Homebrew Browser Source

As a fairly recent subscriber to the MVG channel, I was watching the latest video on Homebrew Wars when I saw the Homebrew Browser mentioned! I had pretty much forgotten about it which made me smile when I saw it :). Good to know that some users have modified the URL in the dol file so they can keep it up to date.

I had planned to release the source but forgot about it and the video reminded me that I should release the source so I hope someone can put it to good use. I must warn you that the source is quite bad so don’t expect to see something good. I won’t be able to answer any specifics about it as I don’t remember most of it, it’s been 8 years! (and I’ve moved on to other things)

So here it is: HBB Source v0.3.9e
And if you need the old devkitPro version with an old libogc version here’s the devkitPro directory I used: devkitPro for HBB v0.3.9e

10 Responses to “Homebrew Browser Source”

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  2. CornierKhan1 says:

    Thank you for this! I’m sure it will be a great deal of help to those who need it!

  3. dhtdht020 says:

    Oh wow, thank you!

  4. SoonTM 32 says:

    Awesome 🙂 thx

  5. FancySC says:

    It was probably the Open Shop Channel version of HBB that he used.

  6. CompuCat says:

    Hey, was just thinking about this! I’m on staff with ForTheUsers (we run the Wii U/Switch Homebrew App Store at https://apps.fortheusers.org), and we’ve been thinking about doing a port for Wii. Would you be alright with this as a “HBB successor,” maybe even converting the existing HBB repository over?

  7. Amy says:

    OwO, i guess the open shop channel will switch over to this soon

  8. Xbox 360 says:

    how do I download it? idk how to get the browser from the source

  9. Jillycat says:

    The browser download page is giving me a 404 error. This old schooler wants some Wii games, halp.

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