HBB Updated Applications + Increased Font size + DOL’d

The following applications have been added/updated:

  • MahJongg Wii updated to v0.5
  • Mandelbrot v.1.1
  • Pong2 updated to v0.8
  • Rick Dangerous Wii v1.0
  • WiiPhysics updated to 2.2.0b
  • Wii-Tac-Toe updated to v0.3
  • Wii Web Server alpha updated to v0.9

Along with these updated applications, all other applications have been converted to DOL and should now work with HBC Beta 9. All the images files have also been updated to use slightly bigger font.

I have tested about 70% of all the applications that were converted to DOL. Please post a comment if there is an application that doesn’t work in DOL format.

17 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications + Increased Font size + DOL’d”

  1. bezem says:

    thanx again for the great work!

  2. Dr.Mario says:

    thanks for the update!
    I’ve tested about 20 applications and they all worked fine.
    Also I noticed that the file size of the mii extractor/installer was different than mine so I re-downloaded the .dols directly from his site to check again and they still didn’t match, does this mean the checksum or something of your copies may be off/does this matter?

  3. Flibzey says:

    Great work all works fine. You need to check your Mii Installer as I believe it is out of date. You have v1.0 even though it says v.1.1.

  4. Twile says:

    Shouldn’t the dol’d apps say Update instead of Download?
    If I already have the app (elf version) and I download the dol’d version, will I still be able to keep my image for that app?

  5. Dr.Mario says:

    it should say update, i don’t know about keeping the images. Try using yossi’s elf to dol script this way everything becomes a dol so it will go back to update in the hbb. Only thing is kobo dl and a couple other apps need to stay as an elf.

  6. Twile says:

    Yeah, I already have a few apps already converted and I just would prefer doing it through the HBB so I wouldn’t have to reboot my machine into Ubuntu so I could access my SD card (I have whiite-debian on it so it’s partitioned).

  7. NeiL says:

    Hi, i’m not getting the “network initialisation error” anymore. Now using 0.2.3.c1 with my Pal Wii 3.2e // wifi WPA Encryption.
    Thanks! I’m loving this app 🙂

  8. Arikado says:

    Thanks for the DOL conversions 🙂 I’ve updated Wiibreaker to 0.2 It’s already set up to work with HBC 9

  9. Arikado says:

    And now Wii Shooting Gallery is up to 1.8 with HBC 9 support

  10. Twile says:

    If I already have an app (elf) and I download the converted one from the HBB, will I still be able to keep my icon?

  11. teknecal says:

    Twile: At the moment, nope. HBB will think you don’t have that application installed. Will release an update on the weekend that should fix this.

  12. Twile says:

    That’s great to hear. I’m just gonna hold off on updating my apps until then.

  13. Jee says:

    I will like put sdhc compatibility on your hbb

  14. BKXD says:

    Is Gecko OS updated so I can download it form the HBB? Yes I know, I could just use an SD card and do all that just, but at the moment can’t use my SDs. An answer would be much appreciated.

  15. teknecal says:

    Gecko OS is updated to the DOL version.
    SDHC compatibility has also been added.

  16. drthps says:

    Wii MFE Port doesnt work on .elf but working with .dol with HomeBrew Channel Beta 8


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