HBB updated to v0.2.3b

26 October 2008 (v0.2.3b)

  • Using dol instead of elf to work with HBC beta 9

Out of no where the HBC was updated to Beta 9 and what you might have figured out is that the HBC now only loads valid ELF files. This was news to me and as far as I’m aware they didn’t tell any homebrew developers about this. The only way you’d know about it is by reading the new README file that’s included or trying to run a elf file. It would have been nice if they had told us about this new ELF feature before they released it.

Those of you who have updated to HBC Beta 9 will have to re-download the HBB manually.

Download HBB v0.2.3b or run HBB on your Wii to update (you will need to update twice).

I was working on showing all the applications on your SD card before the newest HBC came out. You can view them by moving your cursor to the top left corner of the screen and pressing A.

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  1. Dr.Mario says:

    Just saw this also, looks like you’ll have lots of tedious work to do since about half the apps use elfs and will all be updated or need to be switched to dols.

  2. teknecal says:

    Yeah that’s true.

  3. craig says:

    broken download link?

  4. craig says:

    yep now it works. thanks for update =)

  5. teknecal says:

    Ah I see. Thanks Dr.Mario.

  6. NeiL says:

    Hi, i’m using hbb 0.2.3b with hbc beta9. I’m having the network initialisation error. My wii is 3.2E PAL using wifi with WPA encryption. I’ve tried to load hbb serveral times and it just worked once. Please can you have a look at this issue? Thanks for the app, it’s great! 🙂

  7. Dottor_male says:

    I was hoping in a quick update, but you are REALLY FAST!!! 🙂
    Thank you!

  8. yossi says:

    your tutorial 2 (possibly some later ones too) say to rename the .elf file to boot.elf. you probably should change that now.

  9. Mithos says:

    Yeah same for me. Cant tell if its HBC b9 or HBB 0.2.3b that is the problem but after both thooses updates HBB 0.2.3b is having problems Initialise the network when starting often.

  10. Garry says:

    Hi teknecal,

    Just updated to HBC 9 beta and then HBB 0.2.3b .

    0.2.3a gave “not a valid Wii application error” as you explained. 0.2.3b gives a debug error after initialising the network and going to “Downloading” Error is “fwrite error: [i] not owner”.

    Thanks for the great coding effort.

    I hope this information helps.

    Cheers for now from Oz (Australia)


  11. robotriot says:

    HBB is crashing on me sporadically when either clicking on a category button or trying to browse to a new page within a category. I’ve made a photo of the error: http://www.elitepigs.de/trash/hbb_crash1.jpg

    Using HBB 0.2.3b and Wii Menu 3.3

  12. teknecal says:

    Could you all who have network issues give http://www.codemii.com/hbbv023b.dol a try?

    Garry: Could you try to format your SD card?

    Robotriot: Does this happen all the time or randomly? Do you have steps to replicate?

  13. robotriot says:

    teknecal: I was able to reproduce the crash every time now. All I did was browsing pages. It seems to only happen on pages that aren’t cashed yet and have to be downloaded. However, it doesn’t seem as if there’s a pattern to when it exactly happens, so it’s still a bit random.

  14. Qualith says:

    teknecal, I have the same problem as the other guys: 0.23b and hbc 9 with the network problem. I have cIOS36 rev5 too.

    I coud run hbb once ok after 4 wrong times. After a while using it well, the application crashes with a memory dump. Then, I can’t run it again: initialise error remains.

    I have a try with the file you put (http://www.codemii.com/hbbv023b.dol) and the problem still remains.

    Any idea?

  15. Qualith says:

    The error robotriot reports is the same I had the time hbb runs ok.

  16. Qualith says:

    My wifi is configured with WPA and it is a little slow to connect from the WII internet setup. Could it be a problem with the waiting timer?

  17. Qualith says:

    Sorry for flooding this page.
    I have been trying with WEP instead WPA and now there is no problem running hbb.
    I noticed that FTPII was slow too in connecting to the network when I use WPA, but FTPII has a retrying feature, connecting well at 6th time by itself. Now in WEP, it connects at once. So you can give more tieme to the timer to make the connection possible and/or give a retrying feature to hbb.

