HBB updated to v0.2.3a

30 September 2008 (v0.2.3a)

  • Wlan adapter should now work with the HBB
  • Applications should now be detected properly
  • When applications are downloaded/deleted from the popular category they will now appear correctly in other categories and vice versa

As lots of users were having problems, the HBB has been updated to v0.2.3a which should now fix the issues. If there are still outstanding issues, please let me know.

Download HBB v0.2.3 or run HBB on your Wii to update

21 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.2.3a”

  1. rob says:

    i’m pretty new to the whole wii brew thing, but when i try to start the homebrew browser i always get the error “unable to initialise network, exiting”. i’m accessing the net via wlan, and it works with the other channels (i am using the 0.2.3a version which i guess should support wlan)

  2. Corscaria says:

    After allowing Homebrew browser to autoupdate, i get the error “unable to initialize network”

  3. Dr.Mario says:

    great job on the update!
    everything works perfectly now for me.

  4. Zandro says:

    Hey, teknecal… your post mentions correcting Wlan support. Wlan is Wireless LAN. Is this what you meant, because I never had any problems with the wireless. Both are working correctly now, I thank you for this!

  5. kirby says:

    Thanks for adding support for the Wii LAN Adapter; I’ve had no problems connecting with the new version now.

    I had a random crash while browsing the “Popular” section… I pressed the button to go to the next page (probably the 5th or 6th, after that Chess game) and the console locked to a black screen with a code dump. Here it is, I hope it helps you:


    Something else happened once… I was downloading Jewel Quest, and it took awhile. Then my screen went black, but the system was still on. I had to reset the system, then it worked again. The download of Jewel Quest was apparently defective (incomplete?), but the Homebrew Browser let me download it again. I played it for awhile then tried to delete it, but it wouldn’t let me delete it. Thought you might like to know.

    If I could suggest a couple changes, I’d say the text size is too small — maybe 4 instead of 6 homebrew programs per screen would be better. It would also be nice if a prompt something like (Return to Loader / Cancel) popped up when the player presses HOME. I like programs that respect the general behavior standards of the Wii Menu.

    Anyway, thanks for making this. I’ll keep using it and let you know if something else happens.

    <( ‘ – ‘<)

  6. kirby says:

    oh, i thought of a solution to the interface feeling crowded and text small. don’t know if you’ll implement it, but i might as well suggest it.

    i like the green check mark that indicates if i’ve downloaded a piece of software or not. but the text with the three buttons feels very small by wii conventions. maybe the homebrew browser could behave more like the homebrew channel… you could keep the pictures and eliminate the three buttons below. when the user clicks on a picture, a window would open with room for more text, including a longer description, and the options to download or delete the homebrew software.

    just an idea for you. i really like your homebrew and i think it has tons of potential to be the central hub for homebrew distribution on the wii. thanks!

    <( ‘ – ‘ <)

  7. hugo says:

    I second kirby! Texts are too small! The solution proposed would be neat!

  8. Dottor_male says:

    Everything works now. Thank you!

  9. ro4sho says:

    Still the unable to initialize network error ๐Ÿ™

  10. NeiL says:

    Worked ok until the last update. Now i have the “uinable to initialize network error” .

    firmware version 3.2e
    No lan adapter, just wlan.

    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  11. speggy says:

    the HBC refuses to load the app on a 3.3 PAL wii

  12. McK says:

    “Unable to initialise network, exiting” :\

  13. McK says:

    Finally, “all” I had to do was turn off my Wireless encryption. But I’d prefer not having to disable broadcasting SSID and autorhize connections by MAC address to be able to use it ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Blightana says:

    I Found out the browser does not support WPA security pass-phrase. Everytime I want to download a new app. or update an App. I need to turn off my firewall security. This needs a fix.

  15. john says:

    i get error 404 not found when i click on this update
    whats going on

  16. dan18 says:

    my homebrew browser wont load, when i boot it there is a blank screen then it returns to HBC any1 know how to fix this?
    v2.2 btw

  17. ajd4096 says:

    I get random crashes when downloading either the images or applications. No discernible pattern. Flash card not full, USB stick not full, no WEP/WPA.

    Downloading larger apps is less likely to succeed, but it is random.

    system v3.3E PAL (australia)
    home brew channel beta 8
    HBB 0.2.3a

  18. ajd4096 says:

    I just noticed a pattern:

    when HBB crashed downloading the images, it throws an exception and crashes the whole machine requiring a reboot.

    when HBB crashes downloading an application, it returns to the HBC.

    The crashes downloading applications, it is not size related.
    (Eg, I can download Doom, but not Uno).
    Perhaps it is a timing issue?

  19. newskewl says:

    Odd.. i was getting โ€œUnable to initialise network, exitingโ€…
    After 4 or 5 tries, it just worked..
    Is the comment above (ajd4096 for example) about no WPA or WEP the culprit? Maybe it jumped on someone’s public network..? ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. xak says:

    if you get the error: “Unable to initialise network, exitingโ€ just keep trying
    it worked on the 3rd time for me

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