Unofficial emulators have been added

The following unofficial emulators have been added to the Homebrew Browser:

FCEU (aksommerville) v2008.07.02, FCEU (Suloku) v2008.05.03, FCEU (Vicious1988) v2008.04.07, Snes9X (Falco) v2008.04.23, Snes9X (LoPsT) v2008.05.30, Snes9X (Robert) v2008.04.21, Snes9X (vicious1988) v2008.04.02, Snes9X (Yoysothoth) v2008.07.15 and Yabause (Ac_K) v2008.06.30

The following applications were updated:

ftpii updated to v0.0.10

I thought that adding the unofficial emulators would take a long time, but it turns out that there really weren’t so much applications to add. Once again I went off the listing from WiiBrew, so if there is a really good unofficial emulator that should be added let me know.

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