Does anyone use the IR correction in HBB?

Just a quick post, does anyone actually use the IR cursor correction while in the Homebrew Browser? The reason I ask is because it might be better to assign the Dpad left and right to be able to control the categories.

13 Responses to “Does anyone use the IR correction in HBB?”

  1. Nikola says:

    nobody 🙂

  2. LOLDSFAN says:

    I do…The thing was way off compared to the HBC and the Wii menu so I had to fix it.

  3. Psy says:

    I use the vertical corrections, but not the horizontal ones.

  4. harry says:

    I don’t use it, but it might be a good idea to keep the vertical correction and use the horizontal for changing the categories, like Psy said.

  5. LOLDSFAN says:

    Yeah I agree with the vertical/horizontal thing too.

  6. KeineAhnung says:


  7. Dande says:

    I always use it. If I point to middle cursor is in lower-left corner 🙁 . I always begin using HBB by tapping up and right buttons several times.

  8. Freezy says:

    Nope, but you could just place it in a menu option.

    Just add an icon like options/settings and voila, you will eventually need such a menu either way 😉

  9. marc says:

    i never use it and personally would much rather have it used to controller the category/current selection.

  10. reda_ea says:

    why not use the B button ?
    holding it could switch to IR correction mode using the dpad, but when released it works as usual (with of course some visual notification when in IR mode – in case the button gets stuck or something)

  11. Davr says:

    how about fix the HBB so that it doesn’t need correction in the first place? Or is the code used by the HBC and other apps not been published, and you don’t know how to get the correct IR values?

  12. d1ss0rd3r says:

    It works perfect and fine 🙂 Really I don’t try to adjust manually. I play on PAL 4:3 TV CRT


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