Homebrew Browser Wanted/Updated Applications

Here is where you can post about which Homebrew Applications you’d like to see in the Homebrew Browser. If you feel like you’ve found an interesting application, then please do post it here so it can be added to the HBB. I normally go off what is listed in WiiBrew.

To help me out, feel free to also post any updated versions of applications that aren’t in the HBB as of yet.

Please note: This isn’t a place to request applications you wish to be made, only ones that you would like added to HBB.

279 Responses to “Homebrew Browser Wanted/Updated Applications”

  1. Dr.Tenma says:

    Hey, can you add linux debian etch 0.4 please =)

  2. teknecal says:

    Do you have a link to this application on the Wii? If the user will need to format their card in a specific way then it won’t be on HBB.
    Edit: I’ve just found this application, it’s 71MB so it won’t be added.

  3. Whibo says:

    OpentyrianWii with wiimote, keyboard and mouse support: http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7146

  4. marc says:

    i would also like to see OpentyrianWii added as well as CharioMan

  5. Whibo says:

    CharioMan 1.0 was added.

  6. falco says:

    PSX emulator on wii games from sd card ;)

  7. marc says:

    DepanBrew Beta 5

    Quake Wii GX v0.2


    UNO v8

    Menuloader 0.4



    not sure about txt-read you might have to use wiiload for it. the rest should work fine though. i would really like to see geexbox and quake added.

    thanks for the #1 homebrew

  8. MARC says:

    i would suggest going off http://www.modcontrol.com/ instead of wiibrew because it usually announces everything much faster. the only problem is theirs no d/l links but that’s where you can use wiibrew/google also modcontrol is in some other language but you can usually understand.

  9. Conan says:

    new dvd player for dvd’s

  10. marc says:


    i don’t have a link for you but im sure wiibrew has it if not let google be your friend. :)

  11. thor says:

    i really think they should have a FREETHEWADS app on HBB so you can play games/wads Region Free

  12. Dr.Mario says:

    I’ve mentioned this a couple times already and no one else has commented on this but how about adding the savegame/mii installer/extractor? I haven’t tried them out myself yet but is there anything wrong with them like possibly bricking your wii? I think it would be a good idea but wouldn’t be too sure as I haven’t tried any of waninkoko’s software yet since some of his other stuff is prone to bricking.

  13. Steve-o says:

    Ok, ive been thinking, it would be awesome, to have a wii net browser, one that could blow the Internet channel out of the water. It could support flash9 instead of flash7, and retrievals would be better and faster , because opera7 is made to be a mobile browser not running an SDK batch on flash9 implement. It could also run java scirpt, and support shockwave, and the best part is it could be done through the Homebrew Channel and HB.Browser. PLease consider the possibilities.

  14. teknecal says:

    Wiiearth would be on, but too bad it’s not legal.

    I’ve been avoiding the save game and mii installer / extractor but I might put it up next time.

  15. Whibo says:


    WiiShip is a BattleShips clone for the Wii.

  16. Dr.Mario says:

    aksommerville’s unofficial FCEU was updates to 2008/07/12
    updates “New version with nicer menu, classic controller + nunchuk, use IR as zapper, new scaler (but not as nice as GX…), sort of half-way complete:” I’m not sure if by half way complete he means that it is not finished and unstable.

  17. Dr.Mario says:

    Thanks for considering the savegame stuff, I would like to be able to back up my brawl save before I try ocarina. I know I can just add it myself but I feel better downloading programs through the HBB. Have you been avoiding just because it’s author is a pirate or the app is unsafe to use?

  18. teknecal says:

    I’ve avoided it due to being unsure if it’s safe or not and I wasn’t quite sure if it was legal

  19. Dr.Mario says:

    I’m pretty sure the savegame and mii are are legal, it’s only the wad and possibly some other new stuff of his that isn’t. Safety is why I haven’t used it yet, I asked a few people on the forums and they all said those 2 apps were fine so asking you was kind of like the final confirmation that they were, I think bushing helped him for those 2 apps and that’s why they got so mad whene he betrayed thm by making the wad stuff. This is a pretty hard decision as these apps are quite useful but also they are made by waninkoko.

