Homebrew Browser Suggestions

Here is the post you’ve been waiting for. It’s the post where you can give suggestions about what can be improved with the homebrew browser or what should be added into the homebrew browser. Remember I don’t actually make the applications on the homebrew browser, I’m just asking the applications with links that you would like added.

224 Responses to “Homebrew Browser Suggestions”

  1. Felix says:

    Send updates directly to the Wii Message Board. (Navarr has a similar newsletter system, maybe you can collaborate.)

  2. Fellipe says:

    I extremaly recommend you to add geexbox homebrew, it’s based on linux and is very good. it already supports usb reading( very fast), blutooth control via mobile phones, and reads subtitles! Its the best media player on the wii. thx

  3. Drizzt says:

    One thing I’d love to have is support for 16:9, but it’s not that urgent :-)

    Another thing I’d love much more, instead:
    Add an internal flag “unwanted” to every item, that it’s initially set to false.
    Add a “Get Everything” button, that once clicked downloads the entire category content, be it an update or a new item, but that doesn’t d’load items marked with unwanted=true
    When I delete an item, “unwanted” becomes true
    When I manually download an item, the flag goes back to false.

    This way I can download everything in a single click, try each software, delete what I’m not interested in and be sure that the next “Get Everything” will not d’load what I don’t like :-)

  4. One feature I feel is a must add, is adding other sources for files, alike “Installer.app” on Jailbroken iPhones/iPod Touches or apt-get in several Linux distros (ala Ubuntu).

    It would be a great feature, and would make your app a standard in the homebrew scene.

  5. Odiferous says:

    1) Add a delete confirmation dialog. If nothing else, an accidental delete can cost a bit in time to re-download the app.

    2) Watch your font size. I know my 27″ tube may not be the typical set anymore, but most of the HBB is illegible from standard viewing distance. I’d use the Shop channel to establish a minimum font size.

  6. Chippey says:

    1. Threaded downloading so I can continue to browse, and do things while things download. Maybe even the option to pause/stop/resume downloads.

    2. Font size. It’s really hard to read on a 32″ TV. Also, watch your placement/ keep things inside the Title or even Action Safe region (see programs like Final Cut Pro for the definition of Action safe or Title safe). There are two buttons in the lower left that I can barely see, and I’ve got no idea what they do.

    3. Some stability notes: When first launching HBB, while downloading the images, the network hiccuped and HBB crashed. Also, I’ve had it freeze a couple times while trying to download.

  7. Chippey says:

    Just thought of a few more:

    4. Visual (on screen, like cursor glowing and the button highlighting) and physical (rumble on the wii remote) feedback when the cursor enters a button, or hovers over a button. More or less like how the Home Brew Channel or the main Wii menu behave. Maybe even an audio tick too.

    5. More in depth info about apps. Get the info from the meta.xml files, and display a much bigger modal dialog box with this info. Something that just about fills the screen would be good.

  8. marc says:

    i would like to start off by saying great app and genius idea IMO.

    the first major thing that i would change is the text size must be much larger as previously stated. Also for ease of navigation i would like the ability to change selection with the wii’s arrow keys. the ability to browse while downloading/deleting would also be valuable.
    Ive also heard of Guitar Fun but I’m not sure if that can be added or not

    all in all though an amazing app



  9. marc says:

    you could potentially rearrange the menu similar to this image increasing the text size in the red zones

  10. BigHed3 says:

    The bottom of the screen is always off the bottom of the TV. So I can’t fully see the icons and things at the bottom. I’m not sure if this is because of my Widescreen TV or just the way you’ve got the app set up.

  11. BGQ says:


    first of all thanks for this application, it’s my second favorite homebrew (just after the homebrew channel :D )

    You seem to download the content of a game file by file in uncompressed format from the server (at least that’s what I undestood from the list file, if i’m wrong just supress my comment) I thougth it would be faster to download directly zip files with the correct file tree inside. There is already one application handling zip files if you need source “inspiration”. The homebrew is: Emu kidid’s VBA port and the files you need are (i think) unzip.cpp and unzip.h.

    wizardofyendor is already using them in is work on wiicomiic so i think you could ask him some help with understanding if you need it (just look for is name in wiidev forum).

    Again thanks and excuse my english (Hope it’s not too bad)

    PS: I was asking myself too: why did you choose closed source?? Not that I disrespect your choice, but I’m still curious.

  12. PiesAreBlueGuy says:

    i think it would be cool if we were able to add an email address to our wiis so you could send us update messages about what new games have been added and so on.

  13. teknecal says:

    BGQ: Closed source was mostly chosen to have control of the project, so that there is a one and only HBB. If I had open source, people could claim that they have x y z on there server and you just never know what it could be… could be a brick, etc. I wanted to make sure that people would feel secure when using the HBB.

    Another reason I chose closed source was because the HBC did it :P . I did however release a net send example which sends a HTTP request to a server and prints the response. Combine this with the other game sources I have released and if someone wanted to, they could make their own HBB or other useful network applications.

    PiesAreBlueGuy and Felix: That is actually a good idea. I’ve made an email address that you can add and you’ll be emailed when there are any updates to the HBB. The email address is hbb@codemii.com.

  14. Pho8 says:

    I’d like to see which controllers are supported with the apps. This is the one and only reason I got rid of the HBB as I’d just end up looking on the net for controller compatibility anyways.

  15. maudigenius says:

    Hey! Hbb doesn’t work on my WII! When i start it and it try to get the homebrew list,it says “exception (dsi)” or sth like that and i have to dísconect my wii cuz it doesn’t work. what’s happenning?

