HBB updated to v0.3.6

29 September 2009 (v0.3.6)

  • Fixed scrolling list issue
  • Added ability to not delete folders and not extract files if they exist
  • Added ability to select starting category and sorting method
  • Re-added mp3 support (add loop.mp3 and it will play it instead of loop.mod)
  • Improved scrolling of the list at start up

The Homebrew Browser has been upgraded to v0.3.6 to mainly fix the scrolling list bug but I was also able to add some more things to it as well like the ability to choose the starting category (other than games) and the starting sort method (other than date). I have re-added mp3 support but it might not work properly as I didn’t have much people to test it out.

Also small things like not deleting folders (e.g. /apps/fceu, /fceu/roms, etc) has been added as well as not extracting files if they exist (e.g. /apps/quake/ID1/pak0.pak).

Download HBB v0.3.6 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

103 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.6”

  1. Matoking says:

    This time it freezed when scrolling down the Demos section…

  2. whatever says:

    After upgrading to 0.3.6 on my usb stick, I got some weird error that kept repeating. I think it said fwrite error: not owner or something like that when it was trying to get the homebrew apps list during the initial loadup before getting into the gui. It just kept retrying and giving the same error over and over until the screen went blank and the wii froze. After I hard-reset the wii, and loaded the HBB again, the error was gone and everything was fine.

    • n2kra says:

      Is there a problem with config files on USB: ?

      (I eject my SD, to go to USB only HBC & HBB,
      I do not get an error mounting USB: )
      I might have forced a HBB upgrade by copying it from SD:

      BUT, no settings changes stick,
      and it always thinks all apps are “NEW”

      • teknecal says:

        When you have the USB inserted, can you try downloading apps?

        • n2kra says:

          Yes, downloading works.

          Hmm… WiiXplorer does not show the ReadOnly attribute
          I’ll have to check w/ a PC or GC-Linux

          Are there any date, size, or config sanity checks?
          htmllint –xml ?

          From my working SD -
          I had tried copying settings.sml & listv036.txt

          • teknecal says:

            HBB tries to write a temporary file to the device, if it fails when trying to read what it wrote it then it doesn’t mount the device.

            HBB does check the settings.xml file and tries to load any settings it can find. When HBB starts, it should say something like “Using settings from USB device”, does it say that for you?

            The fact that it can download to USB but not read the apps already there doesn’t sound right. When you download the apps does it appear on HBB as installed?

  3. pimp says:

    Well, I still have the same stack dump problem after downloading this. It gives me the same error whenever I try to go on any app. Should I delete everything off my SD card and try downloading everything again?

  4. cypher007 says:

    i keep getting:

    Read error -126 occurred. Retrying…

    scrolling down the screen on initial startup.

  5. dvd2vcd says:

    is the codemii site having problems? my hbb 0.3.6 gets a error message saying “read error -81 occured. retrying…”
    any info wud b helpfull cheers…

  6. dvd2vcd says:

    its working now

  7. flo says:


    i still get the error 81….. any info about it?


  8. gipszjakab says:

    There’s a constant error when I try to launch HBB:

    Read error -XX. Retrying…

    I’m using the 4.1E.

  9. Bryant says:

    Is the CodeMii server having a lot of problems lately? Every time HBB tries to connect it gets stuck in an error state and continuously tries to retry.

  10. Mike says:

    I am also having the same read error problem and it varies. sometimes its read error 81 and other time sits read error 22 .. it depresses me. This is my first time trying to use the browser. i thought itw as a great idea.. keep up the great work, it must be rough coding something like this.

  11. teknecal says:

    Hi all,

    Yes the server is having issues. We were moved automatically to a server with a different configuration which has caused issues. I’ve been looking into it and hope to have a resolution in a few days.

  12. Krullivan says:

    Same, i keep getting read error -22 / -81 on initial startup. thank you for all the effort put into this, and looking forward to using it when the server is fixed

  13. Titmouse says:

    Same again, read error’s
    Using HBC 1.0.5 IOS36 v4.18 firmware 3.2E


  14. massiveboy says:

    Got it downloaded but apps will not load in Homebrew now – what’s up!

    • massiveboy says:

      Sorry should of been a bit more specific! I meant like Gecko for example, it’s there with art work and downloads to menu but when I click on it to use it, it’s the black screen of death!

  15. massiveboy says:

    Hi again,

    I’ve been told that with Wii version 4.2E I will need gecko 1.9.1 for it to work? Is this correct? If so how do I get it and then put it on homebrew menu?