  20. Prisoner says:

    Maybe you could put this new homebrew….seems really nice

    Wii Shooting Gallery

  21. Arikado says:

    Yeah! A vote for my app!

  22. Arikado says:

    Sorry for the double post: Version 1.1 of my app just came out! All of the artwork has been replaced and new features have been added. Check it out!

  23. Azza123 says:

    Is it possible for you to add WiiDoom? :)


  24. teknecal says:

    JQuest, WiiDoom and WiiShootingGallery will be added today.

  25. Prisoner says:


    seems a nice homebrew utility….

  26. Arikado says:

    Version 1.4 of Wii Shooting Gallery is now out.

  27. Prisoner says:

    GeckoOS 1.06f


    now with Region Free GC Games and Ocarina

  28. Dan163838 says:

    How bout Channel Loader v1.0 and the custom firmwares?

  29. Prisoner says:

    Visual Boy Advance GX 1.0.0 by Tantric


  30. teknecal says:

    Most applications have been added. Thanks for keeping me up to date.

  31. WIIfan says:

    Removes duplicate channels


    When this utility is booted, it looks for and deletes duplicate Wii Channels, such as the ones you may get from booting a Wii game title from another region and installing an out of region update (for example, Japanese or European Weather and News Channels on a US Wii).

    Before You use
    As with all unsigned code in the homebrew community all applications may be dangerous if used incorrectly; for support with it, please contact the developer of the program.

    **Use only the version meant for your region, or you will accidentally delete the channels from your Wii’s native region.**

  32. emme says:

    Hi and thanks for the HB browser, it is a priceless app. I’d suggest you to add:
    WiiFortune http://wiibrew.org/wiki/User:Raribeir/WiiFortune
    WAD Manager http://www.cashman-productions.c.la/

    and what about this rumored ISO loader (http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=5219&ttitle=Wii_Backup_Launcher_0.2_(bin))? I don’t really need it, but I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  33. raribeir says:

    I wish you could include my simple application. WiiFortune

  34. teknecal says:

    Most if not all have been added.

  35. Twile says:

    WiiDoom 0.4.2

  36. Asgatlat says:

    please add Wiisx (a PS1 emulator)


  37. slick12 says:


    I was wonderin’ if u could add the cIOS Downgrader by Wainikoko on the HB browser. I kinda updated my wii by accident. I’d really appreciate it, thanks.


    How about the Iso loader V.3 And the cios installer? from WANIKOKO

  39. sons of butcher says:

    how about some imported wads like super smash bros.

  40. sons of butcher says:

    oh yeah and some roms for the emulators. if you dont put them in the right spot we can just move em with the SD explorer

  41. Cory says:

    Please put the backup launcher gamma (comes with the cios installer). http://www.gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=115623

  42. Cory says:

    this also has the gamma but could you just take the files out needed for the CIOS rev 7 (or 6) and put them for download


  43. link11510 says:

    I would like u to update snes 9x gx.

  44. link11510 says:

    update snes 9x gx 007 to snes 9x gx 008. Im a member of tehskeen and hackmii.

  45. link11510 says:

    Thanks for updating snes 9x gx

  46. Will says:

    Could you please add Menu Loader Clone?

  47. Will says:

    Could you add any region changer please

  48. Ruffnuts says:

    Please don’t laugh but is anyone out there working on an emulator of the Commodore 64?

  49. teknecal says:

    Yes there is one that came out recently: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Frodo

  50. Ridfa says:

    Can you change Mplayer christmas edition by Mplayer ultimate edition?


  51. Jogait says:

    Can you add Backup launcher 0.3 Gamma?

  52. wplaat says:

    This night the wiibrew.org site is down. Therefor this post here. I have two new version standing release to be released in the Homebrew browser. Can you added then this weekend.

    BibleQuiz 0.91
    SpaceBubble 0.60

    You can download then from http://www.plaatsoft.nl. Many thanks in advanch!

  53. wplaat says:

    This the wiibrew.org site is still down. Therefor this post. I have one extra new version standing ready to be released in the Homebrew browser.

    Pong 0.97

    You can download it from http://www.plaatsoft.nl.
    Many thanks in advance!

