HBB updated to v0.3.3

25 July 2009 (v0.3.3)

  • Speed up extracting using updated libfat (speeds up download too, but it’s not noticeable)
  • Added USB support (plug in your USB device before booting HBB and turn off “Use SD” in settings)
  • Added sorting of applications by name
  • Added delete functionality to the queue (press minus to queue an application to be deleted)
  • Added download and extract information (MB downloaded/MB total, Extracted files/Files to extract)
  • Added a check to make sure Wii Network is initialised and active before downloading applications
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t cancel the download queue if you had download prompt enabled
  • Fixed bug where the meta.xml file name would change back to normal when you updated an application (this allows you to keep your custom name of applications)

The Homebrew Browser has now been upgraded to v0.3.3. The main features are you can now download apps to USB and the speed of extracting has improved too.

Download HBB v0.3.3 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

20 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.3”

  1. Can they have Live TV on Homebrew Channel?

  2. abbet says:

    EDIT: This homebrew is the best but please, change the icon-hand^^

  3. tqila says:


    but one little question.. when will the “bug” with sdhc-card be fixed? as the browser cant be installed with a sdhc-card at the moment 😛

    • teknecal says:

      I don’t think it can be. Can you list your SDHC card and your HBC version? If you have HBC v1.0.2 or higher can you try v1.0.1?
      Do any other homebrew applications work for you?

      • Andre says:

        I have to say the same for me. I have a 8 GB SanDisk SDHC (class 2) card. To install 0.3.3 first I just opened my 0.3.2 and let it try to update and it said that it couldn’t create the folder homebrew_browser even though the folder already existed.

        I then used my computer to delete the homebrew_browser folder and I downloaded 0.3.3 from here (codemii) and copied the homebrew_browser folder to my card and tried again and same thing. Even though it says it couldn’t create homebrew_browser I can still access the homebrew browser, just no images load.

        It also displays the space remaining incorrectly.

        Then I installed it on a normal SD card (512 MB) and everything worked fine.

      • tqila says:

        i have an kingston sdhc 4gb class 4 card.

        i tried with HBB 0.3.2 and 0.3.3 with the latest HBC. none of them worked.

        but actually i havent got any of the apps to work with my card. same error-msg on all apps. something about it couldnt load fat subsystem(?)

        but ofc the card is FAT32-formated.

        i tried with the shoutcast-player and wad-manager also. they didnt work either.

        i have ordered a sandisk 8gb sdhc-card, and i will try with that card when i get it. ill post here when i know if it works or not.

  4. c@lithe1 says:

    How you can load the software the homebrew channel load only from sd or sdhc cards or am i wrong

  5. hotzenplotz says:

    Hi teknecal,

    first of all, thanks again for this great app. It makes managing homebrew so much easier!

    I found some bugs though. Don’t know, if this is the right place to post them, but I couldn’t find anything else:

    * First time I started the HBB today it told me, that there was an update. So I pressed A and waited. After a while a message appeared telling me something about “the expected size did not match the downloaded dol” and it restored 0.3.2.
    * The second time I started the HBB, again the update message appeared and apparently the update was successful this time. But back in HBC I saw that the name and description of the HBB was missing, probably due to a missing or corrupted meta.xml file. The icon was alright though.
    * Back in the HBB, I started downloading an app (say “A”) by using the “Download” button. During the download process, I added two other apps (say “B” and “C”) to the download queue and then (while it was still downloading the first app) started the download of the queue. This messed things up quite a bit. The download window told me, that it was currently downloading app “B” when in fact it was still downloading app “A”. After finishing app “A” it started downloading app “C” and then stopped. App “B” still remained on the queue.

    If you need further details, just send me an e-mail.

    • teknecal says:

      Posting here is fine.

      Previously users had issues when updating HBB, it would say it updated but when they tried to run it, it won’t boot. I added a file size check to make sure this didn’t happen which it looks like it saved you from.

      I think with the meta.xml I’ll need to look into that as I think I may have forgotten to update some code there.

      I’m surprised that HBB didn’t crash when you were downloading an application and also running the download queue. You should only do 1 at a time otherwise HBB will most likely crash. I think I’ll add something to make sure that next versions don’t allow this.

  6. Alex says:

    Their is a bug with showing the space on a HDD harddrive, i have loaded HBB 0.3.3 from my HDD and i have 32gig and it says 3000mb.

  7. Jake says:

    I found 2 things.

    1. When adding apps to the delete queue and starting the deletion process, it says “Installing X/Y applications” instead of deleting.

    2. When in the delete queue and removing an application from the list and then deleting the applications, it changes the icon of the 1st application.

    3. I’m not very sure if this is a bug or if you meant to do this but the “Deleting…” text is off-centered when deleting.

    Thanks a lot for the update! I look forward to future Homebrew Channel releases!

  8. onesixone says:

    Teknecal, you are the man! Thanks a lot for your effort.

  9. tqila says:

    hah, didnt find the edit-button so ill do a new post 😀

    i have now got my sandisk 8gb sdhc-card and it all seems to work fine with this one.

    so for you ppl that cant get HBB to work with your sdhc-card.. try a new one! 🙂

    my kingstong 4gb sdhc class 4-card didnt work at all. but this one (sandisk 8gb sdhc) does work.

    now im a happy man again! 😛

  10. Kage says:

    I would also like to report a bug. Twice now I’ve deleted all the temp files from the SD card inside the homebrew_browser folder, and both times after downloading the zip file for the icons it would download successfully, but afterwards it would report “cannot open, aborting”. After this, I have no icons in HBB.

    Not a big deal to me, but for the sake of completeness I imagine 😛

  11. headstomp says:

    Thanks for a great app!

    Don’t know if anyone has told u yet, but there is a small problem when updating the HBB directly from the Wii (0.3.2 -> 0.3.3). The meta.xml file included is empty, so the name, version number and description of the app dissapears when viewing the app in HBC.

  12. Ajjani says:

    Well I went and finally setup my mac as a wifi access point and installed the HBC. I just went and put v0.3.3 of HBB on the SD card manually (first install). Upon loading it in HBC I get “This is not a valid wii Application.” Other applications on the card including the Majong game, MPlayer, and a couple others have no issues.

    Wii settings shows Wii Version 4.1U
    HBC at the top shows HBC 1.0.3 IOS61 V19.26

  13. Karnak says:

    Ever since this update the icons for new apps added to the database no longer download, and the program lags as I scroll through menus. I presume this is because it is checking the icons of the apps in the database as I pass over them. I preferred the old way the program operated where it downloaded and updated the icons for all the applications all at once. Is there any way to re-enable this feature?

  14. Ajjani says:

    Well I went and put HBB v0.3.2 on the SD card and it loaded up just fine but it asked if I wanted to update it. As soon as I updated it, it sent me back to the HBC and upon clicking on HBB v0.3.3 again it comes up with the invalid wii application error. So I pulled the SD card back out removed HBB again put v0.3.2 back on there and pressed B this time at the update screen to skip it and have been able to play with no issues.

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