  16. massiveboy says:

    Will you put another version of Gecko on HBB for users who have stupidly upgraded Wii to V4.2E? One that will work for cheats against the mighty Nintendo? Or is that impossible? Nothing is impossible – right?! It’s very frustrating for a newbee like myself! Cheers.

    • teknecal says:

      I’m not sure, did the one above that I linked to work? or do you know of one that is confirmed to work?

      • massiveboy says:

        The link you gave me was OK but it did not work I’m afraid :(
        I do not know of anyone who has yet developed a version of Gecko that will work with Wii V4.2E :(
        I could kick myself for updating – just did not think! Arghhh!

  17. Renato Salas Castillo says:

    Hello, please add support for Kingston sdhc 4gb. It fails to mount the drive … Thank you.

  18. Jordoq says:

    Hey, great work guys. I’m getting the fwrite error here, I suppose that has something to do with how they moved your servers? Working from a USB drive here, sometimes it hard locks on mounting the drive and sometimes it gets confused and attempts to write to sd:/foo/bar. Just so you know!

  19. prsdrag0n says:

    I have been trying to install the Homebrew Browser but it says that it can not connect to the http://www.codemii.com ip address. Then it switches to offline mode and the message ‘read error -116′ constantly repeats itself. Is this a problem with my Wii or is this coming from comemii.com? Thanks for any advice!

  20. Vlad says:

    I can’t say it’s working for me. I can load it from HBC fine enough, and it initializes the network, but it gets stuck in an endless loop of “Attempting to mount USB Device… Unable to be mounted. Attempting to mount SD card.. unable to be mounted” and so on. I know that the SD card is readable, as that’s what I’m loading HBB from in the first place. Going to try an older version to see what happens.

  21. MeHaveProblem says:

    (ignore what was written here, its working now, weird) This is a good, and must have, app for the HBC; I love it.

  22. Karnak says:

    My problem isn’t so much a bug as it is a slight annoyance. Ever since I updated to version 3.6, the HBB “shortcut” on the HBC no longer displays the application’s information. All the fields appear as unknown
    any help with this would be appreciated.

  23. WiiHacker213 says:

    Hi I have been having some Problems with the Homebrew Browser these are some Examples that has been happening to my Wii.

    Ex: Sometimes it wont Connect Even though my Wii is connected Successfully and have a Strong Connection. My Downloads have been really slow ever since the New Update to Homebrew Browser because before the Update my Downloads will Download really Fast! Also sometimes when I open the Homebrew Browser it opens then when it says Initializing Network then it says this SD Card not Mounted even though its there or it will either say “Connecting to Server” over and over again and the only way to get out of that is to press the Home button.

    So Please teknecal please Fix this or Update the Homebrew Browser please Thank You very much if you would like to Contact me please visit my YouTube Account ok

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WiiHacker213

  24. LoveMii says:

    When I try and go to the browser and it goes to that black loading screen with the white letters it says,

    “Waiting for Network to initialize…”
    “Network initialized”
    “Connecting to the server…”
    “Connected to the server”
    “Collecting the list…”
    “Attempt Failed”
    “Read error-10076″

    Something along the lines of this. Maybe not the exact words.
    And this with just keep repeating until I close it.
    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    • Paramedicjoe says:

      Mine as well

      Read Error -10076 occurred. Retrying

      Thank you for all that you do my kids love this thing

      30 min a day

  25. Drunken Sailor says:

    Hadn’t been on my Wii in a week or two and I had heard the Internet Channel was now free (I refused to pay for a Opera browser) and thought, well I will see if I can DL it and use my Wii as a Media Server with TVersity.
    In order to access the Wii Shop Channel I had to update my firmware which I knew would possibly brick my Wii so I did NOT update. Then I thought , well browser may be availible on Nintendo Channel, so I went over there and once again it wanted a system update but also prompted me if I would like to receive ads, which I did not agree to. Then I go to Homebrew browser and everything starts out fine and dandy, loads my settings but then I get this

    “could not create apps/homebrew browser/temp directory”

    Any ideas?

    • teknecal says:

      Could you check your SD card and make sure firstly you don’t have the little lock switch in the on position. Secondly could you see if an “/apps” and “/apps/homebrew_browser/temp” folders exist on your SD card?

      What kind of SD card do you have, SD or SDHC and the size? If it’s a SDHC I think some might not work properly.