  54. Jogait says:

    please add Wii GameCube Backup Launcher 0.1 Theta


  55. Tim says:

    Please add the official dvdx installer for System menu 3.4.


    • Sway says:

      please please please please update dvdx installer which works for version 4.0. I and my friends updated our wii n cant play games. PLEASE

  56. Jogait says:

    Update MahJongg Wii and also update the emulators like fceu ultra, vbagx and snes9x GX, also add WiiSX.

  57. Seb.om says:

    Have you ever tough to create a sort of wii live messenger using usb connection for a webcam with a microphone and using virtual keyboard to send messages.

    Have a nice day.

    I’m not good enough in programmation to do the program, sorry

  58. Kev says:

    please update MPlayer CE to version 0.4, thanks :)


  59. SpawnPPC says:

    Hi ALL. Great software this Homebrew Browser. Simple but very usefoul.
    Only one suggestion for you and for your success:

    - Please support many more software like games, utilities, etc. like
    waninkoko software like USB Loader v1.1, Firmware Updater 4.0 and all CIOS installer/upgrader, and many more.

    Thanx for all and for all your work. Excuse me for my bad english. I’m Italian. Bye. Emanuele.

    P.S.: Italian language for Homebrew Browser ?

  60. Sagar says:

    How bout cIOS Corp

  61. Sway says:

    Put wii games on homebrew browser. That would make homebrew browser AWESOME

  62. FullMetalEngineer says:

    Please post up Code Name Sailor V: it is actually a port of open Beats of Rage.. you can run any BOR game on it like Double Dragon extreme, TMNT arcade remix etc.. I’m sure many people in the Wii homebrew community would love to play these awesome beat em ups with this program if they knew about it.

    the files/info is located here

  63. DerJudge says:

    Regarding the recent ftpii update (27-Mar-2009): Is the version updated to a typo? Because according to wiibrew.org ftpii is already available in v0.0.19.

    • DerJudge says:

      Just checked… HBB does not update ftpii to v0.0.19. And while we’re at it, it also seems to have a version mix-up with Snes9x GX -> updates to v4.0.1 and seems to expect v4.0.0, therefore offering updates over and over.

      Just FYI ;-)

      • teknecal says:

        Do you have the official v0.3 or a HBB revision? You can check when it boots. You should use the official v0.3.

        • DerJudge says:

          Aye, seems I had HBB v0.3 Rev10 running. Updated it to HBB v0.3 (using ftpii v0.0.19 ;-) ), now everything is fine (except for the known ‘last-letter’-issue you already mentioned in the most recent ‘HBB Updated Applications’).

    • teknecal says:

      Yep, typo. Fixed.

  64. Nuno says:

    Please a updated to SDHC SDExplorer.
    It seemed to stop working as soon as i “migrated” to an SDHC.

  65. Jogait says:

    Please include cheat manager

  66. matteo says:

    can you add usb loader by waninkoko, please?i need it …

  67. Jogait says:

    the play status application should bee in utility’s and cheat manager doesn’t appear on the list.

    • teknecal says:

      I have moved playstats to utilities. Not sure what happened to cheat manager but I’ll add that today, there’s a new v0.3 version of it too.

  68. Jogait says:

    What about adding hackmii installer?
    this will install bootmii, homebrew channel and dvdx.
    I’m not saying to add it in the beta phase but in the future.

  69. bmathieuh says:

    Is there a Sega CD OR Sega Dreamcast emulator for the Wii/Gamecube out there tekneckal?

  70. Sponters says:

    Goblin’s Cube has a new release (v1.0.0)

    Thank you

  71. bmathieuh says:

    tekneckal can you ask tehpola for the next wii64 release. I’m 99.9% sure that its is ready, if not then can you ask him aout whats left to be done.

  72. PsychoJolteon says:

    How about OpenBOR for the Wii? It comes with the original Beats of Rage mod (I think) and Code Name: Sailor V.


  73. PsychoJolteon says:

    WiiTube has been “updated” to 0.05. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between this and the previous version (0.01).


  74. PsychoJolteon says:

    Quake Wii has been rolled back to 0.08.


  75. bmathieuh says:

    Is there a Virtual Boy emulator tekneckal.

