HBB Updated Applications – Week 27

The following applications have been added/updated:

4 July 2009

  • BootMii Configuration Editor updated to v2.0
  • Bugiin updated to v1.3
  • DOSBox Wii updated to v0.73.02
  • OpenJazz v1.0
  • Wii-connect Demo
  • Wolfenstein 3D Wii updated to v1.3

1 July 2009

  • Achtung Wii Kurve v1.0
  • FCEU updated to v3.0.5
  • Meritous v1.2 R2
  • PCSX-Revolution Rev 18
  • Snes9xGX updated to v4.0.7
  • Supertuxwii v1.0 (might have issues extracting, too many files)
  • Visual Boy Advance updated to v2.0.4
  • Wii7800 updated to v0.2
  • WiiSX updated to Beta 1

10 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 27”

  1. I’m having a lot of issues with Supertuxwii, Snes9xGX, and Visual Boy Advance. Hopefully you can find a way to fix this with the ZIP extractor (is it Minizip?).

  2. touchdown says:

    Whenever I try to update Snes9X GX after downloading I get a black screen saying “Exception (DSI) occured” and many hex values.
    But deleting the app and installing again have worked.

    • Filippo says:

      I have the same problem with the WiiSX update (at the end of downloading, Exception occurred).

      I have to try with deleting and redownloading.

  3. Gooch says:

    anyone know when Wii64 or Wiisx might be finished or when the next updates will be?

  4. JSMaster says:

    Any reason my wiiconnect demo was added? It just shows off the gui, and doesn’t do anything useful…

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