HBB updated to v0.3.1

1 May 2009 (v0.3.1)

  • Able to download and browse at the same time (just click on a category when downloading)
  • Fixed bug which didn’t show the last character for applications names, descriptions, etc.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong applications were shown after downloading from download queue
  • Added GC controller support (port #1)
  • Added nunchuck support for scrolling the apps list
  • Added ability to power off the Wii via the Wiimote power button
  • Menu items are now accessible when in the help or settings screen

The Homebrew Browser has now been upgraded to v0.3.1. I was planning to release this a little later so that I could add the updated applications pop-up however it seems that how the server sends the list file has changed and therefore applications names, descriptions, etc were missing the last character.

This has now been fixed and along with this comes the feature of downloading and browsing at the same time, just click on another category when downloading and you’ll be able to browse.

Download HBB v0.3.1 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

69 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.1”

  1. The Lemon Man says:

    Thanks for the update Teknecal, i <3 HBB 😀

  2. Arikado says:

    Wonderful, this is great 😀

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  4. teknecal says:

    Reuploaded v0.3.1 to include the “v0.3.1” in the GUI. Also fixed a small bug with downloading the first application in the list (in this case it was SMW). So please do update if it prompts you again.

  5. stang says:

    my HBB wouldn’t let me download any apps anymore. it also didn’t update from v0.3. so i just manually downloaded it and installed it and now everything works again, (for people that might have the same problem) Love HBB.

  6. Chris94 says:

    Well, I just updated to v0.3.1 a few minutes ago, then went to update an app or two. After I updated them, I went browsing through all the applications, but when I was browsing the Utilities sections, I got a code dump:

    Exception (DSI) occurred!
    GPR00 000000…

    8006e9dc –> 8006e99c –> 80099d10 –> 80099cac


    8006e9dc: 98070000 88080000 98070001 88090003
    8006e9ec: 2F8B0003 396B0001 980A0000 88090000
    8006e9fc: 39290004 980A0001 394A0002 409EFFE0

    I cut some of it ( … ) because it was a little much to write down. Hopefully you can fix it or find out why I received a code dump. Anyways, good job on the update!

  7. Filippo says:

    Hi Teknecal.

    It’s the first time I wrote here, so let me spend some time to Thank You for this wonderful app that the HBB is.

    Let’s go now: today I updated the HBB to 0.3.1 and was updating vbagx emulator through the “View Installed Apps” mask. While updating, thanks to the new feature, I gave a look to the other apps and put some of them into the download queue. At the end of the “tour” I decided to check if the vbagx’s update was finished: I clicked the “View Installed Apps” button and the screen freezed, but background music was still playing correctly and the Wiimote was on. I had to power off the Wii. When I went, then, to the HBC I saw that vbagx was updated correctly (and it still works fine).

    What do I have not to do, to avoid that kind of freeze?


    • teknecal says:

      I can’t say I’ve had this issue but the only thing I would say to try and use the download queue instead and see if that’s better?

    • Flark says:

      Crashes without code dumps are hard to fix if they can’t be easily reproduced. Just adding that in case you are a bit confused with teknecal’s reply. He can’t fix it if he’s not able to experience it when required.

  8. Filippo says:

    Thanks for both replies.

    I’ll try to reproduce the problem with other apps.

  9. Jeremy says:

    I was getting code dumps on ?0.2.8, then HBB updated to 0.3.1.
    NOW: I click Download, the bar blinks Downloading…, then I get 2 error msgs: Problem checking boot.dol/elf file. & then sometimes Unable to delete folders.

    I’ve googled for forums on those 2 msgs and found nothing.

    I formatted my sd card and was finally able to downloaded WiiTacToe.

    I’m using system menu 3.3U. No mod, twilight hack, channel installed fine. WinXP formatted my SD card, choices were FAT32 & FAT, I chose FAT.

    My SD card directory:

    G:appshomebrew_browsertemp bunch a pictures
    G:appshomebrew_browser 7 other files

    Please assist – Thank you

    • teknecal says:

      So since you downloaded WiiTacToe, can you download anything else?

      Those error messages you receive when downloading are strange in the sense that they shouldn’t be shown. Those messages should only be shown after the application is download and also extracted. Do you see it say extracting at all? N

      Is your internet connection a bit dodgy or flaky?