  16. teknecal says:

    maudigenius: Try it again. I was changing the list file and was a problem and this happened to my Wii as well, but it should work now.

  17. maudigenius says:

    OK, thanx. I´m in Spain and i thought that it doesn´t work with this conection, but i didn´t know why if i could use it before… I´ll Try it today and if it doesn´t work i´ll post it here…

  18. maudigenius says:

    Nop!, It still doesn´t work… It says “Exception (DSI) ocurred”, then it shows a lot of numbers and i have to disconnect my WII because it doesn´t reponds.

    Should i try with an older version?

  19. K-Duke says:

    Hello… i would suggest your server to support region redirecting.
    With this redirecting function added it would be possible to establish a faster download mirror network (similar to the repositories of Linux). Depending on the region the IP comes from the request will be redirected to a HBB-Server near the downloader’s location.

    I could provide a mirror for Germany if it is wanted.

  20. K-Duke says:

    Some other suggestions just came into my mind!
    As There are several multi-version homebrews (like Snes9x) on the channel it can get very irretating.
    It would be much better to have a submenu for thos homebrews where you can then choose the version to download.
    As I’m speaking of submenus… The homebrews might be clearlier arranged in a list, similar to the ones of the shopping channel, than those pages. Having only the image, title and a short description of the homebrew. If one is interested in it, a detailed description and the download function can be opened by clicking the title, as I said similar to nintendo’s shopping channel.

  21. serenity says:

    Like K-Duke said. I could also provide a mirror in Germany. Just in case your are looking for one at all.

  22. Homebrew lover says:

    id love to see geexbox on ur list

  23. Jake says:

    Longer and better descriptions, perhaps? I know you get ‘em off Wiibrew, but I would like to know more information on this application before I download it. e.g. What controllers are needed, What the program does, and authors?

  24. Jake says:

    And if you click for more information, it basically opens a seperate page that just shows a long description and pictures, then maybe a Go Back button to return to the app view.

  25. marc says:

    i can imagine that the server load isent too bad yet but why not start early and remove all the strain.
    implementation of bit-torrent technology would be very beneficial. you could have it set up so that codemii merely has .torrent files which we would download with HBB as the client. you could potentially just leave wiiconnect24 on HBB would seed all of the games. you could also then prioritize seeding, you would seed primarily people closest to you.

    im pretty sure that there’s not enough knowledge about connect24 to accomplish this or anything else for that matter however it would be great to see implemented.

    also what jake said above ^^^ i would have to agree with however maybe not a separate page but just remove the picture date version and add text when you hit about.

    thanks for the best homebrew to date


  26. marc says:

    i would like to have the delete button not only delete the folder under the apps directory but any other folder created in the root.

    like how HBB has a temp directory or how SDexplorer has a config folder on the root of the SD card.

    also since im talking about memory it would be nice to have somewhere that says stuff like mem usage/available/total would be nice to see.



  27. Speggy says:

    try not to add games like guitarfun , when i use the HBB i like to download then play strait away, otherwise downloading off my PC would’ve been faster and easier.

  28. Speggy says:

    sorry for the double post, but it’s because of the songs function. there’s no instructions in or out of game. i had to delete it and re-download it from wiibrew.org just for the read-me file

  29. teknecal says:

    Yeah, I never really wanted to add it for that reason, but people kept requesting it so I just did.

  30. octoroks says:

    I think you should add a new section called installers, And add DVDX, any region changer etc

  31. octoroks says:

    oh and have instructions to install txt reader, So your could include read mes for important apps, like any region changer if you were going to add it

  32. drmario says:

    The list of homebrew apps is getting pretty long, maybe in the HBB you could sort them alphabetically instead of date so they are easier to find and create a main menu like the one for the wii shop channel that would have the categories; Popular Titles, New/Updated Titles, Your Updates, Browse All Apps (keep the sub categories you’ve already got).
    Also none of the apps are showing up for me in the Demos category.

  33. teknecal says:

    Thanks drmario. I checked the demos and have fixed the issue.

  34. wowfunhappy says:

    I would very much like to see a channel version of the homebrew browser.

  35. octoroks says:

    ya that would be nice :)

  36. Peter Hoeg says:

    Reposting here as I added this to your v0.2.2 update post:

    The homebrew browser is an excellent piece of software – thanks a million.

    Couple of comments:

    a) How about a new category named ‘Installed’ which shows all the applications you have installed? That way it’s easy to see in one go all the software which needs updating.

    b) How about a new channel named ‘New’ which shows all new software across all categories?

    c) How about an ‘update all’ button to allow with one click to update all installed software?

    Once again, thank you for a great piece of software.

    PS. I experienced the same ‘crash on first run’ problem but everything’s been smooth since then.

    PPS. I have not experienced particularly slow downloads either – I think the Wi-fi connection on the Wii is generally slow (ftp only gives med 120kb/s) but HBB network speed isn’t slower than other apps.

  37. tpapp says:

    You already have the HBB keeping track of the number of downloads for each app. Why not allow users to rate the apps theyve downloaded too? I know that aside from keeping a master list on the server of who voted for what this could be an abusable feature but I think it would be helpful regardless. Youd have to keep a small file in the settings saying which apps that person has already rated to keep them from rating again and allow them to rate apps which they currently have downloaded. And even then you may want to give ones and fives a lower weighting when calculating an apps’ rating.

    It also definitely needs a longer description option. Take it from the xml file because the half sentence used now just isnt enough.

    When the HBB first loads give a little popup screen that lists apps that you have downloaded that can be updated and give an ‘update all’ option so you don’t have to hunt around and do each update individually.

