HBB Updated Applications – Week 39

The following applications have been added/updated:

23 September 2009

  • Snes9xGX updated to v4.0.11

Also I might add that I would like people to test HBB v0.3.6 which should fix the scrolling list issue along with 2 new settings found here. Thanks.

3 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 39”

  1. Snouki says:

    You don’t whant reloase my homebrew? lol i have up version 1.5e in my google code site http://code.google.com/p/iswad/


  2. bezem says:

    Downloaded 0.3.6 Test because of your mention of the scrolling issue. It defintely seems to be resolved, as I would experience a code dump when scrolling the games, but now I only got one when I was downloading. Still though, resolved the scrolling!

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