HBB updated to v0.3.2

2 June 2009 (v0.3.2)

  • Added an updated applications pop-up which can be disabled in the setting. When applications are updated, you will be notified of the date, application and version when starting HBB.
  • Added number of Wiimotes supported by applications by showing the number in the Wiimote icon
  • Can revert to using IP address if HBB can’t find codemii.com domain
  • Added a download icon to indicate which application is being downloaded when you are browsing whilst downloading
  • Added setting to disable Wiimote power off as some users experienced their Wii’s turning off automatically
  • Fixed bug where download/delete buttons would show when rating an application
  • Fixed an issue when deleting applications wouldn’t delete some folders
  • Fixed squares that occasionally showed after name, description, etc which would cause creating/deleting directories to fail
  • Fixed download queue issue when removing applications from the queue
  • Fixed code dumps that occurred when scrolling the lists

The Homebrew Browser has now been upgraded to v0.3.2. The main feature is an updated applications pop-up which lets you know exactly which applications where updated, the date they were updated on the HBB and the version it was updated to.

Also are a few fixes, especially for the squares issue which keeps on occurring but it should now be fixed permanently.

Download HBB v0.3.2 or run HBB on your Wii to update.

41 Responses to “HBB updated to v0.3.2”

  1. NG says:


    Just updated to HBB v0.3.2; There are a couple issues that I noted:

    1. immediately after updating to hbb v0.3.2 from v0.3.1; the wii froze when I tried to load HBB from HBC (v1.0.3). Additionally, the wii remote went into a constant vibrate. I had to manually turn off the wii to restore functionality.

    2. On loading HBB; after it connects to the network and gets the homebrew list, etc; there is a screen with alternating black and static vertical lines that shows for about 4 seconds before it goes to the HBB main screen. I connect my wii to my NTSC TV via component cables.

    1. Is there anyway to disable rumble? The wiimote has frozen in a rumble state a couple of times when mousing over different games.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • teknecal says:

      2. That’s fine, it’s just loading the GUI.

      To disable the rumble, you can do so in the settings (press home and then go to settings).

      • Dan says:

        I get #2 as well, but for far longer than 4 seconds.

        At first I thought HBB crashed and I reset my Wii, but the second time I waited it out.

        There is a similar freeze that occurs when the extracting progress bar is filled. Not as long but still significant.

  2. SusanPowers says:

    I’ve tried getting the Homebrew Browser app to work five times now. Each time I deleted the HHB app folder on my SD card and put a fresh copy back on. Every time I get past downloading the data I get to the actual app and it quickly crashes (Sometimes it takes a few moments) with a “Exception (DSI)” with a list of code. I’m unable to bypass this screen without pushing reset or shutting the wii off. Are there any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Would posting the code help at all?

  3. Foster McLane says:

    Hey good work on the homebrew browser, but there is one small error with the wiimotes that wasn’t in version 0.3.1: sometimes the Wiimotes switch player numbers without me touching anything. Also, it would be nice if you added an button to update all out-of-date applications.

    • teknecal says:

      Can you explain what you mean by switch player numbers?

      About the button, when you are viewing your SD card, click the download image at the bottom right, it will add all your outdated apps to the download queue. If you press it again, it will download all the apps.

      • Jake says:

        I tried updating my apps with the download queue button like you said, but it didn’t work for me. Good job on version v0.3.2 though, I love how you got rid of the weird boxes again and how I couldn’t download apps. (I actually rolled back the HBB to v0.3 just to download again) I love the new popup message too!


  4. Joe says:

    Works fine, for the most part. Today I tried firing it up to uninstall something, and it just hung with:

    “Unable to initialise network, retrying…”

    (as written, typo isn’t mine) Had to power cycle the wii to get out of it.

    Edit: Happened again, but realized that if you just hold the Home button it’ll exit out.

    • teknecal says:

      How often does it happen? 50% of the time?

      • Sam says:

        Having the same problem, although I’ve yet to get it actually up and running. 100% of the time it will retry. I’ve also tried with v0.3.1 with no luck.

      • Branden says:

        I have the same problem with v0.3.1, and the Globe icon in the bottom right corner blinks and then goes grey. How can I get it to light up and fix the problem?

  5. Aaron says:

    When I try and update my list of installed Apps, it crashes after installing the first app on the list. If I am installing only 1 app, it will install and then crash. I have tried this several time with several different apps. The crash consists of a black screen with white text that looks like a memory dump.

    I have also had the HBB freeze for several seconds and then lose all the wii-motes (the all turn off). When I press the A button on the one in my hand, it will re-sync with a different player number.

    This update was installed using the auto update option in HBB start up

    Hope this helps

  6. Joe says:

    Everything seems to load fine. The only problem is when I push the + button it does nothing. Nothing downloads. Every other button seems to work fine.

  7. Shawn says:

    i’m still getting a code dump every time i try to load the browser

  8. Anthony says:

    After I updated to HBB v0.3.2, everytime I load HBB afterward, I got “unable to initialise network, retrying…”

    However, I checked the network is working in Homebrew Channel (the lower right corner where the small world icon is lighted and when press home in Homebrew Channel, I can see my network ip address).

