HBB v0.3: Almost ready

HBB v0.3 has progressed to the point where it’s almost ready to be released. I am looking for people to test and post any issues or comments.

HBB Rev 8 is available for download.
Please do comment either in this post or on the HBB Dev website.

Edit: HBB has been updated to Rev 9 now.
Edit 2: HBB has been updated to Rev 10 which should fix issues when trying to download at first boot. You can download Rev10 also from HBB in the Demo section.

Edit 3: HBB Rev 11 is out which will most likely be the last Revision there is. HBB v0.3 will be release in 1 to 2 days provided there isn’t any major bugs found.

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  1. Dlf says:


  2. Taggerung says:

    This is great! I can’t wait for the final release.
    I am wondering, will the terminal text be fully replaced by a GUI?
    Also, a bar showing free space compared to used space would be nice.
    Additionally, when an image is loading for an app entry, the No Image text is misleading.
    But it looks good!

  3. Brainy says:

    I have 3 bugs to report

    1. The mp3 playback must have a leak as while I was browsing the app randomly closed

    2. I get code dumps randomly (if you want a pic just ask)

    3. The fist boot wont let me dl anything.

    Nice new ui though ๐Ÿ˜€

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for the reports.

      1. I have confirmed there is an issue with the MP3 playback.

      2. Does this happen when you have the background music on?

      3. Will check that out.

      • teknecal says:


        1. Have made it play .mod files instead.

        3. Checked out, works fine, remember for the time being you can’t download until the checking of icons is complete, is this the issue you had?

        • teknecal says:

          Ok, I have confirmed an issue when downloading with HBB the first time, how it stores applications to /apps/hbbv030/temp/ and have fixed it.

          • Brainy says:

            Sorry about the long response time I am going to test the new version. (v10). I think there might be another leak.

            I was downloading apps and it crashed I will do some testing today.

  4. gauthier says:

    When the HBB download screen, I had a code dump…

    HS: Can you ad most languages (french, german…) please…

  5. bufalo says:

    I didnยดt try previous versions, but I’m impressed with your work. I have been running beta 8 for about 30 mins and didn’t find any bug to fix, downloaded a pair of programs and updated a couple more perfectly.
    That I didn’t find anything wrong obviously doesnยดt mean it is 100% perfect, but for my first 30 min try it is!
    Sorry for my english and thanks a lot!
    Viva EOL!

  6. charlie says:

    Is this compatible with the version 4 firmware update that came out on 3/25?

    • Jake says:

      You can’t install the Homebrew Channel if you’ve updated to ver. 4 of the system menu. You can still run it though and it doesn’t effect the way the applications run. (if that’s what you mean?)

  7. Mithos says:

    Queued Downloads.

    I Queued 3 applications in HBB 0.3 rev8 and downloaded.

    icon.png ended up on correct location /apps/name-of-app/icon.png

    but the boot.dol meta.xml and 1 more file ended up in /apps/hbb03/temp/NAME-OF-APP/-here-

    • teknecal says:

      I’ll take a look, I think this is also happening to WiiPhysics as reported by someone else. Can you let me know which application it happened with?

      Edit: I’ve tried WiiPhysics and it works fine. Do you have any steps to replace the issue? Do you have the background music on?

  8. Rob Lettinga says:

    hey guys, i would really like to test out some of these apps for u guys, i could be a beta tester and make video tut’s on them if u guys want ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. metawii says:

    didn’t have time to test a lot, but what i miss is the permanent display of version, date added, and rating of the apps, without having to click them

    if it doesn’t all fit, maybe its possible to show:
    rating when you sort by rating
    date when you sort by date
    downloads when you sort by downloads

    another thing is the max scroll speed is too slow, both using b and the keys
    can you make the speed rise incremental when using the up down buttons, or fastflip 4 apps everytime you press them ?

    many thanks, hard work
    btw: rev8 works on system menu 4

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll take a look at the sorting method of only showing the date/downloads/rating when needed, that seems good but might have some issues fitting it in like next to the application name.

      About the scrolling speed, can you move your Wiimote more down or up. It is done incrementally and if you move it right down/up it should go by pretty quickly I thought? Let me know how you go and if there isn’t any change, I’ll make it even faster.

