Wii message board notification

PiesAreBlueGuy and Felix have suggested a great idea, being notified via the Wii message board when an update or new applications for the HBB are available. I’ve gone ahead and set up an email address which is hbb@codemii.com.

From your Wii, all you need to do is add that email address to your address book and then I will reply with a confirmation email. You’ll then be signed up to receive messages when there are new HBB updates and new or updated applications are available.

4 Responses to “Wii message board notification”

  1. Whibo says:

    Add UNO V5 please !

  2. teknecal says:

    Uno has been updated to v5. Remember to post these requests in HBB Wanted Apps.

  3. PiesAreBlueGuy says:

    cool thanks for doing this, this will make it even more awsome, you should add that info on the app, so people who dont check this website know about this.

  4. Zhelkus says:

    I like this option a lot.

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