  18. imnotgivingmynametoamachine says:

    Wow! Fast update. Thanks!
    ..a quick suggestion – how about a ‘whats new’ page on HBB?

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  19. magic12 says:

    i got error:

    “fwrite error: [i] not owner”.

  20. laricasdog says:

    I did updated browser before channel and everything was fine.
    when I updated the channel a lot of apps stops to working (not a valid wii app)
    so… I removed the channel and get back the b8 version with browser 023b – everything is quite fine in that way. is there any problem to use 023b with old versions of hbc?
    thanks a lot for your great job teknecal! you are a legend!

  21. Sandusky says:

    Hi teknecal,

    This is my first time using HBB. It looks like a really great app and I was excited to find it. However, I am having trouble getting it to work properly. I can load it from the HBC fine, but it will just freeze at random times when clicking between menus. It also freezes when trying to download anything. A program will begin downloading, then the progress bar freezes at a different place each time and I have to power cycle the wii. Out of about 10 tries I got a 200k file to finally download.

    I let it sit for some time after it had frozen and finally got “Exception (DSI) occurred”. Here is a photo of the error:

    I do not have anything plugged into the USB ports or the GC memory slots. I just updated the wii system to the Oct. 23rd update and HBC to beta9. I had not yet tried HBB before making these updates. Let me know if I can offer any more info to help!

  22. Sandusky says:

    UPDATE: The problem appears to have something to do with the network settings. I first tried the new HBB download you provided above. Didn’t seem to change anything. I then downgraded my router to use a 64-bit WEB key instead of a WPA-PSK. I was immediately able to download WiiPhysics, ~4MB and many other apps. Another problem seems to persist though, and that is when I download some stuff it just exits out to HBC in the middle of the download. This happens specifically with the Uno download. I also had it crash again to the dump in the middle of a download, but over all is much more usable than I was first seeing. Also, my router is also very old (A D-Link DI-614+), and I need to power cycle it on occasion, so perhaps that is part of the problem.

  23. teknecal says:

    robotriot: Is this the first time you’ve used the HBB? Tried using WEP?
    Qualith: Good to hear that changing to WEP fixed it.
    laricasdog: There is no issue running v0.2.3b in HBC Beta 8. In fact I am using it and am not sure when I will update to Beta 9. Did the HBB work in Beta 9? Don’t know why they thought disabling non-valid ELFs was a good idea.
    Sandusky: Could be the router, but changing to WEP seems to solve most people’s problems. The only difference between Uno and other applications is that the HBB has to download 35 or so files for it.

    The only thing in HBB that has changed is the fact that it now downloads the boot.dol of the HBB, so I’m not sure why everyone is having issues now.

  24. magic12 says:

    after formating my card i still have this debug error:

    “fwrite error: [i] not owner”.

  25. […] wurde eine neue Version des Homebrew Browsers mit der Nummer 0.2.3b veröffentlicht. Dabei wurde eigentlich nur die Kompatibilität mit dem neuen Homebrew Channel Beta 9 hergestellt. […]

  26. sremick says:

    First time HBB (&HB) user here, am experiencing the same issues as others: occasional core dump, games like Uno returning me to the HBC mid-download with no error. Have had a few crash/lockups too and had to reset.

    Interesting thing at my end is that I’m running via LAN, not wifi, so no WEP/WPA coming into play here. Freshly-formatted 512MB card. HBC beta 9, have not applied 10/23 update yet.

  27. notme says:

    My WII had october23 update with beta9 HBC. I had tried to run the older version of HB with elf converted to dol. It created a temp file full of images on SD an then returned to HBC. I deleted HB and temp file and installed HB 2.3b It runs and gives a core dump every time. I think this version has some issues

  28. notme says:

    To add to above comment. I am using WEP, a 2G SD card and a PAL WII. I have no problems with browsing net with WII and running other progs on HBC Just the HBB crashes every time 🙁

  29. Qbus says:

    dose the hbb work with hcsd cards like the hbc now dose?

  30. yossi says:

    add me to the list of people who crash while downloading uno.
    if it does work for someone, speak up.

    the feeling i get is that it’s the fault of hbc b9. they screwed up the networking somehow.

  31. teknecal says:

    yossi: I’ve just tried it myself and strangly enough it does exit to HBC when downloading Uno. v0.2.3a seems to work fine. I’ll check it out.