      • metawii says:

        i’m allready getting used to the scroll speed with the b button and a very tilted wiimote … was more concerned about the d-buttons

        btw: before i thought that an incremental speed increase if you keep holding d-down/up would be a comfortable addition

        but thinking about it now, maybe the fastflip-pagescroll of 4 apps when you press d-down/up would be easier, as it helps usability by knowing exactly that the next 4 apps were’nt seen before without looking and people are used to it using the hbc

        greetings and thx


  10. teknecal says:

    Rev 9 out now. Small improvements and no longer using MP3.

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  12. icefire says:

    Hey teknekal…this is AWESOME! I must say that the HBB is quickly becoming the most awesome HB app there is :). will you ever release the source though? Your GUI is awesome and I’m sure it would help other devs include a nice GUI in their apps…

    • teknecal says:

      I’m not so sure, but I can include some of the source in tutorials I do. I’m thinking of making an application (which will use some HBB source) which you can sort applications on your SD card (so it might list them in HBC as 1. ftpii 2. HBB 3. Snes, etc) but it might not be for a couple of months.

  13. BlackEnigma says:

    Thanks for all the work on the Homebrew Broswer. It really looks nice.

    I have a 8GB SDHC (Class 2 and FAT32) card. The MB free is reported as almost 3 GB (2826 MB) when I actually have 6.63 GB free. Just a problem with my card maybe?

    I am using Revision 10.

    Anyway thanks again

  14. Erik says:

    ok, love this app and just wondering… will this app support the new usb 2.0? plus will it support downloading to hdd where homebrew will boot off in wbfs file system? Im getting a nice hdd for my wii and would love to have this app be able to update my homebrew straight to the hdd… where ill be moving all my homebrew to from the sd card… but if not… its not a problem! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Matt says:

    HBB r 10 is awesome! I have had no problems with it. Thanks a lot.

  16. metawii says:

    is it possible to launch apps directly from hbb in a future version ?

  17. pcdude2143 says:

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw this in the old HBB. And when I actually TRIED it, all I can say is… WOW. Awesome work teknecal. It’s really starting to feel like part of the system and the music definitely makes it feel less solitary.

    I did find one problem. I was adding LOTS of programs to the download queue, when it suddenly crashed. Other than that though it works great so far. Thx man.

    • teknecal says:

      I’ve tried downloading all the demos, did you have more applications than that? When did it crash, half way through, at the second app?

      • teknecal says:

        After a few attempts of downloading things, I finally got a codedump however I’m finding it hard to replicate. I have had it mostly happen in the download queue but it happened once in just the standard download.

  18. pzyro says:

    WOW! incredible, a shining gem for wii homebrew- it looks stunning. It looks as good as an official channel. once you work out the bugs, it’ll be perfect!

  19. teknecal says:

    HBB Rev 11 is out which will most likely be the last Revision there is. HBB v0.3 will be release in 1 to 2 days provided there isnโ€™t any major bugs found.

    • metawii says:

      i get a code dump every time i start rev11 after retrieving the homebrew list

      i tried:
      download from hbb
      download manually
      deleted temp directory in /hbbv030

      wii system menu 4.0

      • teknecal says:

        Can you check your listv030.txt file that should have been created when it requests the homebrew list. Is anything in that file? Can you let me know of the file size?

        How soon does it code dump, straight after it says Homebrew List received?

        Also does Rev 10 work?


        • metawii says:

          thanks for your quick reply

          listv030.txt contains apps info
          filesize 62.478 Bytes (1441 lines)

          it code dumps a few seconds after it says homebrew list received
          (the message stays on screen for about 8 seconds, then i see the random pixel lines at startup for 2-3 seconds, then, at the point where rev10 shows the screen it codedumps)

          i just installed rev10 again and it runs as supposed


          • teknecal says:

            Ah I think I know why, do you have your GC controller plugged in? I get the code dump too if I have it plugged in.

            I was hoping to have that working but I will just remove the code and add it in another time.
            Edit: Got it working, just forgot to include the pad.h header file and to initialise the controller.

  20. metawii says:

    thanks a lot teknecal … it was the gc controller, i’m happy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i just unplugged it and it works like a charm now
    looking forward for rev12 … hbb seems to make one addicted *gg*

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