Added 2 more applications

The following applications have been added:

  • Guitar Fun v2.9
  • Snes9xGX1.5 (Michniewski) v003

I’m currently thinking about what things need to be added to the HBB. I’ll be moving the little icons from the bottom left to the left of the banner and hopefully try to make the about text a bit bigger. I might add a simple loop so that you’re able to cancel a download in progress by pressing say the B button. Another thing to add is possibly rumble when you’ve moved the cursor over the little icons and the buttons.

It’s just all small things for now.

2 Responses to “Added 2 more applications”

  1. Whibo says:

    1 thing you can add: something like an option to hide applications who are not compatible with the wiimote or you can put the application who are not compatible with the wiimote like the games at the end of the list or at a separated page.

  2. Link_of_Hyrule says:

    everything looks awesome but it would be nice that when your downloading something you are able to move the curser thanks for all your hard work i look forward to seeing future updates 🙂

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