  76. can we get a winkawaks emu up? idk if its ported to wii or not, but i would love one.

  77. dundabre000 says:

    I would like to see a homebrew where you can download .wads straight to your Wii. You know, instead of having to move back and forth from your computer. You could also make it so people can post there own custom .wads for you to download! (My computer is f-ed up right now so it doesn’t let me use sd or usb.)

  78. I maintain this game for PC, and a guy called Insin ported it to wii:


    It’s quite fun, if I say so myself :-)

  79. godagarah says:

    I think you should add wad downloads to the homebrew browser! that would be awsome!

  80. Sponters says:

    Goblin’s Cube has a new release again (v1.1.0)

    Thank you

  81. pickypink says:

    a java internet browser

  82. KDurelle says:

    a app that can remove channels, i have like 7 extra channels, and i cant use my reset button so i cant use WADS or if someone knows how, mind emailing me?

  83. JUSTIN says:

    Umm hackmii installer i0.2

  84. Taco says:

    Plz make a Wad for wii 4.0

  85. R3dfaction says:

    Wiisx has finally made a public release

    Link: code.google.com/p/pcsxgc/

  86. Ethan says:

    Is there a port of The Neverhood?

  87. moxo6 says:

    I think the Wad downloader is a great idea, only problem is: someone has to make it and coding isnt easy. Something like a hacked shop channel wad, and instead of the files linked to the nintendo server, they could be linked to codemii.com

  88. Dorksaber says:

    A full Java Runtime Environment to run Java bytecode.

  89. eggzy says:

    Put channel file manager, so wads can be installed from usb without error that other managers have.


  90. Hello there. I barely got into this homebrew stuff and its freaking awesome. Right now i have a situation, like many others, i cant run ghostbusters, punchout, red steel and a few others. I need to switch cios 10 to cios rev 13b, thats what everybody is talking about. Rev 13b supposedly plays ghostbusters and the ones i mentioned earlier. My sd card reader for my pc somehow vanished and i can’t find it, so now im stuck with cios 10. Is there any way you can put up cios rev 13a and 13b in the hhb apps?

  91. Turok_Fan says:

    I want to see the Wii backup loader on the HBB, it would be so much easier if i could just get it from HBB. BTW my copy of mario kart wii get stepped on, and on top of that i don’t have my reciept, so it would really help me if it was on HBB this here is the link to all the files,


    I would really appreciate it :)

    • Enchanter49 says:

      The backup loader can play pirated games unfortunately and shouldn’t be placed in an open space app like the Homebrew Browser. Nintendo is mad now, but if backup (illegal copying) games started being played more often, then they would blow a fuse!

  92. Glowy says:

    Save Extractor v2 and Save Installer v2 are replaced by Savegame manager: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Savegame_Manager and http://github.com/waninkoko/savegame-manager/tree/master

    Love to see this one in HBB.
    oh and btw, tested hbb 0.3.3 rev. 1 and USB is working perfectly, only had 1 core dump while filling the download queue (so not USB related).

  93. Thirdphaze says:

    How about adding neogamma ?
    heres where it can be located http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=158884

    Also gecko os is version 1.9.1 but yours still only has 1.9

    You may also want to look around alot of parts of gbatemp.net to find even more great programs to add and keep track of with your wonderful program.

    Also thank you and keep up the hard work

  94. Jogait says:

    Only to report that vbagx uses the keyboard and on the homebrew browser that’s not specified.

    Also update Gecko OS

  95. Left_foot says:

    all of waninkoko’s apps, and this app http://www.gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147085

  96. R3dfaction says:

    WiiXplorer 0.1 Pre Alpha Released


    its a legal app :)

  97. bob23646 says:

    there is a computer game for windows, mac, and linux
    called nexuiz. since it is like quake, i was wondering if
    anybody make a version of it for the wii?

    info and source and download at:

  98. arron says:

    make a wii points hack please any one ;]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  99. arron says:

    please wii points hack

  100. arron says:

    some one make a wii points hack please

  101. J2sc3hax3r says:

    new version of WiiXplorer out.. 0.1 r37 alpha (dimok)

  102. arron says:

    wii points hack so you can hack nintendo database

  103. arron says:

    wii points hack

  104. Weirdo says:

    It would be great to have an internet browser inside homebrew. Not everyone wants to fork out for the Wii’s internet channel

  105. KiethS says:

    SDLMame 0.125 for Wii-linux distro

    A MAME emulator for playing Arcade games under Linux.

