HBB v0.3 Preview

In case you’re wondering how HBB v0.3 is progressing and you haven’t checked out the HBB Revisions yet, you can have a look at this Youtube video.

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  1. Quali says:

    Very nice. good job.

  2. Bronex says:

    When will it hit servers for update?

  3. suloku says:

    Man, this is amazing! Couldn’t you adapt this homebrew browser version as a homebrew binary executer (just like the hombrew channel).

    I have a working simple code that loads a dol/elf files with arguments and also puts there a realoading stub that reloads the given channel ID (just like HBC).

    If you are interested is yours, this GUI is awesome!

  4. Arikado says:

    I have one question/concern about the new ratings system. When you realease a new version of your app, does your apps current rating disappear?

    So far I love where this is going and I cant wait for the new version. The download screen for apps looks especially cool. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Bronex says:


  6. Ibrahim says:

    Very nice, although the music loop seems to be cut off slightly weird. But it looks VERY good overall, can’t wait.

  7. […] der Entwickler des Homebrew Browser Projekts, hat heute ein neues Video der Version 0.3 veröffentlicht. Das Update wird eine komplett ĂŒberarbeitete OberflĂ€che bieten und so den Prozess des […]

  8. Jake says:

    Lookin’ great! I LOVE the description part! Great graphics! Please get it up soon!

  9. This is beautiful, the only feature I want now is the ability to download games from external sources, like the Cydia app for the iPhone.

  10. linus says:

    Hey are you using GRRLib? I saw those flashing bars when your video intialized. If you are, here is a link to some changes you can make to GRRLib 3.0.1a that got rid of them for me.

    What did you useing for the background music? asndlib?

    • teknecal says:

      Yep am using GRRLIB. I am also using GRRLIB_Stop() but will also make the changes to the initialisation too, thanks.

      I’m using m3player.h 😐
      For some reason the length it detects of the MP3 file is incorrect, will need to look into it more or switch over to another simple library. Maybe also have it so the background music can be loaded from SD card too.

  11. Antti says:

    Very nice indeed.

    When you add apps to download queue do they download on the background?

    • teknecal says:

      In some sense they will, however instead of it going through all the applications, you’ll receive a screen which might look like the below. You won’t be able to download and browse, but it might be something to look into after the initial release.

      Installing 1/5 applications

      “Game name”

      ( Progress bar and status )

      ( Overall progress bar )

  12. Xeron says:

    WOW! Great work!

  13. Dottor_male says:

    Woah, a huge improvement!
    The long description is perfect!

  14. Tim says:

    Please make sure it has a way to page down through the list of things. Nothing is more boring then have to hold down on the down arrow.


  15. WB3000 says:

    Great work!

    The only issue I really had was that the program icons were fetched slower than the page scrolled (I believe from SD), so it would stutter as it loaded each one. Perhaps they should be stored in RAM earlier?

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment yeah it does stutter a bit, but now I’ve made it so it loads all the icons to memory when it first starts HBB and now there’s no more stuttering.

  16. linus says:

    Ive found if you use MP3Player_PlayFile or MP3Player_PlayBuffer the restart is always noticeable.

    If you are interested this is an sound example I put together using oggplayer and a clicking sound effect. It is really simple and I used the loop from your video. The advantage of oggplayer is that is has a OGG_INFINITE_TIME function so the loop restarts seamlessly.


    you might want to add StopOgg(); at the end

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for the example, however I’d like to stick to mp3s. I have made it so it loads the mp3 file from the SD card, so users could just put a fade on the mp3 if they want it to sound better when looping I guess.

  17. die-lon says:

    yeah i guess i am the only one having a problem with this when i launch it with the homebrew channel, it loads 8% and just stops

  18. sshock says:

    Sweet, I want it now!!

  19. metawii says:

    wow … i totally missed the 0.3 preview revs and the youtube video
    this looks gorgeous teknecal

    if executing apps directly from hbb will be a future feature, it would be so cool, because your categorization and rating comes in so handy when you have many titles on the sd card, then having to search for it in the hbc alphabetical list



  20. tompccs says:

    Just tried out your latest revision and it’s really coming together nicely. I would suggest implementing some sort of tooltip system (for icon buttons) and adjustment of the Wiimote rumble (It’s a bit over-excited at the moment). I’m sure you’ve already considered these, though.

    Other than that, looking excellent. Take your time.

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