      • xplanetbob says:

        I think the WiiTacToe d/l was a fluke.

        It blinks “Downloading…”, then it blinks “Extracting…” for a couple of microseconds and then one of those 2 error messages. When I attempt to d/l Super Mario War I get “Unable to Delete Folders.”.. every time.

        When the wii is “Unable to delete folders.”, I stick the SDcard in my PC and I see the downloaded program folders but their empty.


        NOW I d/l and loaded onto the SDcard: CHESS, Shooting Gallery, SpiritLevel and a couple others. They work fine if I LOAD them immediately. If I sit on the LOAD / HELP splash screen of any program (to scroll through the instructions) for longer than a minute or so, the wiimote crosshair changes to a hand and freezes my Wii. I have to power down with the power button on the Wii.

        Internet works on two other computers in the house over the wireless network. During these issues, those computers were shut down.

        • teknecal says:

          > If I sit on the LOAD / HELP splash screen of any program (to scroll through the instructions)

          This to me says that issues also happen outside of the homebrew browser and in this case is happening in the homebrew channel. Have you tried another SD card? Have you had any other strange issues with the Wii?

          • xplanetbob says:

            Every couple of months I have to unplug the Wii at the wall for a few minutes to reset something in the “wall wart” or in the Wii.

            Apps in the Homebrew Channel work, as long as I don’t read the help file for too long. In HBB, Download does not work. Also, the second click on the Download Queue button does nothing. Maybe it’s two separate problems.

            The SDcard has always worked for transferring save files and used to be in my digital camera. I will try my microSDcard tonight.

            Thank you for putting your brain on this problem of mine.

          • xplanetbob says:

            Within HBB, when I attempt to delete Installed software, some Delete buttons push down but do nothing. When I was able to delete SNES9x, it was gone, but it finished with the msg “Unable to delete folders.” On my PC, it was realized that it did not delete the folder and also left the Settings & Icon & ROM files intact.

            I do not understand. Is there an alternate software title that works similarly?


    • Rickr says:

      I’m having the exact same problem as Jeremy. When I attempt to download I get:

      “Problem checking boot.dol/elf file”

      I’m running BootMii fine and there appears to be no problems with my Homebrew Channel (v1.01).

  10. Jeremy says:


    When I click the Download Queue I see the programs with the green +’s, but when I click the DQ button again, it does not appear to do anything. I can only download one at a time. At which time I get those error msgs.

    Pretty please assist – Thank You

    Jeremy, CETa

  11. Tansunn says:

    I just downloaded 0.3.1 today, and until now I haven’t had any issues with the homebrew browser. Today, however, I’ve been having a lot of trouble.

    The first and fourth times I’ve tried running it, it displays the browser screen for a fraction of a second and then the Wii powers off.

    The second time may have been my own fault, but I started an update for SNES9x, then went to FCEU GX to see if clicking Update would add it to the download queue, and the system hung.

    The third time, I started an update for SNES9x and just let it sit there. After downloading about 1/3 of the update, the system hung. After restarting, I went back to the Homebrew Channel, but it didn’t display any applications, even after telling it to reload. I checked in my PC, and the data still seemed to be there, and when I put the card back in the Wii, it displayed everything just fine.

    The fifth time, I just let it sit for a while, letting the icon checker do its thing. After getting just below 200, the Wii powered off.

    The sixth time, I loaded up the settings screen and browsed through the options a few times to keep the system active. Shortly after the icon checker finished, the Wii powered off.

    Is there any way I can get 0.3.0 back? I didn’t have any problems with it, and this new version is practically unusable for me.

    • Tansunn says:

      Ignore that last bit. The download page doesn’t have previous releases, but the post with the 0.3 update had a link to it.

      • teknecal says:

        Sorry to hear that. I did have another report from a user whom HBB had kept powering off randomly as well but I’m not sure why this could be the case, I think I might add a setting so you can disable it if needed.

        I have your email address and will contact you to test v0.3.2 once it’s almost ready.

  12. Zack says:

    Hi. If I try to get an app with this version, it quickly flashes through Downloading and Extracting. I then get this message:
    “Problem checking boot.dol/elf file”

    I had downloaded two apps with HBB before this. Now the error appears everywhere. Please help.

