Homebrew Browser Suggestions

Here is the post you’ve been waiting for. It’s the post where you can give suggestions about what can be improved with the homebrew browser or what should be added into the homebrew browser. Remember I don’t actually make the applications on the homebrew browser, I’m just asking the applications with links that you would like added.

157 Responses to “Homebrew Browser Suggestions”

  1. gabosuelto says:

    download roms from the wii

  2. r3dfaction says:

    PCSX Revolution please. Its a PSX emulator…

  3. R3dfaction says:

    Please put Wiisx they finally made a public release.


  4. eggzy says:

    Put channel file manager, so wads can be installed from usb without error that other managers have.


  5. InTheDeep says:

    I downloaded space invaders with HBB but couldn’t play it .
    It would have been very handy if this info was on the
    space invaders page i.e you need (insert app/emu/etc.. name here ) in order to play this game. So i could have downloaded that at the time and been able to play the game .
    Great app by the way good job sir .

    • Dr. Mike Reddy says:

      What extra app is needed for Space Invaders?

      P.S. Why is this page needed for iPhone? It never shows properly!

      • teknecal says:

        For space invaders nothing else is needed however this application may be using an old way of mounting the SD card. The error message I receive is “Couldn’t find DOSEMU.BMP to get its length”. I can see it in the spaceinvaders folder too.

        If you were to try this application on HBC 1.0.1 or lower I believe it would work.

    • Dr. Mike Reddy says:

      Meant to say nerfed! Bloody auto-correct!

      Hacked access to this page via caches google version BTW so I could see comments. Why is a very limited text version sans comments forced on iPhone users anyway?

  6. TheQuank says:

    Hi! I’d love to have an option to have HBB auto update all my installed apps at once. Rather then havening to go through them one by one and click update. Much thanks!!!

    • teknecal says:

      When in your SD card, you can just click the Download queue button and it will add all applications that HBB finds might be out of date. Press it again and it will download them all.

  7. Jani says:


    I would like to suggest to add support for language files, so HBB:s menus etc. could be translated to any language. Also, it would be great that the language files support Ä and Ö letters, so translating into Finnish would be easier.

    Keep up the good work with this awesome product! Thanks.

  8. Spike says:

    I would like to see USB support, since i have most of my apps on a USB drive, its a hassle to copy them from my SD card to my USB drive

  9. Thorb says:

    Every time I start the browser, it automatically shows the tab for games. I would like an option for the browser to start on a selected tab such as emulators, media or utilities, rather than it to always be on games.

    Now here’s a question about background music for the browser. I read that I can replace the loop.mod with my own music to play in the background. Does my music have to be a .mod or can it be a wav, mp3, wma and other files alike?

    • teknecal says:

      I’ll add that to be done, so you can select the starting category and sort method too.

      For the background music, at the moment it’s only mod files. MP3 support is planned.

  10. D34DL1N3R says:

    ftpii v0.0.19


  11. arron says:

    wii points g plz

  12. Graingert says:

    Multiple repositories and automatic updates

    (an update all button)

  13. Yuri CPS says:

    Hi! I’m having problems running the latest version or HBB with my 8Gb Micro SD card. I have already tried everything: reformatted it 3 times, tried 2 other adapters. The problem says something like:”Error mounting FAT subsystem, exiting…” I only have this problem with HBB and Geexbox. I heard that other people are having the same problem with SDHC. There isn’t a fix to it? I would really aprecciate an answer from you.


    • Snorzor says:

      Aw heck! first person i see who has the exact same problem as me, not really sure how to solve it tho.. I think it should pop up a suggestion of what to do if this happens, sort of like a littler “helper” if u get stuck, just as wii did.. (haha, get it? Wii..)

  14. bob23646 says:

    i was wondering if the user interface could be changed completely?

    i like low lines idea:

  15. Wes says:

    What about a Mame system emulator? Would be awsm to play AeroFighters II on this.

  16. arron says:

    please any one make a wii points hack so you can hack nintendo database please or just give me free uk wii points my e-mail is happilisa@hotmail.com

  17. MKWII says:

    internet browser. that would be awsome.

  18. Asylum119 says:

    My biggest frustration is having to go to google to download files because hbb is limited.

    I agree with Graingert with multiple repositories, trusted repos already installed and option to install any others from a list. (one stop shop)

    Also current soft mod being used (as it will always change)
    And a how to soft mod with current hack/patch/mod explanation.
    Now hbb is relied on from start to finish

    need option to ddl files to sd/usb

    Once this is implemented i am sure hbb will be around for a long time to come…………. just my first thought

    and thanks to all involved in hbb development 🙂

  19. Dr. Mike Reddy says:

    Space Invaders seems to not be working from HBB. Have reinstalled, but no joy. Running 4.0e cIOS rev 10 with latest HBC. Any ideas?

  20. lee says:

    i wonder if there is going to be an app where the sd card records live footage.

    so like, u open the app. then load the game on the app, then it starts recording. and then youtake the SD out and edit it with wmm.

    much thanks

  21. msxman says:

    Were is the Wii SDL MAME 0.125 port version made by Nuvalo?. Why don’t you put this great homebrew?

  22. snouki says:

    Please put I/S Wad 1.5a they finally made a public release
    http://code.google.com/p/iswad/ 😉

  23. Artus says:

    Multiples Downloads at same time ?, XD

  24. Haazenpfeffer says:

    HBB will not work at all with my SDHC card. It’s an 8-gig HP SDHC. It’s for sale on Newegg.com. The homebrew channel has a lot of trouble with it and so does the Wii. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I have almost considered sending this thing back, the Wii reads it, but has a lot of trouble working with it.

  25. Zaid51 says:

    Nintendo just posted an Update the doesnt allow the use of the Homebrew Channel is there anything going to done?

  26. mark says:

    a better flash player download for the wii browser like flash 9 or up that would be pretty cool and another wii64 update !!

  27. LDDestroier says:

    How about adding YAWMM to the list?

    Sorry for necro. But my homebrewed Wii still has yet to collect dust in 2018.

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