HBB Updated Applications

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • DragonMedia Player updated to v0.14 Beta
  • Kobo Deluxe v0.5.1
  • NuGaSa v0.1
  • Snes9xGX 1.5 (Michniewski) updated to v004
  • Uno updated to v7

2 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications”

  1. KeineAhnung says:

    i hope someday a feature is in the homebrew browser, i click on update everything, and he updates every homebrew he knows, and sometimes, my wii left the hbc and goes to the homebrew channel, but i havn’t clicked on the blue house, it’s most when i download a big file, sorry for my bad english 😀

  2. KeineAhnung says:

    and, i downloaded from the internet on my pc many applications, some are yet on the homebrew browser too, but from the pc they had a wron name, maybe a function that knows some wrong names and correct them so the hbb can check for updates

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