    P.S. Love the app!

  13. Deathtech says:

    Hello all! Im an early adopter, and modded my first gen wii with a wiikey in hopes to be able to use homebrew. The Development communities with these types of projects are what makes it fun for me. However, after a while i got discouraged and put the wii away for a while.

    I come back and you guys are kicking! i was able to install the HackMii Installer via 4GB Sandisk SDHC Card. DVDx, HBC, and BootMii, but have encountered an error that seems to usually garner a very simple solution, but i have failed to find on ethat fits my issue. I Reformatted MY SD Card from Fat32 (First Try) to Fat 16, and it did not resolve. I cannot see the Homebrew Downloader in my list of available homebrew applications on the Homebrew Channel. I have made sure that the directory “apps” exists in its case sensitive format, placed the directory “homebrew_browser” under tshi folder, yet it does not show as an availble channel .

    I see the HBC Load, i get bubbles, i see two icons in the lower right corner, First one blinks and then is steady, second one doesnt light up. The BootMii (Or HackMii rather) Installer that does HBC, DVDx, etc. Is still the boot.dol listed in the root of the card, am i supposed to have something else in the root ? i was under the impression that i could launch apps as long as the folder existed and it was installed with the correct components (icon.png, XML Files).

    I was a noob, and updated to SysMenu 4.0, but i have successfully installed the HBC, its just the browser i cant get kicking. Any Help at all would be greatly appreciated.

  14. teknecal says:

    Has anyone tried the beta version of v0.3.2? Any comments?

  15. y0rk says:

    hbb 3.1 throws error on startup.
    could not get IP adress of http://www.codemii.com.

    but i can wrote this message 🙂 from my laptop same wireless connection.

  16. NeonJCV says:

    Hi Y0rk,

    I had the same issue with 0.3 but it worked after I rebooted the Wii, then it updated itself to 0.3.1 and then it refused to connect again. I restarted the HBC and opened the HBB again and it worked…

  17. Jedi Rainman says:

    I’m not sure exactly what is happening. The HBB has worked for days and I have had no problems but yesterday, I opened it up and once it loads, it freezes and then goes back to the HBC. I haven’t changed anything. I even tried the 0.3.2 beta and I have the same problem. I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I am running Wii Firmware 3.2U

    • teknecal says:

      Can you try removing your /apps/homebrew_browser/temp directory?
      Does HBB exit after you see all the pixel lines on the screen?

      • Jedi Rainman says:

        I removed the temp dir and now 0.3.1 loads up and works perfect. 0.3.2 beta gives me a code dump upon clicking on anything.

        As for the HBB exiting, no it would load the entire program with images and then upon clicking on anything it exited back to the HBC.

        Hope this helps!

  18. George Albanis says:

    I also received a message saying “Unable to Delete Folders” after trying to update two emulators. It will finish downloading and then give me the error.
    I havent tried rebooting or anything. I’m using a 4G card. I can get more specifics if you wish.

  19. George Albanis says:

    Oops nevermind I just ran the update today to 0.3.2 and everything is working fine again.

  20. Sophie Isaac says:

    hey, please help me!!
    I am new to all this.
    Sunday i successfully installed the HBC.
    I downloaded browser version 0.3.1. then proceeded to put it on the SD card which was fully formatted. the site says to put hbb into /apps folder…..but i havent got an /apps folder.
    so i have put it in various areas (not all at once!) and tried it on the Wii, but no matter where i put it when i load the HBC all i get are the bubbles and at the bottom right out of the 2 diagrams its only the right one (which i guess is internet connection) flashes then stays on. NOTHING else happens.

    no browser or anything.
    so whats going wrong??
    where is the /apps folder??
    how do i get an /apps folder??
    do i extract hbb on pc or put the zip folder straight onto the sd??

    i have got this far and i just want to get the final bit done so i can use the system PLEASE!!!

    Oh finally, i have just downloaded v.0.3.2 but dont want to attempt widing myself up when it doesnt work until someone can walk me through getting this to work….successfully.

    your help desperately needed lol

    • teknecal says:


      I have emailed you about this. You need to create an “apps” folder on your SD card (like using Windows Explorer -> New -> Folder) and then copy over the homebrew_browser folder into the apps folder.