  38. NeoIce says:

    I would like a flash (swf) aplication so i can play flash games

  39. Zhelkus says:

    First off, congratulations on developing such a fine piece of home brewed software.

    I mostly second what many people are saying above. To add some unique suggestions:

    1 – Try compressing every PNG image with pngout. What is it? A program that recompresses a PNG image losslessly. PNGs were meant to replace GIFs in every way but it didn’t happen because of no animation layers (now solved with the continuing feud between APNG and MNG) and because people around the world still believe GIFs achieve smaller filesizes than PNGs. False. This is mostly the imaging program’s fault for not having a good PNG compression technique (God knows I’m talking about Photoshop). Google this program (or the IrFanView Plugin) and run your images through it, I recommend it. You won’t save a lot of filespace since the images are already small, but I suppose every byte of bandwidth counts (unless you implemented the BitTorrent method of serving suggested above, but hell, honestly, that could take time).

    2 – Take advantage of the catalog method of browsing through items. Just as in iTunes, make some lists like “Installed Brews”, “Recommended Items”, “Brickable Brews”, “Requiring BetaTesters”, “Updateable Brews”, etc.

    3 – If you made the interface bigger and included some scrolling, you could also add some more info to every item or flags such as “Self Updating”, “Potentially unsafe”, “Brickable”, “Top 10 Downloaded”, “Requires PC Setting Up”, “Has GUI”, “Has sound”, “Modular”, “Manually Expandable”, etc.

    Unlike other users, I’m content with the HBB loading as a homebrew on the Homebrew Channel and not as a channel itself. Why? Everything it downloads is run from the HBC, that means easy exiting and straight to the new downloads. Making it run as a channel would imply rebooting the Wii to exit, booting up the HBC and then exiting the HBC if you realized you wanted something else. Keeping it in the HBC makes it easier, faster and simpler.

    I remember having more ideas but these are the only ones I can recall atm. Again, good piece of software, nice work!

  40. DrMario says:

    there’s no need for a potentially unsafe/brickable category because if an app is that dangerous, it should not be available to download and use so easily (like a barrier to give you a chance to re-think your decision), if you are experienced enough to use such a app, there is no reson why you would need to rely on the HBB to install it for you.

  41. Zhelkus says:

    @DrMario: The HBB is more like an automated homebrew grabber. It doesn’t necessarily deliver itself as a program for noobs. If so, how would everybody have it installed in the first place? Twilight hack, modded console and installed with HBC ISO, etc. Any method would imply technical knowledge.

    If there’s knowledge, then there’s probably nobody stupid enough to intentionally misuse a potentially dangerous application. An example of such program would be the WadManager. I think it’s not listed to avoid legal issues rather than caring for the safety of the console. The HBBrowser is itself a browser of most of the known homebrew for the Wii (as long as it’s legal), not a noob tool. My suggestions were feeding the notion of this library-like function.

    At least, this is my idea of what teknecal intends it to be. FYI, it’s just my opinion and I don’t intend to enforce it on anybody. Let’s all just bask in the awesomeness of this program, yes? :D

  42. emme says:

    Hi, and thank for the homebrew browser.
    All the suggestion I had have already been made :) ‘d just toss a vote for those I like:
    – “New” and “installed” categories
    – it would be nice to have all the info from the meta.xml file
    – background downloading, or at least the ability to queue all the downloads and then fire them in one go
    – bigger fonts (bigger everything actually, a lot of space is wasted on borders in the current appearance)

    Thanks again,


  43. Asgatlat says:

    please update GeeXboX (0.1alpha3)

  44. WIIfan says:

    It’s a great program, Thanks,

    But can you add 2 extra menu items:
    “NEW” and “UPDATE”

    In the “NEW” section add all new added software sinds last use of program

    In the “UPDATE” section: A list of new updates for all programes installed on the wii, Now you must check all the sections for new update’s or new program’s. This will save a lot of search time and for the server a lot of useless send data.

    Keep up the good work,



  45. Sean says:

    I have an Idea, custom homebrew lists! Lets say, somebodys card reader broke down but they have HBB. They could set it to read from a list to download custom homebrew, like maybe Beta Stages. Just an Idea.

  46. Blightana says:

    Browser need to allow for WEP or WPA protocals if this is possible it would be nice to not have to throw the Wii in my Router DMZ and or turn off my WLAN Security just to download new apps and update old ones.

  47. mavakadachi says:

    1) Not DL everytime you change a page
    2) Download while browsing
    I can code these for you if you give me enough details. email me.
    3) Allow a bigger description, possible use the description in the XML file
    4) have an option to search for apps installed and update them. It shouldnt automatically do it. Maybe have another tab who shows installed apps and updated version. 2 versions of the same app would be great.

  48. teknecal says:

    mavakadachi: It only downloads the images when you change pages only if you don’t have those images. If you could code downloading while browsing that would be great.

  49. ANTON says:


  50. Sandusky says:

    I know it’s been said plenty of times, but font size is a real issue on my screen, especially because it’s a CRT display.

    I also agree with most of the ideas above, though not all are practicle I imagine.

    The main suggestion I have is to help on your end and keep this thing manageable long term. I am not sure how your batabase currently works, but what about a web app that ties into your DB and allows homebrew authors to set up accounts and manage their own content, providing a way for them to “publish” their software to wiis in a manner of speaking and taking the load off your hands? This could spread out the work a bit and allow you to focus on core features. You could even set it to where you have to approve everything before publishing unless it’s a known/trusted author. I am sure there are plenty of people around here who could offer to build such a web app (I would love to offer but time is an issue for me ATM :-/ ) I just imagine this thing getting to be enormous and a real bear to try to keep up with all the new software and versions out there.

