Use CodeMii for Wii tutorials?

I’m starting to think that I might use this domain to it’s full potential. By that I mean actually teaching people how to code for the Wii. I’m no genius but what I’m hoping to do is have some small simple tutorials. Tutorials may include how to include the Wiimote, how to do simple move over and button clicking detection, how to read images from the SD card, how to play sound, basically all the stuff that we take for granted.

It’s an idea… what are your thoughts?

9 Responses to “Use CodeMii for Wii tutorials?”

  1. KeineAhnung says:

    yes, the idea is great 😀

  2. keith says:

    that would be a brilliant idea!
    i tried to look at the source code of some homebrew games the other day but couldn’t tell what code related to what.

  3. LOLDSFAN says:

    Oh yes…If I plan to start Homebrewing soon I will need to know the basics 🙂

  4. Niceguy1012 says:

    I think it sounds good, I want to learn how to code.

  5. Buchan says:

    Very good work sir. I love the HBB app.

    As far as the tutorials are concerned, I plan to learn everything that you are willing to teach.


  6. Slimmmmmm says:

    I’ve only just found this site, and read through a few of the tutorials quickly, they seem top class imho.

    I think this can only help the homebrew scene and make the quality of things better.

    Thanks for all the efforts and the great site 😀

  7. Daisuke says:

    Hi, I would simply love more tutorials,
    im trying to learn with what is out now.
    Devkitpro and GRRLIB4.0, well not everything is working as it should…
    and i have yet to understand C….
    but i have tried my best with the psp lua, and for several years used 3dgamestudio’s C-script… i hope to learn c/c++ but i will be grateful for whatever you throw at me/us! i think this is a great idea, i really want to make a game for the wii, i have a great idea both for homebrew games and applications, and hope to one day be an asset….

  8. Martin says:

    Excellent idea to publish tutorials as you describe. One bite/wii feature at a time. The more knowledge that spreads, the better the apps that will emerge.

  9. BKW says:

    I agree as well. The Tutorials are helpful, but being a completely HomeBrew development website much good could come of it (and maybe I could understand what I’m doing).

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