      • Drunken Sailor says:

        teknecal, you are to cool for school. I must admit I am embarrassed! I didn’t follow the proper protocol and thats why I failed. Rule # 1 in T/S is “Check the simple first!” My wife had taken my SD card out and then used it, when putting it back in she inadvertently locked the card! I assumed the Nintendo monkeys added some software to block the app. despite my decline of their offer.

        But since we are on the subect still, does anyone know of a work-around to get 4.2 so we can all download the internet channel and keep our hack without bricking our wii’s? I’d still like to stream media to my Wii.

  26. LoveMii says:

    When I try and go to the browser and it goes to that black loading screen with the white letters it says,

    “Waiting for Network to initialize…”
    “Network initialized”
    “Connecting to the server…”
    “Connected to the server”
    “Collecting the list…”
    “Attempt Failed”
    “Read error-10076″

    Something along the lines of this. Maybe not the exact words.
    And this with just keep repeating until I close it.
    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    I have menu version 4.2U

    • teknecal says:


      When it saysing connecting to the server, does it say it found the IP address of codemii or does it say it’s using the stored IP address?

      If it is using the stored IP address it won’t work as we moved hosts. Could you try changing the DNS server you are using?

  27. LoveMii says:

    When I try and go to the browser and it goes to that black loading screen with the white letters it says,

    “Waiting for Network to initialize…”
    “Network initialized”
    “Connecting to the server…”
    “Connected to the server”
    “Collecting the list…”
    “Attempt Failed”
    “Read error-10076″

    Something along the lines of this. Maybe not the exact words.
    And this with just keep repeating until I close it.
    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    I have menu version 4.2U


  28. Tyrone Arrington says:

    Hii Teknecal I have just updated my homebrew browser. Everything was working perfectly when I tried to load it again it just takes me to a black screen any suggestions? I appreciate it!!

  29. Teiraa says:

    Hello, newbie homebrewer here.

    My Wii is at version 4.2U, and I have correctly installed everything up to getting the Homebrew Channel to work. When I try to get HBB working, it gets stuck at

    “Parsing Homebrew List”

    and there is no sign of it thinking (like no moving “…” next to it) Have I done something wrong? I even tried older versions of HBB and I still get the same problem.

    Thank you for your time.

  30. LoveMii says:

    Big news…i downloaded ocarina on the homebrew browser. On other forums it said this would be impossible on version 4.2 unless i softmodded my wii…

  31. DixieWrecked says:

    hi, im on 4.2u and Homebrew Browser says “unable to initialise network”

    did anyone figure that out or do i just have to delete it from my sd and reinstall?

    from what i understand it just isnt connecting to the network, can i change the settings for which ip it connects to?

    Edit: it was installed successfully and i have ran hbb and downloaded stuff no problem until today

  32. Garrett says:

    Hey HBB wont mount my western digital 500G hard drive. Any way to make that work? I’m always running out of room om my SD’s and want everything on one drive. Have the drive working great for HBC and everything else. Just wont mount on HBB.

  33. wingnut says:

    Can someone please answer this for me?
    I am using a 4.2u softmod. Internet connections work. I can start HBB v0.3.6 and it inits network, mounts sd card, loads settings, finds ip address of http://www.codemii.com then continually displays ‘ Read error -116 occurred. Retrying… ‘ forever and never dose anything else until i exit with the home button. Thank you in advance.

    • wingnut says:

      Found my proxy server not relaying through the domain dns server. fixed with NAT and opened port 80 to HBB server. Now everything works great. ;)

  34. zrowny says:

    Well, this is irratating. Every time I open HBB from HBC, It’ll work up until after it gets to checking for updates, then it immediatly jumps to (an image of?) the pause screen, then exits back to HBC. Either it will do that or it will go to a crash dump screen. My wii is 4.2u.

    • teknecal says:

      Can you explain what the pause screen looks like?

      So it says “Checking for Homebrew Browser updates…” and then goes to the pause screen or does it say something else?

  35. Primopr7 says:

    Is there a way to save the games in the usb drive instead of the SD Card. I refer to the games you download from the HBB.

    • teknecal says:

      Yep, in the settings, find the “Use SD card” and set it to a cross (X). Make sure that HBB can in fact, mount the USB device before doing this (This is shown on startup in the black screen).

  36. alex says:

    so i just installed the most recent hbb however when it’s downloading the zip file with all the image files, it always freezes at the same point and never finishes. what could be wrong?

  37. Skeeve says:


    I just downloaded v0.3.6. It’s the first time. I pu it into /apps on my usb drive (is that a mistake?) and started via HBC. It initialized the network, downloaded some stuff, extracted it Then I saw, for a short second an error message and then the screen went into some striped pattern and the wii hung.