    Somehow, when I go to HBB, it won’t initialize. I download a fresh copy from your link above and replace the folder in /apps/homebrew_browser/ with no success.

    Any advise on how to get HBB working again?

    I am using 3.2U, if that makes any different.

    • Anthony says:

      I tested HBB v0.3.1 again and it initialized my network. I, then, quit and re-enter v0.3.1, use the network to update to v0.3.2 and got the same issue of “unable to initialise network, retrying…” when I try to go to HBB after updated to v0.3.2 again.

      • Xenesis says:

        I recently had this issue too.

        Ironically enough, 0.3.2 worked fine until I installed Bootmii/DVDX and now the network won’t initialise.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hey guys. Just installed the HomeBrew Channel this morning and I had the HBB working perfectly. and now for some reason I can’t seem to download anything from HBB. I get a “Problem checking boot.dol/elf file” every time. Any tips?

    Using 0.3.2
    Menu version 4.0U
    Using an 8gb SDHC card (FAT32) (I don’t think it recognizes all 8gb’s of it though)

    • Chris. says:

      I’m getting this same error. With a 4gb SDHC.

    • Robin says:

      I think you must reformat you card if you have FAT32 filesystem. If I am not wrong the WII and HBC uses FAT filesystem. Just backup the things inside and format and drop the backups inside the SD card. Can anyone confirm this?

  10. Jamie says:

    I’ve just updated to this version, and I’ve found a couple of issues.

    * Adding items to the download queue didn’t work once a download was in progress (nothing happened when I pressed +).
    * It never worked it’s way through the queue – it stopped after the first item
    * When I tried adding to the queue, it overwrote it with the new item.
    * …which once complete, downloaded again whatever the next thing i tried to download was.
    * Also, I was unable to dismiss the download queue box during the download. I brought it up, but nothing would make it go away until the download of the first item had completed.

    • teknecal says:

      Thanks for the report.

      I can confirm the last issue with unable to dismiss the download. Do you have cancel prompt enabled in your settings? Seems to be a bug when this is enabled, it doesn’t prompt to cancel but rather does nothing. I’ll fix this bug in the next release.

      With the other issues, can you record these issue or provide steps to replicate, I haven’t experienced these issues myself.

  11. Help says:

    Im using V0.3.2 and the first time i loaded it, worked fine, downloaded a couple things, then it automatically went back to HB menu. now, everytime i try to open it, it initiates network or w/e, then requests ip, then requests Homebrew list then sits there for about a minute. then it says “exception (DSI) occered” then a bunch of numbers then “CODE DUMP” then more numbers and after anout 2 min, it says “Reset” at the bottom and freezes. help!? Edit: Iv formated the SD card, reloaded HBB about 7 times, deleted other apps, i have a 1gb SD. if you need anymore 9nfo, please ask.

  12. InTheDeep says:

    Exception (DSI) occoured
    ode dump
    00710f4: 98070000 88080000 98070001 88090003
    0071104: 2F8B0003 369B0001 980A0000 88090000
    0071114: 39290004 980A0001 394A0002 409EFFE0
    Wii v4.0E

    The C was off screen so were the 1st numbers under the C of Code Dump , so i may have missed them out as i was unsure what they were sorry . Also the HBB works ok Downloads installs , but it has done this 5 or so times in 2 hrs use max . It could be as simple as my sd card , haven’t tried a format and reinstall yet . Hope this is helpfull
    Many thanks

  13. InTheDeep says:

    i think the missing numbers were either 0 or 8

    i tried re editing but id already done it once so it wouldnt let me

    Many thanks


  14. Hellhammer says:

    I’m getting the code dump error too. I get alot of games with a CODE DUMP and STACK DUMP but the error on the homebrew browser only has the CODE DUMP. The numbers are cut off on mine aswell, and to let you know when this happens exactly it’s about 3-5 minutes browsing through games and apps, deleting and downloadind, or just simply clicking in and out of few apps to see the description. Seems like it happens at random. Thanks 😉

    • teknecal says:

      That is odd. For the games that have a code dump, etc, do you have HBC 1.0.3? I think some apps don’t work correctly with it. Do you also have the latest HBB v0.3.2?

      This is the first report I’ve had that it code dumps when clicking in and out of a few apps (when it’s downloading, extracting or deleting, I’m aware of that issue).

  15. Karen says:

    I found a fix for the “problem checking boot.dol/elf file” problem. Look in all your app folders for a “boot.elf” file. I deleted it and the problem is solved and I can download again just like before.

    In my case it was in my DVDx file.

  16. Robin says:


    I’m having the same problem as some of the other persons here. With the “Problem checking boot.dol/.elf file”. It happens that I do not have any “boot.elf” file. I only have “boot.dol” files. If the creator or anyone else has a fix for this problem please post it.

  17. Robin says:

    Ok. Hello again. It seems that a simple delete HBB and redownload fixes the “Problem checking boot.dol/.elf file”. But now I have a code dump file when I try to download games -,-‘ Well it’s a Exception (DSI) Error. I haven’t tried testing all the apps (That would take ALOT of time since HBB’s app list is pretty long). Does anyone have a fix for this?

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