Server issues

As you are most likely aware we are having some issues (503 errors) with our web host and we are planning of moving servers. You shouldn’t receive the 503 errors too frequently at the moment.

We will be moving servers with-in the next few days after I’ve tested the new server to make sure everything works well.

6 Responses to “Server issues”

  1. poeder says:

    Is there something wrong in your database? The displayed text of Wii64 says that it is still the Alpha. Then i can download 0.76mb of 0.46mb (o.O) and the program is correctly installed…

  2. longint says:

    Beside the server problems the behaviour of 0.36 is very annyoing. Many times I get something like a unzip or icon error and even the old installation of the app is gone. I think I’ll avoid to use your application in the near future,,,,

  3. I had been having problems getting into the homebrew browser the past couple of days, but now it seems to be working perfectly, and everything even seems to be going faster than I remember it going. Although it could just be because I haven’t used HBB in a while 🙂

    Keep up the great work, this is by far the BEST thing on the Wii and it makes my life with homebrew INFINITELY easier and much more enjoyable!

  4. Kyle Tomchuk says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to be asking but i cant get to the download link for the homebrew browser, can someone please help

  5. jmn says:

    Looking for homebrew browser. Can someone help please.

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