    Otherwise, I am very impressed with the application and think your decision to keep it closed source for now in order to provide quality content is a good one.

  51. Qbus says:

    sdhc support

  52. open_box says:

    takes a long time to download/extract.(wiimote goes to sleep waiting)

  53. Mobius_Hero says:

    Is there any apps to play swf files on the Wii cause if not there should be (im currently typing on my wii :D )

  54. sons of butcher says:

    how about wad and rom download slots at the top where it says popular games utilities demos and one more (forgot what it was)

  55. Jabe says:


    I noticed some bug with Homebrew Browser and FTPii when used with a password.

    As said in FTPii meta.xml file:

    “To specify a password, rename the apps/ftpii directory to apps/ftpii_YourPassword.”

    The problem is, once I do that Homebrew Browser doesn’t recognize FTPii anymore.

    Do you know any way to fix this ?

    An other suggestion would be to add some “auto update all installed apps button” (instead of going to “view installed apps” and then click to update one by one.

    An other question why isn’t Wad Manager on the list?

    Please let me know about all that.

  56. msteele says:

    alright, im gettin a lil frustrated with this program… NOTHING works for me… the browser doesnt work and none of the apps work for me… i get that [i] not user thingy error when i use the browser… why is that???

  57. teknecal says:

    Please format your SD card that should correct the error.

    Wad manager isn’t on because: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Talk:Homebrew_Browser#Wanted_Apps

  58. jasbo says:

    I think the user interface could be much improved by using something a little cleaner and less “bubbly” Right now we can only see 6 applications at a time, which means that it takes forever if we are looking for a specific application (especially since hbb downloads an image for all 6 files between pages)

    I understand font size is a problem; so I think you should look at the interfaces that are also being suggested for tantric’s emulators. They offer a much cleaner interface that provides more information without losing the pictures (which have very little value imho)


    Look at the post at the very bottom of the page; it uses a list format for the different programs with an image on the side.

  59. teknecal says:

    Hmm, that does look good.

  60. jasbo says:

    i’m glad you took a look at it!

    out of curiousity… is there any chance you will be releasing the code for your program?

  61. Jabe says:

    I format my SD card and I still have the same problem with ftpii when the folder is renamed ftpii_YourPassword it’s not detected by homebrew browser as installed.

    Could you please fix this ?

    By the way great thing now being able to update all apps in one click ;-)

  62. wplaat says:

    Hi admin,

    Can you please add a white background color to the http://www.codemii.com/hbbstats.php page. Then the page is showed correctly in my website. Many thanks in advanche



  63. teknecal says:

    White background colour has been added, now displays properly on your website.

  64. teknecal says:

    Jabe: That isn’t a bug. It happens because HBB just tries to read the “ftpii” directory and nothing else.

  65. Jabe says:

    Is there any way to fix this ?

  66. me! says:

    Please can you add Homebrew Disc Loader?


  67. teknecal says:

    Jabe: I think I might have a fix for it.
    me!: Sure.

  68. sinewaves says:

    Hi, thanks for your great app. Just wanted to let you know that I tried installing geexbox from the homebrew bowser and it failed both times I tried it. I succesfully installed it via ftpii in the end.

    I thought maybe it might be because the GEEXBOX folder needs to be in the root of the SD card, whereas the geexbox folder lives in apps.

    Anyways, thanks again :)

  69. me! says:

    Please add WiiLife – http://wiibrew.org/wiki/User:Drei000/WiiLife
    Thanks for your hard work!

  70. Justin says:

    theres a problem with this update when i press the button for the items i have or the update all button it just goes straight to the hombrew channel? Over and over again and it happeed a few time when i was browsing apps? Maybe a bug? srry if i posted it in another post just put this here so ull see it =]

  71. lastinone says:

    can you make wad for install you homerew browser
    so fun isn’t it !! ?

  72. justnobody says:

    I would like the issue with nyko accessories to be fixed if its possible, I would like to be able to use the nyko classic controller inside hbb as well as in its apps. Great work so far and thanks in advance.

  73. Jabe says:

    Thanks a lot teknecal for fixing ftpii_YourPassword bug!
    You did an amazing work.

  74. Joeyeeez says:

    How about adding the Action Replay V1.14 loader. It’s for using Cheat codes for original gamecube games on the Wii. The retail discs no longer work on recent firmwares. I’m hoping it will be updated soon to work with backup games. I found it here:


  75. Safirion says:

    Hello Teknecal!
    Can you added most languages please and a description of buton for the HBB 0.3.0 please.

  76. Romanito says:

    Hi, one simple feature:
    When HBB starts, it should check for a new version of HBB before downloading the homebrew list. In case of a new version, it would be faster.

  77. noko says:


    I created a simple Rubik’s cube puzzle game for the wii. It can be downloaded at http://code.google.com/p/cubiic. It’d be really nice if it was added to the hbb.

  78. SpawnPPC says:

    Hi ALL. Great software this Homebrew Browser. Simple but very usefoul.
    Only one suggestion for you and for your success:

    - Please support many more software like games, utilities, etc. like
    waninkoko software like USB Loader v1.1, Firmware Updater 4.0 and all CIOS installer/upgrader, and many more.

    Thanx for all and for all your work. Excuse me for my bad english. I’m Italian. Bye. Emanuele.

    P.S.: Italian language for Homebrew Browser ?

