HBB Updated Applications + Font size test

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • FCEU updated to v2.0.4
  • FlipEm v0.1
  • MahJongg Wii updated to v0.5
  • Particle Accelerator v1.0
  • Snes9xGX updated to v006
  • Visual Boy Advance updated to v1.0.3

I would have liked to add Wiiero, but unfortunately it has too many files. I have made MahJongg Wii’s fonts in the HBB a bit larger. Is the font size used a bit more readable now?

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  1. Kenneth Vaughan says:

    nice update especially the emulaters and I cant wait for the next HBB update when do you think it will release

  2. Jake says:

    Love the new font!

  3. Asgatlat says:

    please update also geexbox to alpha4

  4. murray42 says:

    For some time now the HBB keeps crashing on me. It loads find and the Games section dowloads and displays, however navigating to emulators causes a black screen then gives a code dump and hangs indefinately or choosing utilities gives a greenish checker like screen (almost like really bad MPEG artifacts) and returns to the Homebrew Chanel. I have tried deleting the contents of temp folder and also reformated the card but still have the same issue.

  5. Spnorth says:

    Hi Teknecal,
    I was wondering if you are going to address the section in the Discussion section of HBB on Wiibrew called “Apps deliberately not included in HBB”. The reasons used are only guesses and it would be good to have a definitive answer on some. For example, I have a thing for GeeXboX and would love to see it included, but I do understand if there are limitations to it being implemented.

  6. teknecal says:

    murray42: When did this issue start? When v0.2.3a was released?

    Spnorth: I would like to include GeeXboX and other applications but at the moment they have too many individual files to download that’s it’s not possible to put them in.

    I believe someone is still working on zip support for the Wii and once that’s done I can just zip it all up and then on the Wii it can be extracted.

  7. raribeir says:

    Hello Teknecal. Can’t you use the zlib included in the devkitpro do deal with this?

  8. murray42 says:

    @teknecal – Yeah it started right around the release of v0.2.3. Just as added info, I keep SNEX9x and FCEU updated manually (to edit the xml for smb loading) so perhaps the Emulator tab crash is caused by having non HBB versions that exist in the folder that HBB looks at for update. But I still had the same issue with the Utilities tab and have nothing but GeexBox, SNEX9x, FCEU and HBB.

  9. teknecal says:

    raribeir: Possibly but I don’t have much time to test it out. If you have a simple example that shows how to extract an archive to a certain directory that would help me out a lot.

    murray42: That could be the issue, though I’m not really sure what sometimes causes the Emulators section to be blank. The code for it is exactly the same as all the other categories. I’ll need to keep testing and find the exact steps to replicate.

  10. Nicholas_Roge says:

    Excuse me, would you mind sharing the code you used to output the text to the screen?

  11. teknecal says:

    Nicholas_Roge: Are you referring to the text on the black screen when loading the HBB? If so, you can read this tutorial: http://www.codemii.com/2008/08/16/tutorial-2-makefiles-basics-of-c-compiling-source-code-and-dealing-with-errors/

  12. Nicholas_Roge says:

    No, I meant say if I wanted to change the color, size, face, or any other aspect of the text. I assume that it would not use the printf() function…

  13. Nicholas_Roge says:

    Or say if I wanted to output to a certain location on the screen.
    (Sorry for the double post)

  14. teknecal says:

    For that you can either use GRRLIB (http://grrlib.santo.fr/wiki/wikka.php?wakka=Day7) or libwiisprite.

  15. Nicholas_Roge says:

    Thank you very much for the tip. How do I use the raw2c tool though?

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