Homebrew Browser Wanted/Updated Applications

Here is where you can post about which Homebrew Applications you’d like to see in the Homebrew Browser. If you feel like you’ve found an interesting application, then please do post it here so it can be added to the HBB. I normally go off what is listed in WiiBrew.

To help me out, feel free to also post any updated versions of applications that aren’t in the HBB as of yet.

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  1. Dr.Tenma says:

    Hey, can you add linux debian etch 0.4 please =)

  2. teknecal says:

    Do you have a link to this application on the Wii? If the user will need to format their card in a specific way then it won’t be on HBB.
    Edit: I’ve just found this application, it’s 71MB so it won’t be added.

  3. Whibo says:

    OpentyrianWii with wiimote, keyboard and mouse support: http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7146

  4. marc says:

    i would also like to see OpentyrianWii added as well as CharioMan

  5. Whibo says:

    CharioMan 1.0 was added.

  6. falco says:

    PSX emulator on wii games from sd card 😉

  7. marc says:

    DepanBrew Beta 5

    Quake Wii GX v0.2


    UNO v8

    Menuloader 0.4



    not sure about txt-read you might have to use wiiload for it. the rest should work fine though. i would really like to see geexbox and quake added.

    thanks for the #1 homebrew

  8. MARC says:

    i would suggest going off http://www.modcontrol.com/ instead of wiibrew because it usually announces everything much faster. the only problem is theirs no d/l links but that’s where you can use wiibrew/google also modcontrol is in some other language but you can usually understand.

  9. Conan says:

    new dvd player for dvd’s

  10. marc says:


    i don’t have a link for you but im sure wiibrew has it if not let google be your friend. 🙂

  11. thor says:

    i really think they should have a FREETHEWADS app on HBB so you can play games/wads Region Free

  12. Dr.Mario says:

    I’ve mentioned this a couple times already and no one else has commented on this but how about adding the savegame/mii installer/extractor? I haven’t tried them out myself yet but is there anything wrong with them like possibly bricking your wii? I think it would be a good idea but wouldn’t be too sure as I haven’t tried any of waninkoko’s software yet since some of his other stuff is prone to bricking.

  13. Steve-o says:

    Ok, ive been thinking, it would be awesome, to have a wii net browser, one that could blow the Internet channel out of the water. It could support flash9 instead of flash7, and retrievals would be better and faster , because opera7 is made to be a mobile browser not running an SDK batch on flash9 implement. It could also run java scirpt, and support shockwave, and the best part is it could be done through the Homebrew Channel and HB.Browser. PLease consider the possibilities.

  14. teknecal says:

    Wiiearth would be on, but too bad it’s not legal.

    I’ve been avoiding the save game and mii installer / extractor but I might put it up next time.

  15. Whibo says:


    WiiShip is a BattleShips clone for the Wii.

  16. Dr.Mario says:

    aksommerville’s unofficial FCEU was updates to 2008/07/12
    updates “New version with nicer menu, classic controller + nunchuk, use IR as zapper, new scaler (but not as nice as GX…), sort of half-way complete:” I’m not sure if by half way complete he means that it is not finished and unstable.

  17. Dr.Mario says:

    Thanks for considering the savegame stuff, I would like to be able to back up my brawl save before I try ocarina. I know I can just add it myself but I feel better downloading programs through the HBB. Have you been avoiding just because it’s author is a pirate or the app is unsafe to use?

  18. teknecal says:

    I’ve avoided it due to being unsure if it’s safe or not and I wasn’t quite sure if it was legal

  19. Dr.Mario says:

    I’m pretty sure the savegame and mii are are legal, it’s only the wad and possibly some other new stuff of his that isn’t. Safety is why I haven’t used it yet, I asked a few people on the forums and they all said those 2 apps were fine so asking you was kind of like the final confirmation that they were, I think bushing helped him for those 2 apps and that’s why they got so mad whene he betrayed thm by making the wad stuff. This is a pretty hard decision as these apps are quite useful but also they are made by waninkoko.

  20. Prisoner says:

    Maybe you could put this new homebrew….seems really nice

    Wii Shooting Gallery

  21. Arikado says:

    Yeah! A vote for my app!

  22. Arikado says:

    Sorry for the double post: Version 1.1 of my app just came out! All of the artwork has been replaced and new features have been added. Check it out!

  23. Azza123 says:

    Is it possible for you to add WiiDoom? 🙂


  24. teknecal says:

    JQuest, WiiDoom and WiiShootingGallery will be added today.

  25. Prisoner says:


    seems a nice homebrew utility….

  26. Arikado says:

    Version 1.4 of Wii Shooting Gallery is now out.

  27. Prisoner says:

    GeckoOS 1.06f


    now with Region Free GC Games and Ocarina

  28. Dan163838 says:

    How bout Channel Loader v1.0 and the custom firmwares?

  29. Prisoner says:

    Visual Boy Advance GX 1.0.0 by Tantric


  30. teknecal says:

    Most applications have been added. Thanks for keeping me up to date.

  31. WIIfan says:

    Removes duplicate channels


    When this utility is booted, it looks for and deletes duplicate Wii Channels, such as the ones you may get from booting a Wii game title from another region and installing an out of region update (for example, Japanese or European Weather and News Channels on a US Wii).

    Before You use
    As with all unsigned code in the homebrew community all applications may be dangerous if used incorrectly; for support with it, please contact the developer of the program.

    **Use only the version meant for your region, or you will accidentally delete the channels from your Wii’s native region.**

  32. emme says:

    Hi and thanks for the HB browser, it is a priceless app. I’d suggest you to add:
    WiiFortune http://wiibrew.org/wiki/User:Raribeir/WiiFortune
    WAD Manager http://www.cashman-productions.c.la/

    and what about this rumored ISO loader (http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=5219&ttitle=Wii_Backup_Launcher_0.2_(bin))? I don’t really need it, but I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  33. raribeir says:

    I wish you could include my simple application. WiiFortune

  34. teknecal says:

    Most if not all have been added.

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