HBB updated to v0.3

12 April 2009 (v0.3)

  • Brand new GUI (thanks DayDreamOz)
  • Ability to scroll through applications without waiting to download images (images loading or being downloaded will show as “Image not found”)
  • Images download in the background
  • Much more information on applications which includes a longer description, author, version, size, date, SDHC support and controllers supported
  • Shows the total amount of downloads for each application
  • Ability to rate applications and shows an average rating
  • Ability to queue applications for download in a download queue and download all at once
  • Ability to sort applications by date, rating and download count
  • Added background music (off by default, change loop.mod with your own music if you like)
  • Uses threads
  • Ability to move the cursor once downloading or extracting
  • Ability to cancel extracting process
  • Ability to work offline (by pressing the 1 Button when HBB is initialising the network)
  • Ability to hide installed applications from the lists
  • Checks for SD card to make sure there is enough free space before downloading each application
  • Settings now include show SD card space, check free space, hide installed applications, retreive my rating, background music, rumble, update icon and offline mode
  • Added lots of help screens
  • Added widescreen support (thanks Cashman)
  • Checks that server connected to is really www.codemii.com
  • Added check to make sure the SD card isn’t locked
  • Downloads all image files before loading HBB v0.3 the first time to make things faster

The Homebrew Browser has now been upgraded to v0.3. With this new version comes a much better design, usability and more information of applications. I highly recommend everyone to update and enjoy the new features.

Download HBB v0.3 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

36 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3”

  1. Matthew Bauer says:

    Just in time for Easter.

  2. metawii says:

    i’m still searching for the easter eggs 😉
    thanks for 0.3, nice work, runs smooth


  3. Riven says:

    The menu guy kinda freaks me out.

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  5. Gamii says:

    When HBB and HBC gets merged (please…) and able to show channels, world will be a better place.

    There are some missing stuff in utilities, like all the cIOS and mIOS stuff. Waninkoko and Hermes utils like USB Loader and uLoader such could be interesting, SoftMii too. What about a FTP client? And the 4.0 updater that not breaks homebrew? And preloader 0.29? And IRC client? An MSN client with webcam and VoIP (SIP too?) would be amazing too.

    what about improved dvd support in MPlayerCE including subtitles?

    What about a good file browser and binary launcher lots better than SD Explorer and supporting USB/NFS/FTP/SMB and not problems deleting? I mean this builtin.

    What about keyboard support?

    An option able to add unofficial repositories could make things lots funnier and better for tons of people, please think about it.

    USB 2.0 MSD support could me amazing too, including WBFS support too. NFS and SMB could be interesting too.

  6. wplaat says:

    Great update, Thanks for the work! Tip: Would be nice if the WiiMote icon give information how many WiiMotes are supported! Happy easter! Bye!

  7. Gamii says:


    I cant load it, the typical text error with wii remote vibration appear after loading and a few seconds of music.

    Using 4.0 updated with Waninkoko tool, cIOS, cMIOS, cIOSCorp, SoftMii and cIOS rev9 by Waninkoko.

    Please, some possible fix?

    Another nice option could be able to change music and even select a playlist from SD. MP3, OGG, MOD, MIDI, MPC and AAC support by using FFMpeg would be quite interesting, but maybe that could make HBB bloated and slower loading.


    PS: Writing from a Wii

  8. Seroczynski says:

    Just dropped by to say I really love the new version of the HBB. It looks (and sounds!) way better now. Keep up the good work, loving it!

  9. Hielkenator says:

    I just updated. Was on 2.5d. After half a minute of scrolling though the pages i get a code dump…..

    My system menu is 4.0
    Have had no prob wat so ever with the browser…..earlier

    Hope this can be fixed….

    • teknecal says:

      Can you check if it code dumps in the same section and around the same applications?

      Can you also check the image files on your PC in the /apps/homebrew_browser/temp directory and check that the images aren’t corrupted or anything like that?

      If you do find one corrupted, please delete it and try HBB again.

      • Gamii says:

        Same problem here, even when deleting the temp directory.

        Maybe there are some compatibility with 4.0 firmware? It isn’t the official but patched one so is homebrew friendly.

        Please don’t hesitate asking me about info needed for solving it or checking possible causes. All I would need are instructions to provide you the info. My email is valid, so you can send me an email too if you want.