  79. Sarco says:

    can you add a rom link
    i downloaded the gameboy n snes emulators
    i thought it might make it easier for most people if you have a roms page for each emu you have
    so can download them straight to the Wii instead of swapping SD card to PC the n back to Wii when you want a new game

  80. Sagar says:

    There is a bug with dragon media player when I try to delete it freezes up. When I download it a error message comes up saying can’t make folder

  81. Graxer says:

    A feature would be great that makes it so that when you open Homebrew Browser each time a “New & Updated Software” screen shows up showing everything that has been added since you last started Homebrew Browser. This would make it much easier to find what you want.

    • teknecal says:

      Yep, this is a feature planned. Do you think it should be a pop up listing the recently added applications or have a pop-up saying would you like to see applications since your last visit and then show the apps in the scrollable list?

      • Graxer says:

        I like the sound of the first one, but it would probably be good if you could choose in the settings menu. (or turn it off completely if you desprately wanted to)

        Also I’d like to add that whenever I try to download GeeXboX HBB crashes and I have to restart my Wii. However if I download other things I have no problems.

  82. WongKit says:

    Why there is a Geexbox update as an .elf file? We can’t run those files since the last version of HBC.

  83. WongKit says:

    Sorry, mistake by me…
    Everything works fine!

  84. Flark says:

    It would be nice if the HBB checked to see if it can write to the sd card before loading. You know, because sometimes that little lock tab on the side of the card tends to get pushed back into the lock position when inserting it. Is there a way to check if the card is locked without actually trying to write to it?

  85. Platipus says:

    Hi, and first of all sorry for my bad english.

    I think it could be very useful to create a homebrew browser for the pc (windows, linux) in order to insert the sd card in the pc and download/update the same software we download/update using the wii version into the app directory structure in the sd card.

    This would be great for those who can´t connect to internet from the wii but can do it in their pcs.

    Thanks for all your great work.

  86. Godrik says:

    First of all, nice job with HBB!

    I would suggest a feature for new version. The user should be able to state that she does not want to see this application anymore. Or that she does not want to see it anymore before it is updated.

    I believe it is easy to implement and could be useful if the number of homebrew application increases.

    An other suggestion. I like the rating system very much. However, it could be improved by giving more precise informatin. For instance, the number of people that rated the application or the distribution of the votes.
    For later when the homebrew community would have conquered the world, it would be nice to have a feature “you liked this game, people who liked it liked this one also”.

  87. lookitzxai says:

    I keep getting problem reading “boot.dol/elf file” whenever I tried downloading something. I can’t download anything at all. What is going on?

  88. kayden says:

    hope this hasnt already been suggested
    but i find most of the time im just updating apps i already have
    would it be possible to create a “my apps” tab?
    it would also make it easier to delete stuff

  89. comet77 says:

    The new HBC 1.02 supports loading apps from the USB drives could we have an option to:

    1. Install on the USB drive or SD card.
    2. be able to load HBB from the USB drive.

    This would be great.

  90. darksleuth says:

    Currently the new homebrew browser 0.3.1 for me has suddenly changed. When I load it up now square boxes surround the text of applications and attempting to download or update files results in file error and then causes files to become completely erased. Any help for this?

    A suggestion for this would be that files dont get erased until the extraction process has concluded and a new process called deleting old files is run. Another nice idea I`d like to see is a way to continue a download on an item, instead of having to restart the process over if it fails.

  91. Drizzt says:

    I have a 4Gb SD card that the HomeBrew Browser can’t read. After trying to read it with HBB, the entire system cannot see it anymore unless I remove and put it back in.

    I’ve found this:
    With Wii menu 4.0 the card, the card worked with the Wii and not with HBC and HBB.
    This morning my HBC upgraded to the latest version and now it can read the SD without problems, too.
    Still, the HBB says it has problem with the FAT on the SD.

    I think…you could ask marcan and the other HBC’s guys for what they have changed in HBC in the latest version in regard to SD??

    Apart from this problem…hey, it’s really an amazing app. And the idea for a Windows version…uhmm…if you would like to spare a bit of informations, I could work on it…

    • Yuri CPS says:

      The same thing happened to me: My Wii and HBC reads my 8Gb SD card but when I try to use HBB and Geexbox… I’ve reformatted it 3 times!
      But anyway it’s a great app, it has no problems with my 2Gb SD card

  92. ade says:

    you should add something that shows you how much percent it has downloaded and the size currently download and remaing

  93. bmathieuh says:

    Add a feature where you get a loading sign instead of black screen when loading the home browser and when we download apps show how much time is remaining to download and unzip the app.

  94. godagarah says:

    You should also port win mugen on the wii!

  95. Graxer says:

    My suggestion, and although it isnt a change to the Homebrew Browser itself, it is relevant, is to have the main builds of ScummVM as seperate downloads from the Subversion builds. That would mean you can test the subversions (like are currently available) but still have a stable release to use if you run into problems.

  96. cschnakkel says:

    I’ve manually installed OpenTyrianWii v1.2.0 using the original files OpenTyrianWii 1.2.0.zip and tyrianFiles-6.8.09.zip from http://code.google.com/p/opentyrian-wii/downloads/list but HBB doesn’t recognize it at all.

    • teknecal says:

      I think it’s because it just has a different folder name.

      • cschnakkel says:

        You’re absolute right. But why doesn’t HBB use the original folder name?

        By the way I noticed that listv030.txt is missing the subfolder /tyrian/popkey which was added with version 1.2 and now is preventing OpenTyrianWii from deleting completely.

        Maybe you can fix this?

  97. lemmywii says:

    A BUG!!!
    by checking icon 17/241 can i do nothing anymore!!

