HBB Updated Applications – Week 40

The following applications have been added/updated:

30 September 2009

  • Bit Streamer v0.9
  • Briickout v0.1
  • IOS Check v1.0
  • Piing v0.2
  • Wii64 updated to Beta 1
  • WiiXplorer updated to r68
  • Wii-Tac-Toe updated to v0.7

13 Responses to “HBB Updated Applications – Week 40”

  1. Dlf says:

    What’s happening with this site? Some times it loads, sometimes it doesn’t, and what about the browser? Sometimes I can connect (rare now) most (~99.99% recently) I can’t. I have 4.1 (still) and 3.5/.6 of the browser.

    • teknecal says:

      Our web host moved the server automatically to another server with a different configuration and it’s not working correctly as it should. I’ve been taking a look into it and am trying to find a solution.

      • BPzeBanshee says:

        Oh dear, so that’s why I had trouble getting on here for the last few days. Good to see you’ve still been updating the program and adding programs to its list though.
        Is this issue fixed now or am I just lucky to get on today?

  2. Arnzero says:

    Lols i still get 503 errors but i just refresh and it’s like the error didn’t affect it at all, anyways i can now connect to HBB.

  3. Matt says:

    I get all the way to extracting images and after about 4 rows of periods, it says aborted, then it writes “Read error -81 occurred, retrying…” about 100 times and then “Read error -22 occured, retrying…” 100 times. Is this my problem or HBB’s?

  4. Dlf says:

    I think the browser. I get something like that as well, somewhat annoying but than again I have thousands of games I can play while I wait.

  5. Cardin says:

    Does HBB 0.36 support SDHC? I’ve a Kingston SDHC that was working fine with version 0.35, but now, when i updated via HBB to version 0.36, HBB keeps saying that SD card mounting has failed.

    • teknecal says:

      HBB should support SDHC, I didn’t change the libfat version or modify anything relating to it, so it’s weird. Can you try v0.3.5 again to confirm? Did ypu upgrade HBC too?

      • Cardin says:

        From the downloads at http://www.codemii.com/wiihomebrew/, I tried 0.34 – 0.36

        0.34 – FAT unable to initialise.
        0.35 – SD card Unable to mount
        0.36 – SD card Unable to mount

        Along with the HBB upgrade I upgraded to these too:
        HBC 1.06 [frm 1.04]
        HackMii 0.6 with BootMii IOS [frm 0.3]

        cIOS 38r4
        Truncha Bug Restorer [IOS36]
        The rest completely unmodded.

        I’m pretty sure I’m using 0.35 – I’ve never modded my Wii before mid Sept.
        PS: I didn’t format my SD card or anything. It’s still the same.

  6. massiveboy says:

    Is there a way of rolling back the operating version (mine is 4.2E) on the Wii. Is there an option avail in Homebrew for example?

  7. Lin says:

    Aрpreciate tһis post. Willl ttry it out.

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