        I have no problems at all with other piece of software but HBB.

        PS: Sorry for all possible mistakes, english is not my native language and writing this from my wii as my computer got broken.

  10. Twil says:

    How do you queue all (download all/update all) files that are currently not downloaded/updated. I know that 2.5d had an update all feature by going to installed apps>update all. Does this have that feature, and maybe a download all feature as well? I can find neither.

    • teknecal says:

      You can press the plus button on the Wiimote over an application to queue it. Then you go to the download queue icon (the one on the bottom right) which shows you the applications you have selected to be downloaded. You then press this button again and it begins to download the applications.

      Updating applications is the same, except you press the download queue icon when you are looking at your installed applications.

  11. Mr.K says:

    Congrats and thanks!!!!!! HBB is the best!!!!!!!!!! the new gui is really really realllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Manny says:

    Fantastic work!! HBB it’s a must-have application for wii.

    Keep up the good work, and many thanks for your time.

  13. WhizzBang says:

    This is a superb update, thanks for all your work. The ratings are particularly welcome and it all looks and feels a bit slicker than before.

  14. Happy Broswer says:

    Great job on this great if not excellent release!

  15. Jon says:

    Gorgeous! Great update; much prettier and easier to use.

  16. afnuke says:

    awesome very well designed with no problems. keep up the great work!

  17. Kent says:

    After putting this on my memory card and booting up HBC, HBC crashes as soon as it starts to read the SD card and gives me a code dump. I did narrow it down to this app… Did I miss an HBC update or why does it crash when I put this on?

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      Do you have HBC 1.0 or above? In HBC Beta versions there was a bug with the meta.xml file that it needs to be under 4410 bytes or HBC will codedump.

      Please try removing the meta.xml file from /apps/homebrew_browser.

      I thought that most people might have updated to HBC 1.0 but I will edit the homebrew_browser_v0.3.zip file shortly to include a reduced meta.xml file.

  18. Kent says:

    Thank you for replying.

    I was on beta 8. In the process of updating to 1.0.1. Thanx for the help. Your app is wonderful :).

  19. Luis says:

    Can you add a gui when HBB first boot up and tries to connect with your server, instead of a black screen with white text. Just an idea it will make it look more presentable. Keep up the great work you guys!!

  20. Guy says:

    Everything is great, the new gui looks very professional great job on this! Although I have a bug report. When I go to the “Emulators” section and click on “Snes9x GX” then I click on “Update” it will say downloading, then when its about 99% downloaded the wii will freeze and make a screeching sound. I have tried doing this twice, I get the same thing..

    Edit: I just tried again, then it froze right when i clicked “Update”.

  21. Guy says:

    Turned the background music off, and it still froze, 99% at downloading. I haven’t had any problems with the update button or the download button it just seems to be this app. I love the background music by the way.

  22. Jared Petry says:

    Great update! Works perfectly here, except a little laggy after it retrieves the Homebrew list and loads the main UI. Great job though! Kudos!

    • teknecal says:

      Yep, that’s when it’s checking the icons (at the bottom it says checking icon 1/206). Once that is complete, then you should see an improvement in scrolling through the list.

  23. Jabe says:

    Could you please add the great “update all” button that existed since v0.2.5 ?

    • teknecal says:

      This button is still present except it’s just the download queue button. Once viewing your SD card, press the download queue button. It will show you applications which can be updated. You can then choose to un-select an application you don’t wish to update and then press the download queue icon again and it will begin updating the applications.

  24. twee says:

    I found that the free space is not listed correctly on my 8gb sdhc card. HBB says there is 2285MB free when in reality there is over 6GB free.

    Other than that issue I love the new version. Keep up the good work!

  25. burns says:

    I got this update last night and found two issues: firstly, for some reason the last letter of all titles has been truncated (“WiiLander” displays as “WiiLande” and so on). Secondly, if there’s an error when decompressing a zip file and there are multiple items in the download queue, if I remove the app that errored from the queue and try to download all, the number of applications being downloaded decreases by one, but it still tries to download the problem one i.e. if A B and C are in the queue, it downloads and unzips A (1 of 3) but errors when unzipping, if I then remove A from the queue and try to download again, it downloads and unzips A (1 of 2) and fails again.

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