  98. Mango says:

    You should realease it as a channel if possible! self updating too, again if possible. I really want a WAD of this

  99. JUSTIN says:

    umm maybe to have autoupdatable apps . Uploads them from wiibrew automatically

  100. gabosuelto says:

    download roms from the wii

  101. r3dfaction says:

    PCSX Revolution please. Its a PSX emulator…

  102. R3dfaction says:

    Please put Wiisx they finally made a public release.


  103. eggzy says:

    Put channel file manager, so wads can be installed from usb without error that other managers have.


  104. InTheDeep says:

    I downloaded space invaders with HBB but couldn’t play it .
    It would have been very handy if this info was on the
    space invaders page i.e you need (insert app/emu/etc.. name here ) in order to play this game. So i could have downloaded that at the time and been able to play the game .
    Great app by the way good job sir .

    • Dr. Mike Reddy says:

      What extra app is needed for Space Invaders?

      P.S. Why is this page needed for iPhone? It never shows properly!

      • teknecal says:

        For space invaders nothing else is needed however this application may be using an old way of mounting the SD card. The error message I receive is “Couldn’t find DOSEMU.BMP to get its length”. I can see it in the spaceinvaders folder too.

        If you were to try this application on HBC 1.0.1 or lower I believe it would work.

    • Dr. Mike Reddy says:

      Meant to say nerfed! Bloody auto-correct!

      Hacked access to this page via caches google version BTW so I could see comments. Why is a very limited text version sans comments forced on iPhone users anyway?

  105. TheQuank says:

    Hi! I’d love to have an option to have HBB auto update all my installed apps at once. Rather then havening to go through them one by one and click update. Much thanks!!!

    • teknecal says:

      When in your SD card, you can just click the Download queue button and it will add all applications that HBB finds might be out of date. Press it again and it will download them all.

  106. Jani says:


    I would like to suggest to add support for language files, so HBB:s menus etc. could be translated to any language. Also, it would be great that the language files support Ä and Ö letters, so translating into Finnish would be easier.

    Keep up the good work with this awesome product! Thanks.

  107. Spike says:

    I would like to see USB support, since i have most of my apps on a USB drive, its a hassle to copy them from my SD card to my USB drive

  108. Thorb says:

    Every time I start the browser, it automatically shows the tab for games. I would like an option for the browser to start on a selected tab such as emulators, media or utilities, rather than it to always be on games.

    Now here’s a question about background music for the browser. I read that I can replace the loop.mod with my own music to play in the background. Does my music have to be a .mod or can it be a wav, mp3, wma and other files alike?

    • teknecal says:

      I’ll add that to be done, so you can select the starting category and sort method too.

      For the background music, at the moment it’s only mod files. MP3 support is planned.

  109. D34DL1N3R says:

    ftpii v0.0.19


  110. arron says:

    wii points g plz

  111. Graingert says:

    Multiple repositories and automatic updates

    (an update all button)

  112. Yuri CPS says:

    Hi! I’m having problems running the latest version or HBB with my 8Gb Micro SD card. I have already tried everything: reformatted it 3 times, tried 2 other adapters. The problem says something like:”Error mounting FAT subsystem, exiting…” I only have this problem with HBB and Geexbox. I heard that other people are having the same problem with SDHC. There isn’t a fix to it? I would really aprecciate an answer from you.


    • Snorzor says:

      Aw heck! first person i see who has the exact same problem as me, not really sure how to solve it tho.. I think it should pop up a suggestion of what to do if this happens, sort of like a littler “helper” if u get stuck, just as wii did.. (haha, get it? Wii..)

  113. bob23646 says:

    i was wondering if the user interface could be changed completely?

    i like low lines idea:

  114. Wes says:

    What about a Mame system emulator? Would be awsm to play AeroFighters II on this.

  115. arron says:

    please any one make a wii points hack so you can hack nintendo database please or just give me free uk wii points my e-mail is happilisa@hotmail.com

  116. MKWII says:

    internet browser. that would be awsome.

  117. Asylum119 says:

    My biggest frustration is having to go to google to download files because hbb is limited.

    I agree with Graingert with multiple repositories, trusted repos already installed and option to install any others from a list. (one stop shop)

    Also current soft mod being used (as it will always change)
    And a how to soft mod with current hack/patch/mod explanation.
    Now hbb is relied on from start to finish

    need option to ddl files to sd/usb

    Once this is implemented i am sure hbb will be around for a long time to come…………. just my first thought

    and thanks to all involved in hbb development :)

  118. Dr. Mike Reddy says:

    Space Invaders seems to not be working from HBB. Have reinstalled, but no joy. Running 4.0e cIOS rev 10 with latest HBC. Any ideas?

  119. lee says:

    i wonder if there is going to be an app where the sd card records live footage.

    so like, u open the app. then load the game on the app, then it starts recording. and then youtake the SD out and edit it with wmm.

    much thanks

  120. msxman says:

    Were is the Wii SDL MAME 0.125 port version made by Nuvalo?. Why don’t you put this great homebrew?

  121. snouki says:

    Please put I/S Wad 1.5a they finally made a public release
    http://code.google.com/p/iswad/ ;)

  122. Artus says:

    Multiples Downloads at same time ?, XD

  123. Haazenpfeffer says:

    HBB will not work at all with my SDHC card. It’s an 8-gig HP SDHC. It’s for sale on Newegg.com. The homebrew channel has a lot of trouble with it and so does the Wii. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I have almost considered sending this thing back, the Wii reads it, but has a lot of trouble working with it.