    When I started again, some lists were downloaded but then again I got a striped pattern and the wii hung.

    What can I doto sort this out?

    I have a Wii wit 4.0e. Any more infos you require?

    • teknecal says:

      Can you try an SD card? Also try this version out and see if it helps: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pbu4iw

      • Skeeve says:

        SD card with 0.3.6 worked

        USB with the hbb.svn.dol gives an exception. Any numbers from the stack dumper you’re interested in?

        • teknecal says:

          Hmm, exactly when does it happen? After mounting, after requesting the list, when HBB is up and running?

          • Skeeve says:

            If I remember correctly after requesting the list.

            But I will try again when I’m back home and my son is in bed ;-) in around 6 hours

            • Skeeve says:

              Okay: Network gets initialized and it tries to mount sd then usb. It then says settings are loeded from sd. But there is no sd. Then the ip is requested, the repository list loaded and after that another list is requested but before anything more appears I get the exception.

              • teknecal says:

                That’s odd, it shouldn’t say settings loaded from SD unless the SD has been mounted. I’d like to know how this is happening.

                When you have a chance and some free time could you go to http://www.mibbit.com/chat/ and select IRC (server) as EFnet, then channel as wiihelp. Once it’s loaded, please find my username, private message me and if I’m around I’ll answer.

                • Skeeve says:

                  In case you missed it in IRC: Your last fix, together with changing setting_sd_card to “0″, made it work.

                  Many thanks!

                  • Skeeve says:

                    Okay -it works – partly. I can’t download anything to USB. It keeps complayning about not having enough free space. There should be more than 200Gig free.

                    • teknecal says:

                      Since you have 200GB free, the free size check has issues with anything more than 4GB. Please go to the settings, and turn off the “Check free space” setting.

  38. Cody says:

    When I am downloading the Brew list it says connecting to server, after like five minutes it says connection established, retrieving list, then it has the error 10076 and says retrying. It just keeps doing this, anyone have an idea what I can do to fix it?

  39. Croyd says:

    Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious, but I can’t get anything to download within the browser. I’m pointing at an app (any of them) and pressing the + button, but nothing happens. I’ve tried on several sd cards. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all the hard work.

    • teknecal says:

      Can you try unplugging other controllers which might be plugged in, e.g GC, nunchuck, etc?

      Also what happens when you press A to open up the app and you press the download button.

      • Croyd says:

        Yes! That was it. It never crossed my mind to unplug the dance pad because it’s never interfered with anything before. Thanks!

  40. Samas says:

    Hi, I’ve been a Homebrew Browser user from day one and overall it’s been a great bit of software. However, since I started a new configuration for my homebrew I’ve been having a problem with it.

    I got a new WD passport drive for my USB Loader. I installed the HBB to my good ol’ SD card (Kingston 2GB) and it runs OK from there. It is able to mount both the SD card and USB drive no problem. I set “Use SD” in the HBB settings to X and reloaded the program to verify. The load screen then told me it couldn’t read the HBB, do you want to install? (I assume because it’s now looking at my USB drive.) I did this, downloaded an app, it extracted and runs off my USB drive. So far so good. However, the HBB at this point is slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww…again, I assume this due to the USB drive use.

    Obviously what I’m trying to do here is use the HBB on the SD card (faster and appears streamlined for it) but download, extract, and store my homebrew apps on my USB drive. Is this the proper configuration to get what I want out of this? If the slowness is due to the HBB running and installing apps to the USB device, is there any way to run the HBB from SD, but force it to install to USB? i.e. make the “Use SD” set to X as a “installation and storage” option only.

    1) Any chance of making the load screen a bit less oogly? I mean, a background .png and different colored text would look better than the mainframe days of white text on a solid black screen. This is purely aesthetics we’re talking here, but it’s bugged me from the beginning. The new UI since version 0.3 has been fantastically better than the old channel style, but if anything that nice GUI contrasts even more with the ancient looking load screen.

    2) After the (ancient) load screen, there always seems to be that blob of graphics (usually bunches of lines or dots, but it varies) that transitions from the text screen to the browser itself. I don’t know if this has something to do with the fact that the load screen is text only and loading the GUI causes it, but since going to a USB device it’s even more noticeable due to the slowness.

    …Wow, so that was a long comment. Sorry about that. If you’ve come this far, thanks again for a great (and basically necessary) homebrew program!

    • teknecal says:


      The load screen then told me it couldn’t read the HBB, do you want to install? (I assume because it’s now looking at my USB drive.)

