save the game it seems to be recorded but its not.
    As soon as I close the emulator and reload it wont load the save game, even if the file is present in the SAVE folder.
    I tried all the different save options like, Snapshot, SRAM, USB, SD… nothing work.
    It will do this for all games not only Mario&Luigi Superstar Saga.
    Please help !

  12. sdbinwiiexe says:

    Does the PacMan emulator come with the roms?

  13. teknecal says:

    No it doesn’t. Not sure if it’s legal to include them.

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