    Note: I read that WiiConnect24 needs to be turned off temporarily for SDLMame to run.

    SDLMame would be PERFECT for your HomeBrew Browser!

  106. Kyle says:

    NOCash GBA Emulator, Or an alternative Working DS Emulator for the Wii.

  107. Daniel says:

    Firefox 3.5 application like.

  108. Rick says:

    How about a MAME app.

  109. fo-nando says:

    i think you should add: pimp my wii

  110. Yyhhggtt says:

    Okay, here are a few things I think should be updated.

    WiiXplorer updated to R77.
    boot.dol: http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/source/detail?r=77
    icon.png: http://wiixplorer.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/HBC/icon.png
    meta.xml: http://code.google.com/p/wiixplorer/source/browse/trunk/HBC/meta.xml (it says its at R70 because it was reverted to R70 due to many bugs. Just rename the “r70″ to “r77″.)

    Update Wii64’s description, just look at it.

    DOSBox Wii updated to 1.1. http://code.google.com/p/dosbox-wii/downloads/detail?name=DOSBox%20Wii%201.1.zip

  111. hey can u guys put the backup launcher to hbb plz and cios v7 ?????

  112. Madara says:

    Hi Teknical, There are now 2 New Super Mario bros level editors in the works/released..



    it would be awesome if you could use your homebrew browser code to create a new app that could download and rate NSMB custom levels to the Wii from a server and possibly launch them with Gecko OS or something…

    It know it’s really early to be working on this, and not many custom levels have been released yet but this would be a very useful project for some of us level developers and you would certainly someone who could do it.


  113. coolcold says:

    I am looking to install opera but not via internet channel. found some wads but would be nice to have it here also if possible. Thanks for the good work.

  114. Tristan says:

    i would like to have a internet browser like opera that i could download stuff off the internet to the wii or sd card

    thank you e-mail me at tristandoo@q.com>> if you have any questions etc.

  115. danny says:

    ds emulator

  116. buku says:

    trs-80 tandy emu, first games i ever played, clowns & baloons, mega-bugs & billygoat canon, microbes, i`m 33 i wanna feel like i was 6yrs again

  117. Shadow says:

    A app where you can play games on the wii from a ftp server, So you don’t have to copy the isos to a Flash drive or so you don’t have to burn them on a dvd-r, So you can play games directly off your computer hardrive over a ftp server

    • Brian says:

      seriously? Do you know the transfer speeds of a DVD optical drive? It is 64Mbits/second (sources: http://www.wiihacks.com/wii-custom-software-hacks-applications/16111-wii-dvd-drive-speed-increase.html to indicate that the drive is a 6x drive, but runs at 3x with backups, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD for the 6x drive speed). That is unidirectional communication as well (ie it does not need to talk back to the drive). An FTP transfers at 54 Mbits/second maximum and bidirectional (presuming that you are using the wireless of the wii… bidirectional is implied because in order to ensure data integrity you would need to use TCP not UDP). Also, it would have to store everything that it grabbed off the FTP somewhere and the wii does not have that much internal memory. This is not a good idea.
      If you were wanting some method of loading the games without burning to DVD first, pick up a cheap 4 GB flash drive and look up the USB loader. That will allow you to play most games just by popping them on a flash drive (I got 2 games on a 4 GB flash drive and still have free room).

  118. Tristan says:

    we (homebrewers) would like a internet app for the wii so we can download stuff either to the wii or the sd card if you have any questions email me at tristandoo@q.com thank you

  119. ci says:

    a homebrew rom browser that can download from my website that im starting

  120. Enchanter49 says:

    This is getting ridiculous! Everyone! Please type names and download links of apps that are already made!

  121. Tristan says:

    a game i would love to have and i think a lot of other people would like is Nexuis u can download it here it is a game that works on windows and mac


  122. OneSear says:

    GUI Wad Manager

  123. does anybody know how to get wii games on your wii for free!? if u do please reply.