  124. Zaid51 says:

    Nintendo just posted an Update the doesnt allow the use of the Homebrew Channel is there anything going to done?

  125. mark says:

    a better flash player download for the wii browser like flash 9 or up that would be pretty cool and another wii64 update !!

  126. Zhelkus says:

    PNGs stored on the SD card (which are the same ones downloaded from the server) aren’t compressed. Compressing them would save up some space and also bandwidth. Try PNGOUT.

  127. Thorb says:

    How about being able to press the Z button on the gamecube controller to make the cursor appear at the center of the screen. This is so that you don’t lose location of the cursor if it goes off the screen.

    You might also try setting up barriers around the edges of the screen so you can’t move off the sides. For example, once the position of the cursor reaches a high enough X coordinate, you can no longer increase the X coordinate so you will be prevented from moving off the right of the screen.

  128. Adam says:

    How about having HBB detect and run in 16:9 mode for component video users? The screen fills with random pixel snowflakes when it runs for me (as does many other programs that don’t understand widescreen.

    Even if it has black bars left and right with the content in the middle, it would be less seizure-inducing than what happens currently.

  129. bradle says:

    How about making sub-category for each category? Like ‘3D’ for ‘games’?

  130. Crisco says:

    Not sure if this is the right place but my homebrew browser, whenever I change repositories freezes at “Parsing Homebrew List” actually I don’t think it freezes I can still press home and then it will come up with “Exiting Homebrew Browser”

  131. Thorb says:

    That happened to me and I think the reason why it happens is because of glitch when the browser attempts to retrieve the list from the new web address. Not being able to reach the options menu makes it impossible to change back to the codemii repository within the browser but there is still a way to fix this. Find the settings.xml file for the homebrew browser in the APPS directory. Edit it in a text editor and look for setting_repo=”1″ and change it to setting_repo=”0″. The 1 sets the repository to something that isn’t codemii while the 0 sets the repository back to codemii.

    Since I’m on the topic, the browser should automatically switch back to the codemii address during start-up if it can’t retrieve the list from a different repository.

  132. danny says:

    downloading themes from homebrew browser.. i want a theme but dont want to get bricked

  133. Tristan says:

    we (homebrewers) would like a internet app for the wii so we can download stuff either to the wii or the sd card if you have any questions email me at tristandoo@q.com thank you

  134. Bradford says:

    Classic Controller support, please

  135. Shadokai says:

    Just a thought what about the possibility of a BBS on the wii browser just to keep ideas flowing, also i seam to be having trouble getting the brawl program to do much is there anything u can suggest or is it still in the test stages?


    as to the question human i lied.

  136. Shadokai says:

    also slight problem with my homebrew browser i admit before hand that i have updated my wii but only to play the new Mario game but since then i can enter all my homebrew apps like normal and go on to the browser it self but it will not allow me to download new apps when ever i try this it just freeze is there anything u can suggest >?

  137. tom says:

    I would like the System Tools tab from wiibrew.org to be added to the browser. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/List_of_system_tools

  138. skeletor says:

    a side scroll bar like in windows would be helpful..

  139. jtp10181 says:

    I updated WiiXplorer and noticed the HBB download is still putting the config file in the wrong location, and also comes with a font.ttf that is not needed. Really it could just install the app,icon, and meta, it will auto create the config file and the default font is built in. It took me forever to figure out how to get rid of the font HBB installed and make it use the default (blank out the custom font path). Looks so much better with the default font.

  140. Joe says:

    I’d like to be able to use the homebrew browser without the sensor, since my sensor is wireless and runs on batteries. Now the point interface is good and all, but it’ll just be nice to be able to use it without it too. And thanks for a great program!

    • teknecal says:

      Hmm I guess I could do something like that, you hold the Wiimote horizontal and then use the Dpad. There is gamecube controller support if you have one.

  141. RYK says:

    Please create a sega dreamcast app

  142. RYK says:

    Make it a emulator app

  143. Waninkokofan says:

    Hey teknecal, can you add NeoGamma R7 please!!!

  144. ZeroEXE says:

    Hey Teknecal,
    I’m running the latest firmware from Nintendo, and I recently installed the HBC. I then installed the HBB while a GameCube Card was plugged in and got an Exception DSI error.
    Ever since I recieved that error, my Wii displays no colour on screen, only black and white, even on the System Menu.
    Please respond, or I may have a bit of a panic attack..
    ~Zero EXE

    • teknecal says:


      That’s an odd one, HBB doesn’t touch your NAND; it only writes/reads from the SD card. Could you try removing your SD card, gamecube card and try again? Also can you check your Wii’s cables too and also make sure the TV still works in colour (like by watching tv shows, etc?). Also unplug your Wii completely, then plug everything back in.

      Did you install any other software?

      • ZeroEXE says:

        Hi teknecal,
        I made a fail, sorry.
        While HBB was on the command prompt-esque screen, the words were blurry, so I changed my TV’s sharpness setting to see if it made it any better to read. Unfortunately, I missed sharpness and selected Colour on accident, I turned it all the way down to no colour mode, but didn’t notice, as the screen was already displaying only black and white.
        Sorry for wasting your time. >.<
        Thanks anyway,
        ~Zero EXE

  145. Cantaro says:

    Hey, not all wii users, or best said, not all homebrew browser users has internet connection to install homebrew browser. Can someone show me a way to install homebrew browser with no internet connection? It is just because when i choose work offline option, installer does not find its files list.

    Cantaro Mezuquita .

