Homebrew Browser Wanted/Updated Applications

Here is where you can post about which Homebrew Applications you’d like to see in the Homebrew Browser. If you feel like you’ve found an interesting application, then please do post it here so it can be added to the HBB. I normally go off what is listed in WiiBrew.

To help me out, feel free to also post any updated versions of applications that aren’t in the HBB as of yet.

175 Responses to “Homebrew Browser Wanted/Updated Applications”

  1. PsychoJolteon says:

    WiiTube has been “updated” to 0.05. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between this and the previous version (0.01).


  2. PsychoJolteon says:

    Quake Wii has been rolled back to 0.08.


  3. bmathieuh says:

    Is there a Virtual Boy emulator tekneckal.

  4. can we get a winkawaks emu up? idk if its ported to wii or not, but i would love one.

  5. dundabre000 says:

    I would like to see a homebrew where you can download .wads straight to your Wii. You know, instead of having to move back and forth from your computer. You could also make it so people can post there own custom .wads for you to download! (My computer is f-ed up right now so it doesn’t let me use sd or usb.)

  6. I maintain this game for PC, and a guy called Insin ported it to wii:


    It’s quite fun, if I say so myself πŸ™‚

  7. godagarah says:

    I think you should add wad downloads to the homebrew browser! that would be awsome!

  8. Sponters says:

    Goblin’s Cube has a new release again (v1.1.0)

    Thank you

  9. pickypink says:

    a java internet browser

  10. KDurelle says:

    a app that can remove channels, i have like 7 extra channels, and i cant use my reset button so i cant use WADS or if someone knows how, mind emailing me?

    • Andreas says:

      If you go into the Wii settings, data something, Channels. There you can copy (to sd card) and erase channels you do not want/need.

  11. JUSTIN says:

    Umm hackmii installer i0.2

  12. Taco says:

    Plz make a Wad for wii 4.0

  13. R3dfaction says:

    Wiisx has finally made a public release

    Link: code.google.com/p/pcsxgc/

  14. Ethan says:

    Is there a port of The Neverhood?

  15. moxo6 says:

    I think the Wad downloader is a great idea, only problem is: someone has to make it and coding isnt easy. Something like a hacked shop channel wad, and instead of the files linked to the nintendo server, they could be linked to codemii.com

  16. Dorksaber says:

    A full Java Runtime Environment to run Java bytecode.

  17. eggzy says:

    Put channel file manager, so wads can be installed from usb without error that other managers have.


  18. Hello there. I barely got into this homebrew stuff and its freaking awesome. Right now i have a situation, like many others, i cant run ghostbusters, punchout, red steel and a few others. I need to switch cios 10 to cios rev 13b, thats what everybody is talking about. Rev 13b supposedly plays ghostbusters and the ones i mentioned earlier. My sd card reader for my pc somehow vanished and i can’t find it, so now im stuck with cios 10. Is there any way you can put up cios rev 13a and 13b in the hhb apps?

  19. Turok_Fan says:

    I want to see the Wii backup loader on the HBB, it would be so much easier if i could just get it from HBB. BTW my copy of mario kart wii get stepped on, and on top of that i don’t have my reciept, so it would really help me if it was on HBB this here is the link to all the files,


    I would really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  20. Glowy says:

    Save Extractor v2 and Save Installer v2 are replaced by Savegame manager: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Savegame_Manager and http://github.com/waninkoko/savegame-manager/tree/master

    Love to see this one in HBB.
    oh and btw, tested hbb 0.3.3 rev. 1 and USB is working perfectly, only had 1 core dump while filling the download queue (so not USB related).

  21. Thirdphaze says:

    How about adding neogamma ?
    heres where it can be located http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=158884

    Also gecko os is version 1.9.1 but yours still only has 1.9

    You may also want to look around alot of parts of gbatemp.net to find even more great programs to add and keep track of with your wonderful program.

    Also thank you and keep up the hard work

  22. Jogait says:

    Only to report that vbagx uses the keyboard and on the homebrew browser that’s not specified.

    Also update Gecko OS

  23. Left_foot says:

    all of waninkoko’s apps, and this app http://www.gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147085

  24. R3dfaction says:

    WiiXplorer 0.1 Pre Alpha Released


    its a legal app πŸ™‚

  25. R3dfaction says:

    BlueMSX 1.0RC Released


    Legal emualtor πŸ™‚

  26. bob23646 says:

    there is a computer game for windows, mac, and linux
    called nexuiz. since it is like quake, i was wondering if
    anybody make a version of it for the wii?

    info and source and download at:

  27. arron says:

    make a wii points hack please any one ;]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  28. arron says:

    please wii points hack

  29. arron says:

    some one make a wii points hack please

  30. J2sc3hax3r says:

    new version of WiiXplorer out.. 0.1 r37 alpha (dimok)

  31. arron says:

    wii points hack so you can hack nintendo database

  32. arron says:

    wii points hack

  33. Weirdo says:

    It would be great to have an internet browser inside homebrew. Not everyone wants to fork out for the Wii’s internet channel

  34. KiethS says:

    SDLMame 0.125 for Wii-linux distro

    A MAME emulator for playing Arcade games under Linux.

    Note: I read that WiiConnect24 needs to be turned off temporarily for SDLMame to run.

    SDLMame would be PERFECT for your HomeBrew Browser!

  35. Kyle says:

    NOCash GBA Emulator, Or an alternative Working DS Emulator for the Wii.

  36. Daniel says:

    Firefox 3.5 application like.

  37. Rick says:

    How about a MAME app.

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