  124. tata15 says:


    Any word on adding AnyRegion Changer to the HBB? Thanks!


  125. Amadeus says:

    photo viewer which supports SMB

  126. RYK says:

    sega dreamcast emulator pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  127. Arcella says:

    I would love an alarm app for the wii one that doesnt require the TV so it would play a very anoying beeping sound and rumble the wii mote

  128. SpacePorker says:

    I would be great to have a Super Smash Brothers Brawl texture downloader that could have textures, music, and stages from one of the texture galleries such as Kitty Corp and a picture of what they look like.

    The downloader could automatically replace texture spots for each of their costume slots in directories on the SD card for use with Brawl+

    THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. EggManStudio says:

    Something that lets you update your Wii and lets the HBC bypass the updates would be cool, i suppose.

  130. EggManStudio says:

    Maybe a file downloader so one could download stuff to the SD/USB from the Net through your Wii

  131. My homebrew:
    The name of the homebrew is “Point and no click”.

  132. Point and No click 0.1 past to 0.2:
    -Add music game;
    -Four news levels;
    -A new splash screen.

  133. drvipej says:

    IMAGINE..You can have the option to test install WAD’s on the Wii, like installing into RAM. Once you restart the Wii, all existance is removed. Very handy and would reduce the amount of bricked wii’s. Is that even possible?

  134. Sonic Robo Blast 2:
    http://repos.srb2.org/srb2wii/srb2wii-ios.tar.bz2 (Link 1)
    http://dl075.zshare.net/download/636d9333c63b4ce98ec35586441c481e/1270052784/73408259/srb2wii.zip (Link 2)
    To install the homebrew, you must replace the file “srb2Wii” of the “Link 1″ by the file”srb2Wii” of the “Link 2″.
    At the beginning of the game, there is a long loading(3 minutes)when you playing for the first time.

  135. “Point and No click” is released (v0.3) :
    I do not know if the “release date” is well made, but the release date is 16/04/2010.

  136. Jack O'Syullivan says:

    usb loader gx plz!

  137. beredezebe says:

    Point and No click 0.3 -> 0.4
    Download :

    (and there is no fault for the “release date” :mrgreen: )

  138. Please add my app. Its called gGame. Here is the link: http://download457.mediafire.com/dyxm2zmmbz8g/hkgdlzfymgz/g_game-1.4.zip
    Its a direct link.

  139. wiirox911236 says:

    It would be very helpful if u add the First ever Working version of the wad manager mod from We Hack Wii!
    They have made a whole package of working and very useful apps. (e.g. Working IOS installers, DOP-Mii, USB Loader GX etc.)

    Official Download Link for the WeHackWii Package (updated automaticly!): http://wehackwii.pbworks.com/WeHackWii-Package

  140. Jogait says:

    It seams like u already have dop-mii but i use dop-ios canu add it, u can find it here http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Dop-IOS

    There is a new version of wiixplorer: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiXplorer

    New version of wiiradio: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiRadio

    New version of freetypegx: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/FreeTypeGX

    New version of GRRLIB: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/GRRLIB

    New version of Metaphrasis: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Metaphrasis

  141. wiirox911236 says:

    Could you consider building a windows 7/Mac Os X Snow Lepard Emulator?
    It Would be good! ~)

  142. Diego says:

    This support mp3, karaokii only ogg.

    Thanks for HBB, excelent software!

  143. Stealth says:

    If you’d consider adding the Wii version of the E02 multiplatform 2D game engine (which has just been updated to allow direct download of games and updates), that’d be awesome

    Current promo page:
    Homepage (needs an update…):
    Direct download for Wii version:

    The two currently-existing games are:
    Megaman: Triple Threat (Megaman fangame)
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Project Mettrix (Sonic fangame)

  144. Jogait says:

    Add Wiimc channel installer: (“WiiMC Channel Installer 1.4″) http://www.wiimc.org/downloads/
    direct link: http://wiimc.googlecode.com/files/WiiMC%20Channel%20Installer%201.4.zip

  145. topher says:

    A Wii playible version of starcraft or starcraft like game that the wii pointer to move your units around.