  146. Ian says:

    Dude, killer app. Any ways you can keep the apps more up to date? I know it’s hard when some of them are changing daily!!! These guys don’t sleep :)

  147. r.y.k says:

    need to make a app for naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3 it needs more characters Would you please make one that i can get zabuza and haku please

  148. r.y.k says:

    psp emulator needs to be a homebrew app please

  149. r.y.k says:

    for supersmashbrosbrawl, it needs Roy from fire emblem, mewtwo, dr. mario please

  150. r.y.k says:

    unpatcher app i miss the afterhits in naruto clash of ninja revolution 3

  151. r.y.k says:

    sega cd emulator app needed

  152. drvipej says:

    HBB needs to be able to be installed on HDD and work of HDD, as an option. Even when things get installed a very convenient option is to choose between SD and HDD if possible. Thanks for listining.

  153. yohandris says:

    Hi teknecal, wplaat added a new game (Knights Quest). Just letting you know.
    Also when im on hbb and i download two or three apps, then leave it open for a couple of minutes (around 10 or 15, maybe more idk) and download another app and when it’s almost done extracting i get a exception. It’s not a freack incident because when i repeat it I get the same exception.
    Any ideas?

    • teknecal says:

      Yeah, there’s always been a bug with the threading of HBB that causes the exceptions to happen. Though myself I haven’t actually experienced it too much, one day I’ll get it sorted.

  154. wiier says:

    I would like to have: USB Loader GX from http://code.google.com/p/usbloader-gui/
    Coverfloader from

  155. Jogait says:

    What about adding a search bar?

  156. s34d0g says:

    Hmm, it seems that when I load it it makes a bar’ed screen then goes back to normal quickly.
    I also experienced some trouble installing it, it went through a complete bar’ed screen and showed some code dumps and other odd things.

    So maby try to reduce the amount of glitches, and keep the code a bit cleaner.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  157. o Bullet o says:

    there needs to be a app that lets you listen to music while playing a game and a cover floader app

  158. zackzackzack says:

    SUGGESTION: there should be a page for downloading games for the emulators in the browser

  159. Jogait says:

    Add one new page with themes for HBC.
    Also make the HBB support IOS 58, and multi-language.

  160. Coderr says:

    Multiple downloads/extractions/deletions once the access speed to the SD card is maxed would be a very nice feature.

  161. drakon78 says:

    Please add the ability to download from different repos at same time i mean without restarting every time you want something from the different repo

  162. Kingsden says:

    I know this doesn’t have to do with hbb, but if anyone solved this problem, could you tell me why bootmii keeps freezing no matter what??? Thx

  163. Wade says:

    a way to download roms

  164. mjewl says:

    how come you havent done any HBB-forwarder yet?
    (atleast i havent seen/found any forwarder from you)

    that would be greatly appreciated!

    (atm im using some french forwarder that’s pretty ugly :p)

  165. Robert K says:

    Please fix the install directory for WiiXplorer.

    dimok’s WiiXplorer installs to “wiixplorer”. No ‘E’ in xplorer. Where-as your HBB app insist on making it “wiiexplorer” with an ‘E’.

    This means HBB doesn’t detect when it’s installed unless you install it via HBB. And doing this creates issues if you use the app’s internal updater.

  166. RoboticBuddy says:

    Maybe you can include screenshots of the app/game that we are about to download?
    How about a search bar?

  167. Khristopher says:

    Here are the things I would like

    1) I would like the ability to download multiple files at once. It would be cool to download one app, then another one.

    2) I would like the option to choose where I want to download to. Like downloading app to sd card or usb.

    3) It would be sweet if you could download straight from wiibrew.org, that way you could download updated apps as soon as they are updated.

    4) Lastly I would like to have the option to choose the browser music, or have a playlist and play each song after another by choosing sd or usb.

    If at least one of those gets on the next version, i’ll be a happy man.

  168. Ase says:

    1) Search bar!!!

    2) Music choice from storage device

    2.5) Playlist of all music on storage device

    3) GO TO v1!! U LOOK STUPID (no offence) USING A BUNCH OF v0!!

    4) Make alternate themes for HBB

    5) Choice of font and custom HBB themes from storage device

    6) Alternate HBB themes repo

    7) WiiBrew Release News

    8) Make HBB check the WiiBrew Release News each time app is opened, so it updades ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

    9) Sometimes when I use HBB:
    The music goes horribly wrong,
    Downloading from Plus-Marked apps via sideways remote does nothing,
    Clicking Download/Update freezes WiiMote buttons, so please fix that

  169. JohnnyAce says:

    Had a thought for a new game. How about a OUIJA board type a thing called WiiJA? Shouldnt be to hard to make, Name is catchy. Sorry if ya think its dumb, but i know a few people who would enjoy it.-JA

  170. Killian Griffin says:

    Change the color of lettering on icon.png from black to white to make it visible on the HBC.

    Here’s my remixed version that I use. I’d love for it to be added to the next HBB update.

  171. dniMretsaM says:

    First off, a huge thanks for all your hard work on this application!

    One thing I would like to request is a section called something like “Administration” that includes advanced utilities such as Multi-Mod-Manager, AnyTitle Deleter. WAD Manager, etc. Pretty much anything that would allow you to make permanent changes to the Wii itself. You might also have something in settings that you have to enable to show the category. That would help keep people from downloading them when they don’t need them.

  172. tobias says:

    desperate for
    gamecube usb/sd iso loader
    do able?
    been done?
    have not seen?

  173. Fabian says:

    I downloaded the HBB and it keeps giving me this -6 error. This happens right after the “requesting IP address from codemii.com”. Then it says error -6 occurred…retrying…… and then it keeps repeating.
    HELP !!

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