      Yep that’s right.

      At the moment there isn’t any way to load HBB from the SD (and the icons of each app) and download/extract/install on the USB. Is download/extracting an application the slow part or is it when HBB is open and it’s loading all the icons?

      Requests 1

      In the future there will be a better load screen (maybe v0.4), it will go into the GUI straight away and display everything there, but for the mean time the console text seems to be ok for debugging things and just working on some other functionality at the moment.

      Requests 2

      I think it is because firstly the console has been initialised and then we load GRRLIB graphics library which re-initialises the video. Because you say this takes longer on the USB than the SD, I’m thinking it’s because it’s loading icons of the apps in the list which must be slow on your USB. Maybe it is a good idea to have it load HBB from SD and do the rest on USB.

      • Samas says:

        Teknecal, thanks for responding. I don’t run HBB from my hard drive, I load it from my SD card. However, since I turned off the setting for Use SD, it appears to be slower to just run. Scrolling through apps is noticeably slower and like I mentioned, the “graphics blob” screen gave some of that away. Honestly, I wouldn’t say I notice much of a difference when downloading or extracting apps though.

        Cool beans on the console screen and moving off it eventually. I’m just happy it will go away at some point!

  41. DutchMasters says:

    When Trying to run the HBBrowser

    I’m getting the 10076 issue

    I have the follow

    -Wii ver 3.4u
    HB – 1.06 10S36 v12.18

    HBbrowser – 0.2.5b

    how do i fix this?

    i don’t Twlight princess anymore either.

  42. Skeeve says:

    Thanks again, Teknecal! Switching off the space check helped. But now a new problem: How can I leave the settings? Pressing B or selecting a category button: Whatever I do, HBB hangs.

  43. Guy Mayhew says:

    The unable to mount problem I found, came from using SDHC cards (>2gb)

    • Hobo says:

      I think that may be right, using my 4gb SDHC card it just went into an infinite attempting to mount loop, but using that exact same card through a USB reader worked perfectly fine.

  44. Kuzco says:

    Not many programs work in HBC for me, and its always a constant problems with my SDHC card. Why is it that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m on 4.2U 1.06 HBC and 3.7 HBB. Nothing works unless it feels like it. I am constantly reformating my SDHC card, then putting it back in to the wii just to get that it cant be mounted. Why?! Also. MY LOCK SWITCH IS OFF, I am getting that ever where I go, I am about to pop that son of a bitch off the card. Any help? Kingston 4gb micro with SD adapter. It works when it feels like it and wont when it doesn’t. Good thing I have a bulk of what I need, but still trying to get a few more wads on my Wii, wtf?

  45. oscar says:

    HBB works fine (always updated), only i have issues, not downloading an app, the problem is when extract data….

    When i have an older SD 128mb card extract very, very fast!! but when i change with an SDHC 4gb Kingston, the extract time takes AGES!!!

    Is there a problem with the velocity write of SDHC????
    Or HBB don´t feel good with this confuse generation of SD´s ???

    In theory SDHC read/write faster….


  46. John says:

    Heya guys, just wondering if you could help me on this one. I have an 8gb sd card and it has always worked with the hombrew channel. Today just like any other, i turned on my wii and put on the hombrew channel and this came up:
    “Error unable to mount SD”
    Can anyone help me???

  47. Wenzel745 says:

    I`ve had HBB for a while now, and it has worked up to about two weeks ago. Now, whenever I boot it up it gets to “codemii.com found” then gives me a “read -104″ error. what gives? it does this when I try to work offline as well…

  48. shayminfreak says:

    hey teknecal (or anyone else who can help), whenever i use the homebrew browser, it loads fine, but whenever i try to download something, it will say “failed to extract zip file”. also, when i tried to update dosbox, it did the same thing, and now the homebrew channel doesn’t show any of my apps! please help… :(

  49. bob says:

    i try to install the hbb, but it gives me a black screen and my wiimote shuts off. what is wrong, or what do i do?

  50. bob says:

    im trying to install hbb, but gives me a black screen? whats wrong with it?

  51. voodoo_boy says:

    Ip address of http://www.codemii.com successfully retrieved
    Read Error -116 occured. Retrying….

    Can anybody help with this please.


  52. Rayler says:

    I just got the browser installed on sd card it gets as far as “Waiting for Network to initialize…”
    “Network initialized”
    “Connecting to the server…”
    “Connected to the server”
    “Collecting the list…”
    “Attempt Failed” error messages 125 then 81 then 6 about a million times…. what am i doing wrong?

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