  146. Double_A says:


    Can you update sysCheck 2.0 to 2.0.1 ?

    Here’s the link: http://www.wii-homebrew.com/wii-homebrew/syscheck-v201

  147. wiidude (i couldn't think of a name) says:

    i would like to request the dolphin emulator i can not currently give you a link but can you try?

  148. dude says:

    add dop-mii wiibrew version
    wiibrew apps utilits

  149. Nick says:

    snes9x gx channel installer is really needed!

  150. Jogait says:

    Engine02 updated to v 10.11.16

  151. Shadow says:

    Is is possible to make a app that can ready .txt files from the cheat manager that is used on ur pc to make .gct files to your SD card

    But have a Cheat Manager that can read .txt file’s from the Cheat Manager meant for your pc!

    Just so that people don’t have to use Wii Xplorer or some other app to add a code!

  152. Jogait says:

    The Prophecy
    Webpage: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/The_Prophecy
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?m54u6xwriwhy4f9

    Also here it is the correct link to download sonic robo blast 2 Wii

    and the instructions

  153. Angelito says:

    Can you put streets of rage remake (SORR) on homebrew please !

  154. Jeff says:

    I have every movie I own backed up on the back part of my wii drive. Problem is they are all ISO files. The MPlayer will play them kind of but it lags alot and the audio is off. Is there any way to play ISO DVD rips on the wii because I really do not want to convert all these movies to AVI which seems to play very well on the wii. If there is not an app available yet that will allow DVD ISO rips to be played is there one in the works? Please consider if not, would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I once read that there would never be a PSX emulator for the Wii yet I seen one on HBB. Will there be a PS2 emulator some day. I like the PSX and Saturn emulators but have not been able to find proper roms to make them work. Any ideas or point me in the right direction. I have a PS1, PS2 and Saturn with all there games gathering dust in my closet (just not possible to have them all hooked up) so any games I get would be legal since I own the systems and tons of games for them.

  155. conker says:

    conker‘s bad fur day please i love that game


    A DeSmuME wii that loads save files :P
    and a DeSmuME wii channel

  157. Daniel Robson says:

    is it posible if wiiflow channel installer could be added if there is one not wiicoverflow as i use wiiflow a lot and i hate going in homebrew channel to launch wiiflow

  158. A rainbow sheep says:

    Can you add a mugen port to wii? I would like to see that! :D

  159. Michael says:


    Trailblazers for Wii – a port of an old C64/ZX Spectrum Gremlin Graphics game

  160. JaMaMeGa-P.R. says:

    Hey i think u should add uloader to the homebrew browser,i was checking the size on the folder and it’s only 5.60mb so i think it’s a preety good progam!

    Link: http://www.elotrolado.net/wiki/ULoader

  161. tobias says:

    apps that do the following:
    *play mp3s over game isos playing like on xbox or psp etc.

    *change controller inputs on all isos games (example the back says only wiimote & chuch can be changed to gc pad) on any games

    finally a app that insalls the ability to use usb as the power source instead of
    power adapter

  162. maniax300 says:

    maybe srb2wii or maybe thats too big

  163. 0xtob says:

    I upadted Box2DBalls to v1.1 http://blog.dev-scene.com/0xtob/2008/06/19/box2d-for-the-wii/
    I’d appreciate it if you could update it in the Homebrew Browser. Thanks for all your work!

  164. Josh says:

    Pimp my Wii

  165. Donald Justice says:

    How to get Infinite Stars

  166. Iamsicknerd says:

    Is there a better Wii web browser than the Internet Channel available on the Homebrew Browser yet? The IC can stream YouTube videos, but in a rather glitchy and painfully low quality, and the WiiMC streams YouTube at excellent quality and speed, but finding your videos is a hassle. Also, I would really love if the Homebrew Browser had a search engine! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Please reply!

  167. Mich says:

    Please add Wad manager to Homebrew browser. :-)

  168. Mich says:

    Please add virtual console and wiiware games to Homebrew Browser because wii points cards aren’t sold at stores anymore which means I can’t download games on the Wii Shop Channel. Thanks :-)

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