Homebrew Browser v0.3 Development

The Homebrew Browser v0.3 is under development and I would like some feedback on what needs to be changed or what works well. The two main changes will be the main page which the homebrew is displayed and having a proper about page. The Main page is a rough design, the icons/text will look better.

HBB Main page
The idea of the main page is to make it as less cluttered as possible. Maybe the descriptions should be made shorter. The Emulators button would be click-able at which point all the categories would drop down and let you select which one to choose.

HBB About page
A informative page for the application.

Some Feedback questions include:
Does anything need to be changed?
Is there too much text?
Does the About page need an icon?
Is there any information missing?
Is the text describing the application long enough?

61 Responses to “Homebrew Browser v0.3 Development”

  1. Timberman says:

    Well alfatreze design (gui) looks very impressive!!! Really nice work… would like to see that in future version of hbb =)

  2. Daz says:

    Would be great to have a full channel version of HBB – there is a channel version around currently, however on exiting it hangs the Wii and a hard power off is required to reset.

  3. Daz says:

    The mock-ups are great and i think will work well. Also a suggestion for an automatic update to HBB would also be fantastic 😀

  4. Yossi says:

    how about the “update available” icon only appear when you have a known older version? otherwise you see some sort of “?” icon.

    so if i get the latest version of an app on my own, (ftpii v0.0.18, for example, not yet in hbb), it wont auto downgrade it when i do “update all”. also if someone has some random app that has the same folder name, same problem.

    the “?” marked apps should still be updateable, (for people with prehistoric versions of something) but not in an automatic way. perhaps they can also all be listed together on one screen, a la “installer apps” screen

  5. hugo says:

    Firts thing i noticed was the ftpii about! its A ftp server, not AN ftp server. (just trolling :P)
    I never quite understood the HBB icon. It doesn’t transmites the idea of homebrew, nor browser. I think it would fit more a “folder-like” icon, with several itens in a spining-motion look, like joysticks (meaning games and/or emulators), wrenches (for tools), play/pause icons (meaning the media players), etc. unfortunally, i don’t have much skills to do so. I could try, but i’m without spare time.
    Also, i liked the alfatreze design (the idea, not the look itself). It could be more wii-like, as arbors one. I think you could even try a shop-channel like design, it works very well.
    The application itself is great, and one thing i miss is queueing. Filters for sorting applications would be nice as well.

  6. DurdaDan says:

    i am new to Homebrew i jut got it, i love it, But i think it is missing just a few things, it should have a little digital clock.
    and it is kinda eerie using homebrew, it is so quiet. I think there should be a little blip when yo highlight a gui, and a click when you select it,
    and just a suggestion, the Background blue wth bubbles, Just lke homebrew, could mak the whole system seem to work together.

  7. pänk says:

    New Builds of ScummVM from here:


    …would be nice!

  8. Ant says:

    i think it really needs an icon to launch the HBB, looks kinda ‘texty’ etc

  9. Brainy says:

    Bug report. The mp3 playback will eventually (about 10 minutes) will crash the browser, I get code dumps. seemed to DL ok though… (got a dump1/2 way through a DL though)

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