  32. teknecal says:

    I found the strange issue:
    struct homebrew_struct update_list[150];

    Who would have thought that assigning a structure to a variable without using that variable could cause such weird effects!

    Can you try http://www.codemii.com/hbbv023c.dol

  33. notme says:

    I tried 23c.dol. Freezes the moment you select it. Does not even clear screen

  34. yossi says:

    0.2.3c can download uno, but then it cant erase it

    it also wants to ‘upgrade’ to 0.2.3b, witch also cant delete uno.

  35. teknecal says:

    http://www.codemii.com/hbbv023c1.dol should fix the deleting uno issue.
    It will want to upgrade because it’s an unofficial version.

  36. notme says:

    tried 023c1 – screen goes black and then hangs. Any suggestions? I can use opera browser to browse web, so WII can connect to internet.

  37. teknecal says:

    notme: Check to make sure your SD card doesn’t have the little write lock tab enabled. Has any other versions worked?

  38. yossi says:

    023c1 works as advertised for me 🙂

  39. notme says:

    Write protect is off. The first version that I tried was an elf file that I converted to dol. It “ran” and said it was loading something and then returned back to HC. It did create a temp folder that had a bunch of images in it. When the dol version was released I deleted the browser and temp folder an just copied the browser folder with the 3 files onto the SD card. Am I supposed o create a temp folder?

  40. teknecal says:

    HBB will create the temp folder if it doesn’t exist, so that’s not an issue. Does it hang straight away when launching it or does it display some text and then hang?

  41. notme says:

    It shows the version info etc. at the first screen. I press the load button and the screen goes black apart from the bar which shows something is happening for about a half second and then everything goes black and it hangs. Only power down resets it. I have a Pal WII with October23 update and HBC beta 0.9. 2G SD card. Wireless is WEP and it does work with other apps. I guess most people would have just upgraded working versions of HBB with Dol ver? How well does it work if you start off with nothing?

  42. teknecal says:

    That sounds weird. So I’m assuming it reaches 100% loading from the HBC?
    The black screen is fine at first, there should be text displayed which says:
    “Wii Homebrew Browser v0.2.3c
    Waiting for network to initialise…”

    Could you try: http://www.codemii.com/hbb_debug_v023c.dol ?
    You should be able to see text on the black screen.
    Can you try ftpii and see if that works?

  43. notme says:

    Hi teknecal

    Tried your debug version and it works 100% – Thanks for the help. Got to server and downloaded a few things, no problems

  44. Octoroks says:

    Just wanted to let you know, i got to wierd errors i the hombrew browser, The first one was when i was in the games section, i was downloading from each part, then when i got to the last part, it sent me back to the hombrew channel, its fine now. The second error was when i went to the emulator section, i press plus to go to the second page, and i got a code dump.
    Just letting you know
    PS. Thanks for a Awesum app

  45. Octoroks says:

    here’s some information:
    I have 3.3 (not the oct 23 update)
    HBC beta 9
    hbb 0.2.3b
    DVDx installed
    Cios installed
    (maybe that information will help)

  46. Copeland says:

    I cannot access the browser.
    I have HBC beta 9 and hbb 0.2.3b, but I cant get the browser to load. The farthest it goes is “Unable to initialise FAT subsystem, exiting”


  47. Prp says:

    Me too. I have a 4Gb SDHC card

  48. Saverio says:

    I can access to HBB but the image is corrupted. I open the temp directory in windows and all png file is corrupt.
    There is a problem with cache server squid
    In the top of png there is this information:

    Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 13:19:47 GMT
    Server: Apache/2.0.61 (Unix) PHP/4.4.7 mod_ssl/2.0.61 OpenSSL/0.9.7e mod_fastcgi/2.4.2
    Last-Modified: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 17:38:28 GMT
    ETag: “”
    Accept-Ranges: bytes
    Content-Length: 23302
    Content-Type: image/png
    X-Cache: MISS from Server
    X-Cache-Lookup: MISS from Server:3128
    Via: 1.1 Server:3128 (squid/2.7.STABLE3)
    Connection: close

    then the normal png

    if I remove line of squid the png is ok.

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