  21. Zack says:

    Hey, I just got an idea for a feature >.<

    Create a feature where users can read and write reviews for particular homebrew applications on the homebrews’ pages. Although this would be hard to implement and would increase load on this server unless managed properly, I think I would download a few apps per day and give them a thourough review in my boredom time. If you do do this, be sure to include USB keyboard support. Thanks for reading!

  22. Josh says:

    Hi, im new to HBB. I just got it up and running, but for some reason when i go to download anything, it says downloadin for a few seconds and then it says problem checking boot.dol/elf! can you help?

    • teknecal says:

      Can you try downloading small applications listed in Demos or Utilities and see if they work?
      How stable is your wifi connection?
      Does the downloading progress move at all?
      When booting to HBB for the first time, did you let it download the image files?

  23. kn says:


    Like everyone else I’m getting the same “problem checking boot.dol/elf.”

    Unfortunately I’m too inept to figure out how to run the D/L Tester mentioned in the response to xplanetbob Did you want the user to copy it to the SD card from their computer or download it?

    Unlike other users, I am not able to download anything — neither the small utilities or demos, or the larger games. I loaded MPlayerCE by copying it to the SD card from OSX (10.4.11) after formatting the SD card on a Win7 pre-release machine. MPlayerCE works just fine.

    -Wii Firmware 4.0u
    -HBB 0.3.2 loaded via Bannerbomb
    -Windows 7 pre-release BETA formatted SD (256mb — what I had lying around)
    -Mac OSX 10.4.11 used to create apps folder and load HBB (maybe something to do with it) and MPlayer CE

    Thanks much

    • kn says:

      Forgot to mention:

      WiFi connection (distance of about 1.5 feet) — Comcast cable connection

      Three other computers in the house work just fine on the internet connection (Win 7, Win XP Pro SP2, OSX 10.4.11)


      • teknecal says:

        With the D/L tester, please copy it to your SD card from your computer and then run it on your Wii. You will need to create a directory in apps (e.g. dltest) and put the boot.dol file in that. Then you can run it.

        When in HBB, do you see the icons for the apps? When you first started HBB did you let it download the images zip file?

        • kn says:

          Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.

          Yes, I made a special point of letting the images zip file download after reading some other posts here and elsewhere on the internet.

          Still, I only see about 80% of the icons–the rest say “image not found.”

          The DL tester seems to work just fine, it ran the test and ended with a triumphant “complete” but trying to download anything from HBB gave me the same error.

          I only really wanted to watch DVDs so the MPlayerCE, which works is just fine with me.


  24. Wietse says:


    I got an question. When i use the Homebrew Browser it says Cannot create:
    …/temp directory. And then it will shutdown :S. Please help me!!


  25. Karen says:

    I found a fix for the “problem checking boot.dol/elf file” problem. Look in all your app folders for a “boot.elf” file. I deleted it and the problem is solved and I can download again just like before.

    In my case it was in my DVDx file.

  26. Mitchell says:

    Hey when I tried to install it said…could not create
    temp/home brew directory

  27. T.O says:

    Hello. I have the mentioned problem about: “problem checking boot.dol/elf file”. It seems this happens after the 1st download from HBB. I installed HBB again and I was able to download a couple of apps and then the same erro happened. What do you think?

    • teknecal says:

      Does it actually show it downloading the file and then extracting it or does it straight away go to that error message?

      • T.O says:

        Yes, It actually show like it´s downloading (less than a second) and then error appears. I turned off wii, then try to download and works, but after one download fails again. I have tried everything (changing sd, turning off internet, wii, installing/desinstalling and this seems to be like an error in hbb server . Hope they identify the cause of this. I would appreciate that. Thks!

  28. SiG says:

    “Problem checking boot.dol/elf file”
    I have been having this problem too! i noticed that when i uninstall DVDx it works but when i install it again i get the “Problem checking boot.dol/elf file” again.
    i am running HBB v0.3.4
    and now snesx9 (app i downloaded after deleting DVDx) is gone but left with empty snex9 folder as well as roms, and save folders my roms are still there but boot files are gone. any ideas to fix this problem?

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